[RELEASE] Neo Coolcam / MCO Z-Wave Light Switch

Hi @Khaled_Qari, any updates on the 3 gang DTH?

Well, I actually am waiting for someone to help me in this matter since I am using the original DTH it’s working pretty well so far only thing is i can’t get the extra setting i get with this DTH

I would love that as well @Sebastian_Iaconis

I’m waiting for the 3-gang switch to arrive and I can test and update the DTH.

I am new to the community; I am in the middle of doing my electrical network in my house and I am considering a zwave solution for lighting based on Neo Coolcam 2 and 3 button switches.
I have seen that you have developed a DH for 2 button and will start playing with it in the next few days; any news on a DH for the 3 button switch?

I’m afraid I do not have an ETA for the 3-gang switch DH.

The 3-gang switch is using a newer Z-wave Multi-Channel version than ST, and I’m waiting for a response on it - Does SmartThings support the latest Z-Wave Multi Channel version?

Hello, I bought a neo coolcam 3 gang switch but its not working for some reason. Is there a DH for the 3 gang switch. Your help will be really appreciated.

No. It will NOT work with the new NEO Coolcam 3-Gang switch.

Guys, i installed 24 switches of this in my new house, they are look awesome but this small press delay is SHIT!
Every guest who is coming to the house and trying the switch has a small problem with it.
EVERYONE is pressing it just for a moment, and because the switch has this 1 sec delay , they pressing it immediately again (because they think the first press was wrong) so the switch is turning ON and immediately OFF or doing nothing.

I cannot believe that NEO sold thousand of switches and there is no change in the software…

Are you guys OK with this delay?

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