[RELEASE] Network Connected Ambient Weather Station V6

I go to my IDE, Device Handlers, Click on settings.

I see Github Repositories – Rickinfl
Under that I see my Owner, Name, Branch with my information in there.
Under that I click on Add new repository then add your information and I get that error message.
You don’t have access to kurtsanders/STAmbientWeather.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

That is strange since my github repository is public and I tested and can access the repositories outside of SmartThings without authentication of my github or SmartThings credentials. Sorry for your issues, but I’m confident we can locate the error somewhere.

Let’s try a few things to finger this out.

  1. Let’s verify that you have entered the exact case sensitive owner name of KurtSanders and the case sensitive name of STAmbientWeather exactly making sure that you have upper/lowercase matching:
Name Value
Owner KurtSanders
Name: STAmbientWeather
Branch master
  1. If that still creates the access error, than please click on this highlighted link to verify that you can access and browse the files in my STAmbientWeather repository from a web browser. Please click on the files and see if you can see the groovy source code in the RAW form.

  2. If that fails, can you try to setup a new SmartThings update repository from the ST IDE of:

  • Owner: KurtSanders
  • Name: STBitBarApp-V2
  • Branch: master


Thanks, I got it working. I could browse your files. I tried the other Name and it failed also. I ended up disconnecting the Github and reconnecting and it worked. I got it added.
I browsed to my ambientweather.net page logged in and got the API key under my account had to create it then I emailed Ambient Weather Support for the Station Application Key.

Thanks for all your help.

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@Rickinfl :grinning: Glad you found the issue with the IDE. Great persistence!

Just got a AW unit for Christmas and this looks great :smile:

One question, by chance does it pull back info for additional sensors (like the WH31B)? The unit I have can service up to 8 additional remote temp/RH sensors like those.


Dear @Moonshine,

The current Ambient Weather Station Tile V2, that I developed & support, does NOT pick up these additional remote temperature data values (temp1f…temp10f - Temperature 1…10, ºF ) returned from the ambientweather API.

SmartThings DTH’s must have a static number of tiles defined per DTH. In the current V2 DTH, I would need to create 8 different DTHs to display the potential number of WH31B’s units a person owned. This is not the best method to incorporate these additional sensors.

Ideally, a new Ambient Weather Station V3 DTH could be created to handle these remote temperature sensors in a master DTH with N child DTHs. The remote values from the WH31B would be displayed in separate ST devices so one could see them and initiate events based on changing values. Master/Child is how the devices like the Ecobee thermostat sensors work to handle and display their remote temperature sensors or Alarm systems with N number of window/door/motion sensors.

If I go this direction, I would need to test the V3 using your API Key and API developer code and we could PM these keys if this is a possibility when you get your system setup.

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Yep… understood and sounds good. Still in vacation mode right now, but once I emerge, and am fully setup, I’ll contact you to see if you’re interested in taking it on. It will have the extra “indoor” sensor and 8 optional sensors connected. No problem on the API key, etc. Happy Holidays!

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Christmas and preparing for New Years Eve “modes” myself as well! Let’s connect when you are setup and we can start a PM.

Thank you for your very well done directions. How do you get just the wind speed and UV index as a title in actiontiles?

Dear @carlk1956

Here are the exposed weather sensors in the Action Tiles builder screen and their mappings to the Ambient Weather Station V2’s tiles. Action Tiles only recognizes SmartThings standard sensors and does not recognize the other custom capabilities that the Ambient Weather Station can report in the SmartThings Tile. Please also refer to the “Using STAmbientWeather V2 with ActionTiles Application” section in the Ambient Weather Station V2 Readme document.

I also recommend using a WebCore Piston in Tiles Mode to show any/all the Ambient Weather Station V2 Tiles.

I screwed up and loaded the old device handler. Drove me crazy. So I started over and loaded V2. After reading your remarks kurtsanders would I be correct in saying that action tiles does not have the ability to show actual wind speed and UV index like webcore in an action tile?

Kurt, Anyway to get this to pull my other sensors attached to my Weather Station? I have 8 other temperature sensors attached to this unit.

Just thought I’d ask :slight_smile:



I will need to totally re-design the existing Ambient Weather Station V2 design to a V3 version, which would employ a SmartThings DTH master-child architecture for handling N number of Ambient remote sensors like @Moonshine requested below.

I will PM you about moving this design forward & testing.

Dear @carlk1956,

Yes, you can. Please see the two ActionTiles I have pasted below for my local Ambient weather station data and overall city zipcode tiles. ActionTiles created a custom “weather” tile that you can use for your PWS data.

It then requires adding a new SmartThings Tile which ActionTiles can read. Please follow the “Using STAmbientWeather V2 with ActionTiles Application” section in my Ambient Weather Station V2 Readme document.

Got it and am now using the tile which updates only every 30 minutes. So the only way to show wind mph is to use ST’s preset SmartWeather Station Tile. There is no way to have a tile called MPH or UV that shows the actual reading.

@carlk1956, I have created a PM to discuss.

@kurtsanders I have been informed that if you already have app key you can share that since it links to SmartThings already. We would only need our API key then.

Thanks @SGrayban.

Let me verify that with Ambient technical support, and if that is the case, I can embed the APP key in the build and users would only have to enter their API key in the SmartThings App’s properties for their weather station data.

It’s easy enough to obtain an app key from Ambient via email, so I would still encourage you to pursue this while I double check.

Sure… I was told this by another developer that it’s better to use the APP KEY the developer already uses. They just need to let tech support know that… then all we need is our API KEY and our MAC address for our WS.

Be alot easier to sell this to other Ambient users here.

BTW I email support a week ago and still haven’t heard back yet.

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I just posted this question to the Ambient Network API facebook group, hopefully the page’s admin will get back an answer as I assume that other developers have this same question. I agree, only adding the API key by end users would be easy since one would not have to ask for an APP key. I would be happy to share, but I want to verify that I am not violating the terms of use, and get it revoked?

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