[RELEASE] Neo Coolcam / MCO Z-Wave Light Switch

Hi Brian,

Have you tried the support from SCO Neo CoolCam in stead of a seller.

I have the same “problem” with the switches, lag time, but I don’t think it is the way one touches the switch.

I think that the hub is busy, this causes delays.

Grtn Ben

Hi Benerkens!

It not depends on the HUB. It is the switch sensitivity itself.
You can hear the relay in the switch.
The switch is working without a HUB too, so the switch has a problem.

I talked with the official NEO coolcam store on aliexpress.
They said this is normal, and i can’t believe this.
I told him to show my video to the engineer, because i have alredy 4 same switches from other brands and none of them has this problem.

If they responds again with the same attitude, i am not going to buy this brand.
I am building my home and i need 20 switch, so i need to think twice before buy.


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Can anyone tell me what app should I download for ios for the neo zwave plus coolcam switch?

You are right, even without a hub the switch operates.

When I press with my thumb on the TouchPad, it works properly and instantly.

With the indexfinger it is less sensitive, sometimes a delay.

any update for this issue from NEO

I really hate this and I am not being able to get anywhere with them

I am sorry, i tried everything.
I talked a lot with the guy at NEO but he always saying that this is normal:

“our engineer say ,it is normal for our switch have 1-3seconds delay”

This is ridiculous.

So i tried with smartthings hub, and i made a video for you guys.
I want to make a 3 way switch in my home to switch one light with 3 switch.
But my problem is delay. (not the touch sensitivity delay) i am talking about the HUB’s delay.
Is it really takes this amount of delay for the HUB to communicate with the Z-wave devices?
In the video you can see the sensitivity delay, but also the HUB’s delay.
So when i turn on the mirrored switch, the light always turn on with delay, because the light is wired to the main switch.
And now it is OK, but sometimes gives me random delays, like 1-2 seconds.
Why? Z-wave is not locally? Z-wave is the future, but it has delay???

Also, it is not reliable. The switches doing random things a LOT OF TIMES. for example watch it at 0:38.
I think that’s the HUB’s fault… or i don’t know.

My other brand WIFI switch (smartlife) is switching instantly, but i cannot use with smartthings…

here is the video:

wow this is really bad… i really like their switches since I do not have an alternative reallly
this is the only company that agreed to make a US zwave frequency inside a UK square switch

i think ill have to accept the delay or try to be firm like always
way to teach the kids firmness …

i think what happened at 0:38 was a refresh issue… i would add an instant refresher in webcore maybe it helps not sure,

I also need the 2-way switch and contacted NEO, they said they have it in development

my only issues now other than the delays are, 3-gang switches, and dimmers i have no solution for that

Yeah, you right!

I am building my house and i will need 25 switches, so i really try to make the best decision what i will use.

I already have lots of WIFI switches which are using the smartlife APP, and i can mirror them inside the APP and they responds immediately. (approx 250ms delay)
So WIFI switches are better, but i cannot use them in smartthings.

Do you have the same delay with your switches like i have?

well I have one wifi switch (sonoff) which i connected to smartthings through IFTTT using a virtual switch and it works immediately in any way. But I still do not feel that wifi is the go for so i expanded on zwave instead and yeah i have the same delay as you (touch sensitivity) all the representatives I talked to in the company said it was okay but i won’t stop trying. what are you using for dimmers or 3 way switches if you have any ?

and yeah i have the same delay as you (touch sensitivity)

We know that if you press hard, there is no delay in the touch sensitivity.
So if you press hard, you have the same HUB delay like i has?

like i said i did not setup the two-way switch.

since the company is developing the 2-way switch and I already have them hard wired that way

but try adding refresh in webcore it might fix it

IF switch 1 was turned on physically
THEN refresh switch 1, switch 2

Does any version of this device support double press or long press?

NEO Coolcam has release the 3-gang switch

will this needs updating ? or can it be used? @hongtat

Yes. It requires update to support 3 gang. I don’t see any 3 gang switch, do you have the link?


I don’t think there is a link yet but I was in contact with the company and made an order directly from them.

I will receive them hopefully by next week.

I could test codes by then :p, that’s as much helpful as I could be :smiley:

My experience: it depends how good/firm you touch the touchpad.

Short/brief touch gives a longer delay than a firm/strong touch with the finger. Then the response is almost immediately.

A gentle touch gives a longer delay than a firm touch.

Grtn Ben

I have one of these switches working on smartthings as a z-wave window shade.
The only problem I detected that I think is not related to dh but rather to the calibration of the device, sometimes does not rise completely is about 3 or 4 centimeters. It’s a device to keep an eye out for if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a fibaro or aeotec, it does the same thing despite the problems with calibration. I hope that the experts in creating dh’s here in the forum can give some tips.

Hi! Can you tell me about this direct association?
I want to do the same!
Thank you!