[RELEASE] Neo Coolcam Power Plug

Hi Kevin, just one question. Will you update this device handled to work properly with the new SmartThings app please? In the new app not all information are visible just “Power Meter” and “Energy Consumption”.
Thanks in Advance

Am I correct to assume that it’s also showing the switch state and you’re able to turn it on/off?

If you’re able to find a built-in handler that supports power, engery, and voltage let me know it’s name and I can change the “vid” in my handler.

SmartThings doesn’t have a capability for Current so I can’t display it without creating a custom capability and I won’t be doing that for this handler.

Just want to thank you, @krlaframboise for making this DH - I’m a total ST-noob and I got it to work after a while :slight_smile:

Hi @krlaframboise, thanks for the reply.
Everything is working fine in the new SmartThings app but I just don’t see some of the options that I can see in the SmartThings Classic app. In the new app there are missing couple of things (like RESET) but I already created a piston that will provide me the required info and also automatically RESET the Energy Consumption at the end of each month.
Thanks for the DH.

Would love reset button too, how did you create this piston ?

Below piston will send you a PUSH notification about the month energy consumption of power plug (Outlet 1) at the last day of each month 1 minute before midnight and following reset the energy consumption counter on plug.

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