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[RELEASE] Neo Coolcam Power Plug


(Kevin) #36

@WGentine mentioned that problem earlier so I included it in the email I sent my Neo contact.

A firmware update that fixes the energy reporting won’t help since ST doesn’t support firmware updates so I’ll make the handler ignore weird values. Hopefully they’ll be able to send me the new manual so I can fix the configuration parameters.

Unfortunately since it’s the EU model having problems I won’t be able to test the changes myself so I’ll most likely PM it to you and the others so you can test it for me.


OK, thank you.
I will be happy to test the updated device handler.



This energy reading seems to be something more complicated. I have another device here, a Qubino Flush 2 Relays behaving exactly in the same manner. Not sure what’s going on.

(Castro) #39

Thanks for your interest in this situation. :blush:
I’ll be waiting for news from you, @krlaframboise



Did you guys have any luck contacting neosz? They simply do not respond me!

(Kevin) #41

They responded saying they forwarded it to their engineer, but I’ll follow up tonight because it shouldn’t be this difficult to get an updated manual.


This already explains a lot about the company :smiley: Thanks Kevin.

(Kevin) #43

My contact is still looking into it and should have answers soon.

(Kevin) #45

Neo has confirmed that there is a new model with different settings, but the engineer was out this week so they won’t be able to provide the specs until next week.


Lacking some product management skills :slight_smile: put a new product out of the door without manual and support is OOO :smiley:

THanks for the feedback Kevin!

(Amin) #47

Thanks @krlaframboise
Can you ask the settings for the EU version too?
NEO COOLCAM NAS-WR01ZE Z-wave Plus Smart Power Plug EU Socket Smart Home Automation Alarm System home

(Kevin) #48

The EU version is the one that I contacted them about and I’ll hopefully have the new settings early next week.

(Phil) #49

I have received the newest manual from the seller, I have not checked if it actually matches to what I saw from z-wave tweaker, but have attached the config pages below.
I will DM you the pdf (if I am allowed for info) if required.

(Kevin) #50

Sorry, i forgot to mention that I received it a couple of days ago, but I haven’t had time to work on the DTH yet. I should have the new version posted this weekend.

(Phil) #51

Brilliant thanks


@krlaframboise, thank you for your effort.


This manual is almost the same of the previous one but added parameter 12. Did you make any mistake with screenshot files?

(Phil) #54

Hey, I don’t think so, but have included less screenshots of the entire file (you will need to zoom in)


If you check your z-tweaker closely you will find the parameters and acceptable ranges wont match. Its the same manual I have.

(Kevin) #56

The manual they sent me is completely different so I’ll be able to fix all the settings this weekend…