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[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.3 (Botvac Connected Series)


(Stuart Smith) #365

I am sorry. I’m new to this. It docks when a full clean is finished. Any idea how to get it to dock when stopped halfway through using smartthings? I accept it’s not to do with device handler/app bit would like it if you had any suggestions?

(Alex Lee) #366

Normally for it to dock properly it needs to “see” the dock during its clean. If it hasn’t picked up the location of its dock when stopped it won’t dock properly. What you’re seeing happens if it’s only just started it’s cleaning cycle and is told to dock without fully knowing where it’s dock is. Hope that makes sense. There is a tile in the device handler that changes to from yellow “searching” to green “seen” if the botvac reports that it has seen it’s dock. If you stop the botvac after this, it should dock properly.

(Matthew Sugarman) #367

I’m still having a terrible time with frequent disconnects. I try to initiate a manual clean and it goes, then not a minute later it says it’s disconnected. I reauthenticate and it’s fine for ~1 minute, then I have to reathenticate.

I removed both the smartapp and device handler and readded, to no avail. I’d be happy to send you logs again - i need to figure out why the smart app is constantly disconnecting.

(Alex Lee) #368

When it’s disconnected from the SmartApp, check whether the robot is offline in the official Neato mobile app too. If it is, it maybe a Wifi issue.

(Matthew Sugarman) #370

I did end up having some difficulty with the robot last night and had to remove and rejoin it to the network with the official app. The router needed rebooted, as well.

However, I successfully tested and found the robot is available on the official app while not available in ST. In fact, my logs throughout the night showed that it periodically lost and gained connectivity until around 2230. Then was silent. After around 0600, it started acting up again. These times directly correlate to my smart home status - home/stay.

I can’t imagine how it’s related, but maybe more than a coincidence?


Thanks for the great app. I have been using it for a while.

However recently I had a disconnect issue, so I start updating both the device handler and smartapp. After that I found my D5 is still disconnected (however it’s connected in the official app). So I tried to remove both the smartapp and device handler in hope that I can start the process again. However I tried to remove them both in the ST app and IDE, ST just does not let me do so.

In IDE I got the following error when trying to delete the D7 device:
Object of class [physicalgraph.device.Device] with identifier [c0c0a0a3-18b9-4884-b9c0-313d1f8da0ba]: optimistic locking failed; nested exception is org.hibernate.StaleObjectStateException: Row was updated or deleted by another transaction (or unsaved-value mapping was incorrect): [physicalgraph.device.Device#c0c0a0a3-18b9-4884-b9c0-313d1f8da0ba]

Can you shed some light on this?

(Slimshizn) #372

Been using this smartapp for a while. Just wanted to say thank you for it. happy to get rid of the old neato app.

(ilker Aktuna) #373


Recently (last 3 days) , I keep getting notifications from the smart app as “Robot serial and/or secret is not correct”

The serial is same as when I got the D3 connected. So I don’t think that this is a serial issue.
What might be the reason of the alarm ?

(Alex Lee) #374

Make sure you manually delete all associates Smartapps attached to your botvacs then try to delete the neato devices

(Alex Lee) #375

I’ve been seeing if I have these disconnected issues. Not happening for me so very difficult to isolate if this is a bug in the device handler.

Please DM me any relevant logs if you see this again by logging into the ST IDE and clicking the ‘refresh’ button in the device handler. Especially do this if you see the device as offline in ST but online via the neato smart app after clicking the refresh icon on the top right of the app (which appears after clicking the botvac icon)

(Nathan Curtis) #376


Alex, Great App - has been rock solid Thank you for the hard work!

I wanted to +1 a feature request someone else up the thread put in to see if it could be considered. I think it was @mrmrmrmr I’d like to be able to postpone a scheduled run if I have [any of these monitored contact sensors] open.

(Basically my daughter’s bedroom is a vipers nest not fit for Botvac Connected occupation and I’m worried if she leaves her door open my Neato will be lost forever in the Pit of Despair…)

(Alex Lee) #377

I’ve been working on this. Hopefully get something out within the next week.

(Nathan Curtis) #378

My Botvac thanks you, kind sir.

(Alex Lee) #379

@nathancu @mrmrmrmr
Neato (Connect) v1.2.2 now allows contact sensors to restrict Botvac start. Please test and let me know if it works as expected for you.

(ilker Aktuna) #380

thank you :slight_smile:

just the smart app is changed , right ?

(Nathan Curtis) #381

I’ve got it installed and configured - now to test. :slight_smile:

(Stuart Smith) #382

That’s great! thank you, Sorry if my question seemed real novice. I’m new.

(Alex Lee) #383

Important update. Please update to allow your contact sensors to trigger a clean if all smart schedule conditions are met.

v1.2.3 - Allow contact sensors to trigger clean if conditions are met.

(Slimshizn) #384

Testing, If I don’t report back then it works fine.


I recently purchased a Botvac D5 and was ready to throw it in the trash. It was getting stuck on everything. Neato hasn’t implemented a way for you to set extra care mode by default for scheduled cleanings through their app.

Now with your app, I can leave extra care on and schedule through WebCore. A match made in heaven. Thank you!!!