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[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.3 (Botvac Connected Series)


(Mark) #569

I have the same error.

(Patrick Mjoen) #570

Looks to be working now…

(ilker Aktuna) #571

yes it seems resolved now.

(ilker Aktuna) #572

@Alyc100 , since there are new features for some of the models (D7 - zone cleaning, D3, D5 no-go lines)
will you be updating the device handler to support these features ?

also, to all ,
do you have any idea on usage of the zone cleaning feature through Alexa ?

(Mark) #573

Working now.

(Patrick Mjoen) #574

I believe the current No-Go Lines are only available in the native Neato app and not the DTH. I believe you have to turn off persistent mapping in DTH for it to follow the No-Go Lines but I’d have to look as remember the original app creator saying that.

(Ben Dattilo) #576

Did play around with Zone Cleaning last night, and it is pretty nice. A bit annoying that the zone can only be rectangular at the moment, but can block off with No-Go lines to mitigate. Also I believe that it is currently limited to cleaning one zone at a time, cannot specify multiple to clean back to back - the Bot must return to the base between each zone and manually launched again.

For potentially adding into the SmrtApp, I looked into the Neato API documentation last night and did not see any updates for the Zone Cleaning. I shot them an email asking if it would be added. I assume there is a lot of work that still needs to go into that, as right now zone names can be customized, so names would need to be passed back and forth.

If they update the API for Zone Cleaning, here is a ‘wish list’ of zone cleaning features that would be great in the SmartApp:

  1. Zone Cleaning Scheduling by day (etc Kitchen on Monday, Bedroom on Tuesday, etc). Since it is not possible to select multiple zones for one cleaning session, will probably be limited to one at a time, unless they can be queued.

  2. Exclude Zone Cleaning runs from the full scheduled cleaning. When running a small zone at the moment, it counts it as a run and resets the timer

  3. Separate triggers for Zone Cleans and Whole House Cleans. Would be nice to trigger a whole house clean when mode is away, but still trigger a Zone certain at a certain time.

This all depends on an API update, and but I can hope!

(Patrick Mjoen) #577

Reached out to @Alyc100 to see if they see anything different but I’m not seeing an update in the response for my D3 for persistent mapping… Im not sure if they will add it, as they specifically say to use these features only use the native Neato app.

(Patrick Mjoen) #578

I was able to update my version of the DTH for the D3 to allow for persistent maps and confirmed that it uses the No-Go Lines when it is on. Im still trying to get the new Turbo mode to work, just haven’t had the time…

(ilker Aktuna) #579

any updates for the D7 ?

(Patrick Mjoen) #580

There were only software updates to the D3 I believe.

(ilker Aktuna) #581

that’s not correct. D7 got the “zone cleaning” feature with new update and I would love to see that feature on Neato Connect app.

(Patrick Mjoen) #582

Sorry, I dont have a D7, so won’t be able to test or change.


I have a D7 and can help test changes to the DTH.

(ilker Aktuna) #584

sure. me too…

(ilker Aktuna) #585

I believe after the update to D7 with new feature “Zone Cleaning” , D7 users are not able to use schedule feature of Smartthings app.
Because now there is a “zone selection” instead of the floor selection and if I select for example “Kitchen” then it only cleans kitchen when the schedule time arrive.
So, we need the zone implementation on ST smart app.

also, “zone selection per schedule” would be lovely to use.



Can you share the changes you made that allowed your D3 to use the No-Go lines? I have two D3’s and would really like to be able to take advantage of the No-Go lines on one of them at least. Thanks.

(Jake Seaton) #587

(Patrick Mjoen) #588

@jseaton thanks for the follow up to @Terk. I actually just worked with Github to fix issue with that repo as it was flagged for private… Below is the updated DTH for the Neato D3 (I modified the tiles for D3 so it may be missing a few for other models):

(Alex Lee) #589

I updated the Neato device handler to support persistent maps for D3 with v4.3 firmware +. This should also enable turbo mode for D3. Let me know if it works (I don’t have a D3 to test with).

Device Handler v1.12