[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.6c (Botvac Connected Series)

Might be a dumb scenario but it seems my Connected seems to get bumped off the charger by kids or something and drains the battery fully in a few days and I only notice when smartthings complains.

Any chance to add to the smartapp maybe to notify me if it’s been off the disk for X hours or if the battery is draining without it cleaning?

Is this expected? I guess it’s the wifi draining it? Seems crazy it would drain that fast

I’ll look into this. It’s a good idea, but need to make sure there are no false alarms. The battery does drain quickly when away from the dock. I see this when I’m away but the Neato gets stuck.

Thanks Alex - maybe something simple like a value we can set in the smartapp that will track the time off the dock for example? Would be easy to turn on/off if it will be off the dock for a while for example.

According to support the battery can drain in a few hours off the dock which somewhat baffles me. If this thing can vacuum for 60-90 minutes how can the wifi eat that much battery so fast. Seems horribly unoptimized.

I suppose I just need to pay attention to the alert that pops up saying it can’t connect or serial is wrong etc although ideally this is too late.

Hello, I had a few questions regarding your SmartApp.

I have my smartschedule set for every 1 days when mode is Away and only from 8a.m. to 4p.m. It however never seems to fire. Does the smartschedule only work in this scenario if my mode is set to away during the 8a.m. to 4p.m. time interval? Or will this evaluate periodically to make sure the conditions of away are met as well as the time restrictions and then fire off the robot?

My ultimate goal is that when I leave in the morning the robot will kick off sometime between the hours of 8a.m. to 4 p.m. but only if my mode is set to away. If at anytime during the timer interval my mode changes to something other than away the robot will stop cleaning and start the docking sequence.

Also, is there an example of how to control the Neato with CORE? What device type should be selected for it to show up?

Appreciate the help and information.


Hi Kyle,

In your example, SmartSchedule should start Neato if ST is in away mode AND the time of day is between 8am and 4pm. It will evaluate the rules on a mode change event and at 8am in the morning. Is it not doing this?

At the moment the app does not stop a clean when the conditions change. This could be implemented however.

With CoRE, the Neato is a switch type.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the quick response. No oddly enough the Neato does not seem to kick off. I thought perhaps cause the mode change had already occurred prior to 8a.m. that maybe it didn’t get evaluated again.

Thanks for the info regarding CoRE.

I noticed in CoRE there are several options including dock(), toggleCleaningMode(), etc. Should I be able to fully utilize those as well so that if the mode changes core can initiate the dock() command?

The 8am check relies on the Smartthings scheduler. Sometimes this gets lost. Try and change the time to 8.01am and save the changes. This should set up a new ST schedule to check daily at 8.01am.

Yes. dock() and the other methods should work although untested.

awesome, thanks for the help.

One other question. I know you haven’t tested it but should the dock() method stop the current cleaning and make it return home or should I do a stop on the switch and then dock?

You need to run the off() / stop the switch method first, then dock().

ok thanks, ill try that.

I am having an error when trying to add my Botvac Connected. Here are the steps I follow.

SmartApp V: 1.1.6

Add SmartApp -> My Apps -> Neato (Connect)
Authenticate with Neato (DONE)
Select my device “Neato Botvac - Jenkins” (DONE)
(DONE) - Error saving page

I did notice that it wont save when I have a device selected, but if I deselect my device, then I can save and the app is added. However if I try to add my device after the fact, I get the same error.

One of the logs is showing an error.

physicalgraph.app.exception.UnknownDeviceTypeException: Device type ‘Neato Botvac Connected Series’ in namespace ‘alyc100’ not found. @ line 594


It looks like you haven’t installed and published the Neato Botvac Connected Series Device Handler.

Sigh, you are correct. Somehow I missed that step. Thanks!

@Alyc100 Hi the app stopped working so I added the device again and now it is not possible to remove the old one from the app or from the device list on smarrthing api website. no mater how I remove it, it comes back on.

I was able to get my hub to recognize the Botvac but I can’t get the app to start the vacuum. I am also missing some of the data on status screen. Any ideas?

Thanks for this great integration! I just got the new D5 and see the below issues with the v1.1.6 app

  1. Constantly getting the “Robot Serial/ secret incorrect…” error message on the main Tile and have to delete the app and re-install/re-configure it to make the error go away.
  2. Even with no error, pressing the Green clean button in the app does nothing most of the times. (It does work to stop the robot if it is already running)

Note: I tried using the the official app works which works ok.

Hmm. Do you have anything in the logs in the SmartThings IDE?

Anything odd in the logs in the SmartThings IDE?
@roberto - Are there any differences between the D5 and BotVac Connected API?

I get the following error:

384cdc80-c1bd-45cb-a295-cce70d753518 5:21:22 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method replaceAll() on null object @ line 358