[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.6c (Botvac Connected Series)

No you will not be able to access those custom device settings until someone uodates the device handlers.

The capability of custom presentations that makes that even possible only recently came into beta sondont expect the DTH to be updated anytime soon.


A quick fix for now will be to move those tiles into the device settings which can be accessed from the new app. Working on it.


is it not possible to use custom capabilities and presentations for adding those buttons ?

I am asking because I am also working on migrating one of my custom devices to the new style.
I actually succeeded in showing custom states on the new ST but for the buttons I was not successful.

It is. But these days I have a lot less time to tinker unfortunately. It’s on my “would love to learn and do” list.

Agreed, when they stabilize it sure… But at best its a stopgap. This should be implemented as a cloud connected device in the new paradigm. Given the choice of a do-over. Thats probably the best way.

Neato Device Handler updated to v1.14. Moves necessary tile settings to device settings so they can be configured in New Smartthings app. As I said, this is a temporary fix as I think the whole thing may need a rewrite over the next year.

You’ll notice a webcore option for each of the settings. That’s for those people who want the settings controlled via a webcore piston rather than in the device handler itself.


If anyone is interested, you can add this and also get battery status and a robot cleaner icon in the new app

definition (name: "Neato Botvac Connected Series", namespace: "alyc100", author: "Alex Lee Yuk Cheung", ocfDeviceType: "oic.d.robotcleaner", mnmm: "SmartThingsCommunity", vid: "3269e6ae-6525-31b5-a286-ed54fa56852d")


Sure! Where I need add this pieces of code?

Amazing. If it works nicely I’ll add it to the main code.


Ive added this and Im not seeing the battery status?

This is normal for any DTH if you add/change a vid in a DTH and the device is already installed. It only reads the vid at installation or a major change to the device.

You can remove and add the device, buy the easiest way to force an update is to edit the name for the device in the IDE. Force close the app and you should see the change.

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Where I have to paste this code? At the beginning, at the end, or where? Mani thanks, I’m not a developer sorry

Look for the definition in the DTH, it’s at the beginning of the DTH, replace it with the code above

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now works Fine! thanks