[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.3 (Botvac Connected Series)


(Justin) #428

Do you have any interest in trying to port your app over to hubitat?

(Roberto Ostinelli) #429

Apologies for taking a little while to update the docs. We’ve just done so, and exposed the No-Go lines protocol (D7 only):

It’s great to see so many of you in here, thank you all for the support! And again… @Alyc100 awesome work!

Neato Robotics, Inc

(Barbara Schiavinato) #430

Great! Thank you!

(Shaun Reinson) #431

What an awesome app - left the house last night to visit the gym, and when I came back carpet had that just-vacuumed look (sort of stripes, like fancy lawn mowing) and the mud I’d trodden in over the weekend was gone. Three more days, and it’ll happen all over again. Brilliant…

(Guy) #432

@Alyc100 would you be able to add the no-go line support for the D7 connected mentioned by @roberto? The ‘basic-3’ reference fixed being able to start the D7 vacuum, but it still says ‘no-go lines disabled’ in the Neato app.

(Alex Lee) #433

Working on it. Should have something very soon

(Alex Lee) #434

UPDATES now available
Neato (Connect) smart app v1.2.4 - Show restriction summary text in app when contact sensor restrictions are configured.

Neato Botvac Connected Series Device Handler v1.9 - Support for D7 persistent map cleaning and deep cleaning mode.

(Alex Lee) #435

Any error logs in the SmartThings IDE when you see that message in the app?

(Guy) #436

Updated both the Device Handler and SmartApp, but won’t be able to test until later today.

One thing I notice is in Smartthings when I toggle ‘Pers Map’ to on, the device event ‘persistentMapMode’ in the IDE has a value of ‘off’. Could the labeling be backwards on the button in the app?

(Alex Lee) #437

Doh! Please upgrade the Device Handler to 1.9b :pensive:

Great find by the way.

(Guy) #438

In webCoRE, for the toggleCleaningMode(…) and togglePersistentMapMode(…) options, is it possible to pass in the parameter I would like them to be set to? The following is what I would like to do, but the parameters don’t change:


(Alex Lee) #439

No. These methods don’t take an argument. They are helper methods for the tiles. I can add some set methods in to support this. Let me take a look over the next few hours.

(Jh Bang) #440

I am sorry… Where do I go to get the log?
It looks like there is log left of what Neato is doing in IDE, but I just don’t see it in Smartthings app on phone(having an error message when I try to save it from my smartapps…

(Patrick Mjoen) #441

So I received my Neato D3 today and the vacuum cleaned a cycle and went back to the dock to charge. The status in the neat app is “Charging to Clean” (so currently it is charging) but the Smartthings app is saying it is cleaning. The DTH should be updated if there is another case statement that the “Charging to Clean” is actually charging and not cleaning. When I check the IDE I get this:

691a27ef-efb7-41a5-b302-6a7b05f9bea2 3:03:59 PM: error org.apache.http.conn.ConnectTimeoutException: Connect to nucleo.neatocloud.com:4443 [nucleo.neatocloud.com/] failed: connect timed out @line 631 (nucleoPOST)

(Patrick Mjoen) #442

Looking to see if they have a published api with response details so I can troubleshoot the status issue I was seeing. Also not able to get it to clean with Alexa…

(Jeff Finkelstein) #443

Seems that the Robot may not be in the “Ready to clean” state since it is still mid-cycle and charging to complete the current job.

(Patrick Mjoen) #444

It is in charging to clean status, but the status in the Smartthings device says cleaning.

(Jeff Finkelstein) #445

Right, So the robot may be reporting itself as cleaning since it’s currently in the middle of a job (ie. It didn’t have enough juice to finish the job without topping off), After it completes the current job and returns to the dock and charges up again it should go back into ready to clean state.

(Patrick Mjoen) #446

In the Neato app it shows (Chargining to Clean). In the smartthings app is shows cleaning, but also sets the home charge button to green. I want to see if there is documentation for the API showing the possible values in response. Then I could possibly modify the DTH to display the correct status in Smartthings.

(Patrick Mjoen) #447

@Alyc100 I looked a little more into the API response and the response.action has the following which may provide better details on the status of the device (haven’t been able to validate what occurs in my scenario):

0 Invalid
1 House Cleaning
2 Spot Cleaning
3 Manual Cleaning
4 Docking
5 User Menu Active
6 Suspended Cleaning
7 Updating
8 Copying Logs
9 Recovering Location
10 IEC Test
11 Map cleaning
12 Exploring map (creating a persistent map)
13 Acquiring Persistent Map IDs
14 Creating & Uploading Map
15 Suspended Exploration

Also now realize why there are a bunch of Neato icons (I have a D3). Hadn’t thought of doing that in my other DTH, but good idea.