[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.3 (Botvac Connected Series)


(Patrick Mjoen) #448

I was able to update the DTH locally to fix the issue I saw when the device was on the dock waiting to finish clean. Still testing but her it is (I have removed the buttons my D3 does not use and the multi attribute tile shows each status:

(Alex Lee) #449

Hi Patrick. Sorry for my lack of response. Time I can dedicate to Smartthings is minimal at the moment. Good work in fixing your issue.
DM me know the code and I’ll add it in the release if you want.

(Andy - United Kingdom) #450

Slight typo…
“Charing to Clean”

Should be “Charging to clean”


(Patrick Mjoen) #451

Thanks, I updated the text.

(Patrick Mjoen) #452

@Alyc100 I made a bunch of changes, not sure if you would want to implement all of them, as you are handling a lot of the scenario’s with all the additional tiles. If you would like to look I can publish to my own GitHub?

(Patrick Mjoen) #453

Thank you @Alyc100 for the work on this, I have been managing the updates for Roomba Thinking Cleaner for over a year ow as the original developer was unresponsive. I have modified your DTH with the multi attribute tile displaying the proper status now (i.e. cleaning, docking, charging to clean, etc…). If you would like to take a look at the code, I have it on my Github (I did disable the tiles that were not relevant to my D3):

Owner: pmjoen
Name: SmartThingsPublic
Branch: master

(Jake Seaton) #454

Thanks for this! I too have a D3, so I appreciate the cleaned up tiles.

(Curt Terling) #455

I noticed I have NEato (Connect) v 1.2.f on my smartapp. Do i need to update this?

So will I have to delete and add again the Neato (connect)?
I have totally forgotten how to add this to my SmartApp it has been so long.

Can someone help me point to the steps to add this back? TY much.

(Barbara Schiavinato) #456

I love your smartapp, there is a way for giving a donation?


Its on the first post:

This integration is provided completely free of charge and is open source. If however you really feel like it, you can make a donation here

(Barbara Schiavinato) #458

Thank you! Done!

(Patrick Mjoen) #459

@barabba9174 I am also modifying the DTH for true status in multi attribute tile and things list as well as error handling display. I have modified mine for the D3 specifically, what version do you have?

BTW, @Alyc100 has done an amazing job on the original DTH and Smartapp. I agree he does deserve donation for his efforts.

(Barbara Schiavinato) #460

@pmjoen I have the D7.

(Hammis86) #461

Unexpected error when trying to save settings in the app.

Getting the following error in sim:

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method minus() on null object @line 1215 (getNextTimeInSeconds)

Any quick fix for this?

(Jake Seaton) #462

@pmjoen I’m using your DTH, but I think there is an issue with some of the smartapp functions that I never had an issue with until I switched to your DTH.

I have a SmartSchedule set to clean every two days between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. when the home’s location mode is set to Away.

I also Force clean if my Botvac has been inactive for 5 days.

Welp, my Botvac ran its SmartSchedule on Saturday, but on Sunday I received a notification that it had been inactive for five days and would run the following day. On Monday, the Botvac started to run based on the Force clean logic. I know it was the Force clean because the home’s location mode was not Away.

Like I said, this never happened prior to me updating my device handler, and I did not change any of the SmartApp settings.

(Patrick Mjoen) #463

@jseaton, I dont use those functions in the smart app so I haven’t seen the issue. I looked at the smart app and it does subscribe to statuses, but I have added some. I will have to take a look when I have more time, thanks for the feedback. I do know that I use the turn vac on/off while away and that works as expected for me.

I have also provided the DTH to @Alyc100 to see how we could integrate it into the original DTH.

(Radiohalo123) #464

I have followed the exact steps and have not been able to get the error “An unexpected error has occurred”. Any thoughts? I have a botvac connected.

(Alex Lee) #465

Yes, i’ll look into the changes @pmjoen has made. Just need some time to do it :slight_smile:

(Patrick Mjoen) #466

Thanks again @Alyc100 this integration is awesome, I switched from Roomba (Thinking Cleaner) to this due to hardware issues… The D3 is not as powerful as my Roomba 880 but it is way more efficient…

(Andrew Rossetti) #467

I’m having the same issue with the same error log. Trying to connect a D3 connect.

Unexpected error occurred.

e41c28ee-6445-4cab-ba45-ddcf748e60cd 8:01:01 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method minus() on null object @line 1215 (getNextTimeInSeconds)