[RELEASE] Neato (Connect) V1.2.3 (Botvac Connected Series)



@Alyc100 This is great! Am I right in assuming that if I set the schedule to occur each day while the mode is away that it will only vacuum once per day?

We often both work during the day although my wife works a rotating shift, so the vacuum would likely run when we are both working since the house will go into away mode, but then once we both get home we sometimes go out for dinner and I want to make sure it won’t vacuum again while we are at dinner, however on days that she doesn’t work and I do I’d like it to run if it hasn’t yet that day and we go out for dinner. This is how it looks like it already works but I wanted to check. Thanks for all the work on this awesome integration!

(Justin) #346

So my neato became disconnected from the networking forcing me to reset the device.

Now I am having problems on ST. The old device shows offline (expected) and if I add the new device it simply does not show.

Is there a way to start over as I cannot remove the smart app and I cannot remove the old device?

(Matthew Sugarman) #347

Happened to me yesterday. You’ll need to remove the smart app, but you’re right - you can’t do this from the smartapp screen. Instead, go here:

My Locations > Home > List SmartApps

Then select the Edit button on the top and delete the offending smartapp. Reinstall and you should be good.

However, the issue is still persisting. I’ve pulled my logs and emailed them to Alex for him to review.

(Justin) #348

Nope. IDE reports there was an error uninstalling the app. Hopefully @Alyc100 can help resolve?

(Matthew Sugarman) #349

Damn, thought I’d be able to help. I’m sure Alex will be able to help.

(Meleya ) #350

I downloaded SmartThings app and it’s asking for a code?

(ilker Aktuna) #351


I have a suggestion for the device handler.
Can we add a presence feature to act like a presence sensor ?
When an error occurs (stuck , path etc.) presence could be turned to "away"
If this can be done , then it would be possible to take actions based on presence of the device. (using Core)
(for example, an announce could be started to tell people available at home pick up the device)

(ilker Aktuna) #352

I added this functionality to the device handler now. It works as expected and I can take any action according to the presence state.

Now I just need to arrange schedule so that it does not start when my bedroom door is open and starts when door is closed. Can we add such feature to the app ? (I tried but since the smart app is too complicated, I could not handle)

(Justin) #353

So this is weird. I updated in the IDE to 1.2.1c and the smart app did not update within ST. Still says 1.2.1b.

(Alex Lee) #354

Doh. Forgot to update the text in code!

(Justin) #355

So I updated, still cannot remove my (Null) device f/k/a Neato - Rosie. If I try to add the new device (Neato - Upstairs Vacuum) it does not appear in my devices.

I cannot remove the Smartapp and I cannot remove the (null) device.

(Alex Lee) #356

Had this issue this morning when I changed WiFi network for my Neato.

Make sure you remove all smart apps associated with the old neato device so that the smart app tab is empty. Then see if null is removed.

If not then deleting smart app via the smartthings IDE worked. To do this, log into IDE, click Locations, then Installed Smartapps, then click Edit link and you should see an Uninstall link next to Neato Connect.

Difficult one to fix as it’s a pain to recreate.

(Alex Lee) #357

Came across this bug again. I think I might have fixed the null issue with 1.2.1d that I’ve just published.


Hi @Alyc100, thank you for writing this app. I’m installing it for the first time today and I ran into this error “java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method retainAll() on null object”. It is fixed after this line of code is commented out. I haven’t read through your code but I suspect that it’s because I don’t have a “selectedBotvacs” because this is the first time I install it. Maybe you need to check if it’s null before calling a method on it.

(Alex Lee) #359

You are right @aifreedom. Fixed in 1.2.1e. Thanks for spotting this.

(ilker Aktuna) #360

I don’t understand why nobbody is even replying to me…
I had thought that I made useful suggestions…
The author of the device handler & smart app seems to be very helpful and interested in problems of others. But he seems to not see my posts…
is there a problem with my posts ?

(Alex Lee) #361

Please understand that with full time job and family and more recently xmas holiday period that I can’t respond to every post. Please don’t take it personally. I have other device handlers and smart apps to maintain and update with less and less spare time as life goes on.

Your suggestions are always welcome, however I have to prioritise based on wider user usefulness whether I spend my spare time adding these functions in. Happy for you to hack and fork the code to make it work for your specific use cases.

The recent updates are mainly bug fixes to issues that have been around for a while.

(ilker Aktuna) #362

I am not trying to take it personally and I of course understand that you may not have the time to address every request. (even you might be so busy with job and family that you may not respond to any question)
but I see responses from you on other matters and no response to me. that makes me sad. You could have just tell that you’d look at that later.

I just made 2 requests;

  1. adding a presence capability so that it could trigger Core pistons when status is error.
  2. adding a “door open” condition to the schedule functionality.

for the 1st one, I solved the issue myself. If you approve, I can supply you the code that I added so that you can put on your main stream. I believe this is something required if people would like to act on error states using ST.

for the 2nd one, I wrote something in the smart app (Neato connect) but I am not sure it if will work. And I don’t know how to test it because the minimum time to start a program is 24 hours. (I posted the code I wrote for this on this thread)

If you have any suggestions, I’d appreciate.

(Stuart Smith) #363


Not sure if this is because of the update or not. But ever since the update, my Botvac D3 hasn’t been going back to the base if I stop it mid cycle. It has been going back near the dock, but isn’t docking, just getting the message saying put back on dock. Any chance this can be looked at?

(Alex Lee) #364

This behaviour will have nothing to do with the smart app. The smart app will send a dock command after the set auto dock time, but it’s the Neato botvac itself that controls whether it can dock properly or end up just near the dock.