[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.3 (Botvac Connected Series)


(ilker Aktuna) #508

is there an additional setting to use no-go lines in the Neato App ?
I already created my floor plan with no-go lines.
And I set “persistent map” to “ON” in ST device.
is that enough ?

(ilker Aktuna) #509

is there any possibility of adding floor plan selection to DTH for D7 ?


Ok I disabled smart schedule on Saturday and checked the device - it says smart schedule disabled. However, I just received a notification telling me that my botvac has started cleaning. So it seems that it is ignoring this setting. How can I help debug this?

(John Johnston) #511

Thank you so much for this buddy. :slight_smile:

(Dan Aldridge) #512

Help Please getting error when trying to setup on smartthings app

(Ezra Goldberg) #513


I have a Neato D4 model, I dont see a tile to enable or disable persistent map, which from what i can tell is what i need for it to follow the no go lines?

Someone correct me if i am wrong please.

(Mark) #514

I thought only the D7 supported no-go lines.

(Ezra Goldberg) #515

See below, this is from thier site.


(Mark) #516

You’re correct. The D7 has Multiple floor plans and the D4 does not.

(Ezra Goldberg) #517

So if I had the D7 model I would have a tile that I can click in Smartthings to enable or disable persistent maps, aka no go lines? Or is this setting controlled somewhere else?

@Alyc100 Will the D4 be supported or should I get the D7 to have the option of using no go lines with Smartthings?


I just started using the smartapp but I’m having trouble with smartschedule. Every time I set it up it sets up the vacuum to run during the excluded times and does this everyday so it basically doesn’t run at all. Is there anyway to schedule a start time for smart schedule vs just exclusion times?

(Ezra Goldberg) #519

@Alyc100 Below is a screen shot of the app, i uninstalled an re-installed and you can see below when it is initializing it setting the persistent map mode to off, and changing the navigation mode, but i have no options to change that.

Any help would be great, and thank you for all your work on this!

(Ezra Goldberg) #520

and a pic of my current available tiles.

(John Johnston) #521

Hello all. First of all, loving this app.
So I have my Neato and charger downstairs. I have the smart app run it when I switch to Away Mode every day.
However, if I want to take the hoover upstrairs and clean up there ( I use the button on the hoover for this ) then this messes with the schedule, so if I head out later that day, my schedule won’t run downstairs. Is there a way to have the smart schedule Ignore a run when you physically press the button to run it, if that makes sense.


(Jake Seaton) #522

Just wanted to thank you, @Alyc100, for all of your hard work on this app. It’s evident how much thought and care has been put into it.

Last week we were in the path of Hurricane Florence, so we moved all of our outdoor furniture into the house. Because of the tarps that were down and the unusual furniture packed into my dining room, I didn’t want my Botvac (Rosie) to run because I knew she’d get stuck or jammed on the tarps.

So I used the Universal Device Type Handler and created an open/close sensor I could manually control that would also act as my SmartSchedule restriction contact sensor. It was an easy way to temporarily disable my SmartScedule without having to go back into the settings later to set the schedule back up.


Yup, I have the same issues…
It might be my imagination but I get the feeling I get the EM the same day it’s supposed to go out and clean.

(Alex Lee) #524

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to distinguish between a schedule activated clean and a manually activated clean. I’ll have to have a think whether it’s something I can add in the device handler code at a later date.

(Alex Lee) #525

I’ve updated the device handler to v1.9.2 to support D6 and D4 features.

(Ezra Goldberg) #526

you are the best thank you!

(John Johnston) #527

No problem buddy. Would be nice feature to have ( manual vs scheduled clean ) but if it can’t be done not to worry. :slight_smile: