[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.6c (Botvac Connected Series)

Ok so - basically we’ll start with the bad.

The UI display for the vac itself will need work in newapp. Lets start with the obvious:
Classic App:

It’s one of the nicer custom UI’s

New App:

Yeah that’s not very helpful… At least there’s an on/off button? :slight_smile:

It’s going to need a lot of work with custom capabilities, Custom Presentations and Device Profiles, then building a VID and adding it to the existing DTHs. These features are in beta now, and some of the devs are having success with the simpler devices but right now it’s like working on a car while driving the same car. There’s a new standard ‘robot vaccum’ capability which may be a good starting point for the custom device code - but it will still need a lot of work no matter how you slice it.

This is NOT a simple device, so let others stumble through the easy stuff and stabilize the beta and then it should be possible to start looking at this. Note: It is ABSOLUTELY possible to add custom UI to these devices, but it will be a number of weeks before anyone can do so. There may also be a better way to integrate them with a cloud integration and that will be up to @Alyc100 or whomever takes on that work but that’s future for sure.

The Good:
The Smartapp half of the device - and the actual FUNCTIONS of the device work fine. (With some caveats - see next)

Smartapp in Classic:

Smartapp in New:

So you can connect them and make them work, you can turn them on and off in automations, you just cant open SmartThings, open the device and switch its mode from Eco to Turbo on the touch of a button. (To be quite honest I rarely do that anyway, I use the Neato App or Alexa when I manually trigger these guys)

Except one of the coolest parts of this integration - the ability to manipulate SHM. That’s broken unless you go to great feats to roll your own automations to work around it. (You can write a webcore piston to sync the old SHM security state to a set of smart switches… This is beyond the now well known SHM workaround of synchronizing the switches to the new SHM state. It seems to work but your mileage may vary) You’re better of with the expectation that it won’t work without an update to the smartapp code itself…

You can have my D6 when you pry it from my cold dead hands, or give me a D10…

Does that help?

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hi Nathan,
thanks for the great update on the state of play, really appreciated.
sounds like i will be able to achieve what im really wanting to do which is set it up with an automation to kick in when ever i decide, (taking note of the SHM limitations).
everything else for the time being would then be through the neato app itself, which is no biggie.
love the advocation for the D6, but yeah D10 looks a beauty. not that any of them are particularly easy to get hold of in the uk other than amazon.

Thanks for the updates, I really appreciate your work, even though I have a big problem with my Neato lately. It only works with the official app or by pressing the start button twice from the robot. If I press once, the blue light of the wifi lights up, it makes a noise, but then nothing happens and it stays still. Same thing if I start it with Alexa, with Google Asistant, or with the SmartThings button thanks to this SmartApp. The smartApp is definitely not the problem, but I still wanted to ask if anyone has any advice

Which bot do you have and have you performed any firmware updates?

I have a robot D5 with software 4.5.3-189 I have not notification for new firmware.

I thought I had a problem with my D5, I contacted support, it seemed not to go with google home nor with alexa nor with Smartthings … in reality only with smartthings it doesn’t work, so I think my problem is related to smartapp. If I turn on with the virtual key, or through the scheduling, the robot makes a noise, but does not start. what could be the problem?

Update 11.09.2020 : the old method always works: deleted the smartapp, deleted the DeviceHandler, and reinstalled everything now works. The oddities of computer science :slight_smile:


I own a D3 and i’m very pleased with the features, coming from Roomba. I have a webcore piston that starts the D3 when the mode goes to Away for more than 30 minutes and dock when mode set to Home if the cleaning is not completed.

Running into 2 small issues:

1- The D3 starts with the no go lines disabled. A bummer as it usually get stuck under the bed.
2- It won’t dock when returning. I can see the command to dock being sent by the piston, the D3 doesn’t listen tho.

I apologies I this shoud be posted on the Webcore forum; I thought I’d tried my luck here.


I got this working in the new ST app for my D7. Sure, the functionality is limited compared to what was available in the Classic ST app but at least now I don’t have to try 17 different complex phrases in Alexa to get the vacuum to run on their terrible Alexa skill. Simply tell Alexa to start the vacuum and it just works now and that’s a win in my book.

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try to start your D3 with power on in smarthings. my D5 have a similar problem and not start automatic with smartapp and with fisical button I delete and reinstall smartapp and devihandler and now work fine.

I solved the no-go lines problem… It was a tile in the ST Classic smart app. But the thing will still not dock.

@nathancu @Alyc100 Does anyone know what is going to happen when the Classic App is gone next week? Will our vacuums still function the same?

I use from the beginning in my house this smartapp with new app without problem. The integration in the new app is only a button, with start and stop, but the automatic start work fine when all the family is out of house.

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@Diegocampy For now… The Classic App and all of its’ integrations are gone next week.

Incorrect. The Phone front end application we know as ‘Classic’ is gone next week. To have that experience now, delete Classic from your phone. Use New instead.

The IDE (Everything behind it) Has about another year shelf life.

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They said the IDE would be shutdown “sometime next year”, which can be much less than whole year from now.

@nathancu See, that’s the question I was trying to get an answer to.

If I need to I make changes to my configuration, is that no longer possible, once the app goes away?

No those are still there. Those screenies posted a month ago of the UI in old and New are from my phone - running new.

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Do I need to update my the Smart App? Because my new app doesn’t have any of those options.

No? its just under the smartapps section of NewApp

@nathancu I see that bit in Smart Apps, but what about turbo/eco mode and no go lines (Pers Map On)?

My point is not everything is available in the new app. Will I lose those settings? Will it be stuck on whatever I leave it on beginning Oct 14?