[RELEASE] Neo Coolcam Power Plug

My contact is still looking into it and should have answers soon.

Neo has confirmed that there is a new model with different settings, but the engineer was out this week so they won’t be able to provide the specs until next week.

Lacking some product management skills :slight_smile: put a new product out of the door without manual and support is OOO :smiley:

THanks for the feedback Kevin!

Thanks @krlaframboise
Can you ask the settings for the EU version too?
NEO COOLCAM NAS-WR01ZE Z-wave Plus Smart Power Plug EU Socket Smart Home Automation Alarm System home

The EU version is the one that I contacted them about and I’ll hopefully have the new settings early next week.

I have received the newest manual from the seller, I have not checked if it actually matches to what I saw from z-wave tweaker, but have attached the config pages below.
I will DM you the pdf (if I am allowed for info) if required.

Sorry, i forgot to mention that I received it a couple of days ago, but I haven’t had time to work on the DTH yet. I should have the new version posted this weekend.

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Brilliant thanks

@krlaframboise, thank you for your effort.

This manual is almost the same of the previous one but added parameter 12. Did you make any mistake with screenshot files?

Hey, I don’t think so, but have included less screenshots of the entire file (you will need to zoom in)

If you check your z-tweaker closely you will find the parameters and acceptable ranges wont match. Its the same manual I have.

The manual they sent me is completely different so I’ll be able to fix all the settings this weekend…

Neo Coolcam Power Plug v1.2

WARNING: After upgrading to this version all settings will revert back to their default values.

Neo released a new model of the device which has the same configuration parameters, but every parameter number changed and so did some of their options.

The setting names in the original version included the parameter number, but when the device settings screen is opened the device’s state, data and attributes are all null so there’s no way to determine the device’s model. Since it can’t determine which parameter numbers to use for each setting I had to change the setting names and that’s why they’ll revert back to their default values after upgrading.

The Android app will show the old values at the bottom of the settings screen without labels, but if you clear them they won’t be shown the next time the settings screen is opened.

The changelog section at the top of the code has the complete list of changes I had to make to get it to work with both models.

I need someone with the new model to test it and let me know if they run into any problems because Neo currently only has an EU version of the new model.

thanks for your work. I will test and update with results.

I can control LED and physical button now but all the devices keep sitting on 2 pending changes. It starts from 7 I think but does not go to synced only to 2 pending changes.

Open live logging and then save the settings and it should show which parameters aren’t syncing.

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:14: debug Physical Button Enabled(#2) = 1

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:13: debug Swith Off Timer Period(#5) = 120

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:12: debug Switch Off Timer Enabled(#4) = 0

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:11: debug Remember Switch State After Power Failure(#1) = 1

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:10: debug Power Reporting Threshold(#9) = 150

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:09: debug LED Enabled(#3) = 1

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:08: debug Current Overload Alarm Threshold(#10) = 12

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:06: debug Meter Reporting Interval(#7) = 300

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:05: debug Meter Reports Enabled(#6) = 1

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:04: debug Changing Physical Button Enabled(#2) from 1 to 1

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:04: debug Changing Swith Off Timer Period(#5) from 120 to 120

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:04: debug Changing Switch Off Timer Enabled(#4) from 0 to 0

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:04: debug Changing Remember Switch State After Power Failure(#1) from 1 to 1

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:04: debug Changing Power Reporting Threshold(#9) from 150 to 80

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:04: debug Changing LED Enabled(#3) from 1 to 1

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:04: debug Changing Current Overload Alarm Threshold(#10) from 12 to 12

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:04: debug Changing Current Overload Protection Threshold(#7) from 300 to 13

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:04: debug Changing Meter Reporting Interval(#7) from 300 to 300

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:04: debug Changing Meter Reports Enabled(#6) from 1 to 1

168176e3-e875-4a7f-acbd-9bcabc19f5fa 09:29:01: debug configure()…

Overload protection should have been param #8 instead of #7 so that explains at least one of those pending changes. Having 2 param #7 in that version might explain why you had 2 pending changes, but I’m not sure.

I just posted a new version that fixes that parameter.

While testing this, please go into the settings and tap Save instead of using the sync tile. The Sync tile sends all parameters to the device, but tapping save just sends the changes which will cut down on the log entries and make it easier to see what’s happening.

Thanks for your great work

My resultsCapture1

Still showing 1 pending changes
i used latest version in post#60
9:19:35 PM: debug Remember Switch State After Power Failure(#1) = 1

It looks like it’s the Power Reporting Threshold that’s not syncing.

Can you clear live logging, change that setting to 4%, save, wait a minute for the current value to be reported, and then post the logging results?

Thank you both for testing, not having the device makes things so much harder…

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