[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.6 (Botvac Connected Series)

Yes. Had to change how secret keys are stored for each device in the device handler and that meant also changing the add new device code in the smart app.

Sorry, what do you mean by 1 and 2? Delete the app from my phone, do step 3, then do step 4?
It will not let me turn on personal maps, i have the 5 series.

No need to delete the Neato Smart App. Just delete your Botvacs from ‘Things’. To do this, you’re best removing any references to those Botvacs from other apps such as ActionTiles or WebCore first.

Then after you’ve definitely removed the Botvacs, update the SmartApp and Device Handler with the latest version.

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Works for me again now after updating to the new SmartApp and device handler version, thank you!

Works again for me. Thanks so much. :slight_smile:

It will not allow me to turn on Personal Maps. I deleted the app and handler and reinstalled. What am i missing? I have the Connected D5

Sorry to be a pain.

anyone have any tips on how to get things working again. I am having a really hard time. Both my Neatos show offline and I cannot for the life of me get them deleted from Smartthings. I updated all the smart and handler code but I still cant get it to work. Any ideas ? I also was going to to just delete the whole neato smart app and start over but again I cannot delete it I keep getting an error. So bummed things were working so well before.

Have you completed the steps in the following post:

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I have a D7 and I updated its firmware to the recent 4.5 release recently.
I also updated the smart app and device handler as recommended here.
They all work fine.

However, after this update, I noticed that the app on my Android phone does not show the robots current state when it is cleaning.

It always shows as “ready to clean” even if it is already cleaning.

Besides, while cleaning it does not show “pause”, “stop” or “dock” buttons as it thinks it is not cleaning. Is this a bug of the firmware?

Does anyone else with a D7 have this problem ?


EDIT: nevermind, this is solved after a power cycle.

I had same issue today, also had to power cycle to resolve…

I’ll look into it tomorrow. Probably some code that’s using the secret key to lookup status

First of all thanks so much for the hard work put into this app. I stumbled on it today when I decided to check to see if there was something available for SmartThings for my D7. After setting everything up it seems to all work fine. The only question I have, is there any way of getting any method to trigger a cleaning to a particular Zone? Either through SmartThings as a routine, or webcore as a piston? My end goal is to get a tile on the screen through either actiontiles or through Sharp Tools so that a family member can just press it and clean the particular zone instead of the whole house.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Currently working on something to support this. Can’t commit to a deadline but hopefully something soon. As I don’t have a d7 will be fully reliant on other testers.


Out of curiosity, what is the Perfs Map On/Off for?

Follows the nogo lines if you have them set up
On a persistent map


I was playing with smart scheduling I noticed there’s many restrictions Etc that you can use. But one thing I didn’t notice is a method to actually schedule, on a daily basis, for my D7 to actually clean at a set time in the smart app.

It’s the no triggers option and set the start time on the restricted time setting to the time you want for every 1 day.

Hello my friend! I tried to update the smartapp and it is appering to me some erros. Could you please test it again? Thank you.

Hi Alex,

Any chance you’d be able to hold off on the next scheduled run until the dirt bin has been emptied? Not sure if dirt bin status can be queried through their API.

Thanks for the awesome work!

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Sorry got to ask, I have two D5’s but only one is triggered by the schedule even if they both schedules are reset the same time… And it’s always the same one starting. The second I have to start in the Neato App…

Any suggestions?

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