[RELEASE] Neo Coolcam Siren

Alarm volume seems to also control the chime volume.

If i set alarm to 3 and chime to 1 volumes, all three switches just play different tunes at the highest volume. So what is the point in having chime volume if it just plays at the volume of the alarm?

I’m going to assume you’re using this handler with the NEO Coolcam Siren so what does it show for the firmware version in the classic mobile app?

Does it play different sounds if you use the slider to play them in the classic mobile app? (1-9 should also play different sounds)

About 12 hours ago you posted and PM’d me about the Zipato Siren so do you have the NEO Coolcam Siren are you trying to use this handler with that device?

I believe the new version of the Zipato Siren looks a lot like the NEO Coolcam siren, but the firmware is different so it’s not fully functional with the siren DTHs I’ve written for NEO, Dome, or Zooz.

Sorry yes it is the round one I have I didn’t realise there were different ones.

The neo coolcam one works perfectly bar the volumes

I can play all 10 sounds but even if I press chime the volume is the same as alarm.

I checked which parameters were doing what and the handler and the manual that came with my siren match up perfectly so can’t see any obvious issues.

I was trying to use the siren as an alarm and as a doorbell but obviously if the volumes won’t be separate it makes one loud doorbell lol.

i have same model of neo coolcam siren.
i tried many times, but unsuccesful to add in smartthing classic app.
please help me.

i also have neo coolcam sos keyfob remote. (zwave plus)

both neo coolcam products are having zwave plus . but i am unable to pair with smartthing hub…
please give me suggestion…

Go into the Hub utilities section of the IDE and perform a general exclusion. The exclusion instructions should be in the manual. After the device has been excluded try adding it again through the mobile app.


Is iit possible to connect the Neo Coolcam WIFI siren to smartthings?

I’m not sure, I only work with their z-wave products.

Having trouble adding this handler keep getting error

Any suggestions I’m a noob this is the first device handler I’ve tried to add

This usually happens because of either something extra being copied or something not being copied so when you go to copy the code from GitHub you should click the “raw” link which will open the code in a new window and make it easier to copy.

Yes that’s how I did it the first time then double clicked and select all

Try again because that’s the only thing I’m aware of that can cause that error…

Also make sure you’re using the “from code” option when creating the handler.

I have choosen to get the Z-wave device instead.

thanks :slight_smile:

I have just bought the Neo Cool Siren with Green Light. I have installed and assigned your device handler. I am trying to monitor my wet sensors and I used the home monitor in the classic app but I do not have an option to change the volume or change the sound. Is there another way that would give me that option. Also in the device interface in the classic smartthings app I am not able to just trigger the light only without the sound. When I tap on strobe the sound comes on. I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

Those can be changed in the settings.

You can also use the audio device option in SHM or Speaker Companion and choose the custom message option and enter the sound number you want to play.

I wrote the handler for the version with the blue led which has a sound number that doesn’t make noise which I used for the strobe feature.

They removed that silent sound in the latest model so there’s no way to make the LED turn on without playing a sound…

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Why must manufacturers always dumb things down. The Sims is the same - every Sims game is lighter weight than the last.

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Thank you for the reply. How about adjusting the volume ? Is that possible? Thank you again. I also did not see the DTH for NEO listed on your github main page.

I have tried the AUDIO NOTIFICATIONS in smart monitor and the speaker companion and both are saying I do not have any devices of this capability :frowning:

Sorry, I was thinking of a different DTH I wrote. I implemented the chime feature in this DTH with switch level.

Select the device as a light/dimmer in any mobile app and set the level to the corresponding sound #. I’m not sure if ST supports 1, 2, 3 so I also mapped those to 10, 20, 30…

Thanks for pointing that out, it looks like I haven’t added the last 4 or 5 DTHs I’ve written to that list.