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[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.3 (Botvac Connected Series)



I’ve been getting frequent disconnect messages from ST also, even though the Neato app says everything is fine, and the D3 works properly.
I’ll try turning off the notifications.

(Jake Seaton) #549

I wonder if this is an issue related to the recent firmware release for the D3s …

(Alex Lee) #550

Update Neato device handler to v1.11 for D5 firmware v4.3.0 support. Persistent maps and Cleaning mode.

(Patrick Mjoen) #551

I know the original version of the Device Handler had very specific firmware definitions in the code. They have bypassed those firmware versions a while back, and not sure it was ever updated. I see a few of these types of code in the current 1.11 version updated 11/11/2018:

if (state.firmware.startsWith(“2”)
if (state.firmware.startsWith(“3”)

(Kyle Riddle) #552

I have no clue how to get the files on my phone, any help is much appreciated. I just got a samsung smartthings and want to get my neato connected.


What files do you want on your phone? Are you asking how to install the Neato (Connect) app? If so you need to go into the SmartThings IDE to install it using the Installation guide at the top of this page. If you setup your devices using the new SmartThings app you will have less functionality than if you were using the SmartThings Classic app at the time that you set things up.

(Kyle Riddle) #554

So when I go to github, there is nothing for me to download.


Hi Kyle,

Did you follow the instructions at the top of this thread?

You need to log in to the SmartThings IDE, and create a new smart app and a new device handler by copying and pasting the code from github.

I would suggest having a quick search on this forum or in the smartthings support documentation for topics on creating your own smart apps.

(Kyle Riddle) #556

I have the new app, since I just got this Sunday. I have created the smartapp and device handler and followed the instructions for them to be turned on. I do not however see my neato in the new app. I have looked all over on where to add it. Thanks for all of the help.

(Nathan Curtis) #558

You might have to use old app with the custom smartapp and device handler. NewApp’s functionality is… Limited at best. With custom device handlers and smartapps.

(Simon Hartley) #559

I now have this same issue…
When I attempt to uninstall the Neato SmartApp i get the message “There was an error uninstalling your SmartApp.”
I cannot uninstall the app in either version of the smartthings app on android, or in the IDE!

When is try to use Neato through the smartthing app I get this…

Where do I go from here?
Using App version 1.2.4b
Using Handler version 1.11

Any help would be appreciated.

(Alex Lee) #560

Make sure you remove the neato from any rules or other smart app before deleting. Even go as far as unselecting the neato botvac from the neato smartapp. Try and delete again.

(Khaled Qari) #561


so if I start cleaning through smartthings, will it use my floor plan and no go lines ?
or will it work as if I manually started it

(Khaled Qari) #562

After few attempt. Its definitely not being able to use my no go lines. Is there a way to use them?

(Alex Lee) #563

In SmartThings mobile app, go to your Neato device. There should a Pers Map Off. Tap that tile to make it Pers Map On. It should then use your floor plan.

(Khaled Qari) #564

Yeah its on. I tried on and off

Still after i start using ST, then go to neato app, it says no go lines disabled

(Patrick Mjoen) #565

Just got an email that Neato has the D3 (White only) robots on sales for $249 though 12/6 and they are releasing new firmware to enable No-Go lines for the D3 model… I liked mine even without the No-Go lines, but now it is a killer deal…

(ilker Aktuna) #566


Today I received an update to the Android app of Neato.
After the update, the app does not launch correctly. It says “something has gone wrong” with a “try again” button.

Is it just me or everybody ?


(Patrick Mjoen) #567

Same with me on IOS…

(Ben Dattilo) #568

Also with this issue on Android. It was not doing that earlier, but I have also not yet gotten the update for the Botvac itself, so it may just be that they are propagating that update now causing the error.