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[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)


Ran the setup again. Login credentials were blank for whatever reason. Logged back in, set everything up. I’ve got two garage door openers now listed in S.T. So we will see what happens.


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(Brian) #1591

URGENT UPDATE: If you have this integration currently working, do not delete your existing doors!

At some point recently, the MyQ “get devices” call this SmartApp uses in the setup process to automatically grab the list of devices has changed somehow and is currently broken in this App.

If you delete your doors and try to go through setup again, it will not work in its current state.

I’m hopeful to figure out the change, but I have no idea at this point how long it might take to identify it and update the SmartApp to handle it. Will keep this thread updated.

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(Brian) #1592

I just pushed an update that should fix the setup issue. If you see errors saying no devices found, you’ll need to update your code and try again.

(phil) #1593

Just did and things are working again

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(Morgan) #1594

Brian, I’ve been using this code for years with my Craftsman gateway but controller in the door panel when bad, and i just replaced it w/ MyQ Chamberlain. I updated all of the device handlers and smartapp MyQ Lite, and it installed fine. It found my door, but after I finish the install in my app, it can’t says Something’s Wrong on that new device it added. And Error fetching device when i try to get its settings.

Any idea what i’m doing wrong ?

(Brian) #1595

Can you post the IDE live logging that happens with that error? And maybe some screenshots of whatever other errors you’re seeing?

(Guy Renard) #1596

Out of curiosity, would it be possible to access the motion sensor that turns on the light? Would be nice to take advantage of the installed motion sensor rather than buying another to check for motion in the garage. thanks!

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(Brian) #1597

As of now, that’s not exposed through their API. I agree it would be cool, though. If they ever add it, I’ll do the same.

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(steve stubbert) #1598

Sorry. I’m very confused about how to get myq to work with Google home through smart things. I downloaded smart things. Now what?

( - Make your home your butler!) #1599

@brbeaird a patch to consider, the URL’s are case sensitive, correcting the PUT url.

I’ve also noticed a few other optimizations that can be made and will be happy to suggest if you’re interested.

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(Brian) #1600

Awesome, thank you! I’ve merged it. Feel free to suggest any improvements you find - another set of eyes is always good.


New user here, just wanted to report in to say that setup went extremely smoothly and everything is working as expected, even with an ADT door/window sensor to track open/close status (that I got for 5 bucks).

Thank you!

( - Make your home your butler!) #1602

@brbeaird Here’s the first one Brian, the authentication setup needed a little rework. The code was logging in way too often (about 2.5 minutes) creating a load on the servers (token creation is a very expensive operation). It should only login when the token has expired ideally, however for now it’s been set to 24 hours or when the server indicates that the token has expired. That’s been handled now with a retry mechanism and better handling for API errors (can be expanded in future easily to incorporate more device codes etc).
Also indicating the code type in the header for folks who copy/paste into the IDE.

I had done this a few months ago and it’s been working here since but didn’t get a chance to commit the changes.


Garage Door only works when I have Smart Lock feature turned off (Create garage doors as door locks disabled). Whenever I try and enable as a smart lock it shows up as Garage Door Opener status UNKNOWN in the Smart Lock section and says above it “Cannot update lock status.” If I tap the UNKNOWN it changes to say LOCKING but never seems to do anything…I wait and nothing. If I back out and back in to the Smart Lock it says status UNKNOWN. I can’t see a way to program a PIN code. I’m using the new SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor with Gen 3 hub. I have Liftmaster 8550 opener. I have Liftmaster light modules and they work fine with Myq Lite. Communication with multipurpose sensor is good and battery on sensor is 91%. In the MyQ Lite I have both Contact Sensor and Acceleration Sensor enabled. I have updated to the latest MyQ version of parts. I have all parts installed except for Mementary Button Tile as I don’t think I need that. What do I need to do to make this work as a smart lock with PIN. When not set to Smart Lock then Alexa responds to “turn on the garage door opener.” I would really like to be able to secure this with a PIN. Please help.


Update: I got it to work. I didn’t do anything. Just left it for a few days and then when I looked again in the Alexa app it finally let me enter in a PIN code. That was not showing up before. Perhaps I just needed to let some DH or firmware self update or maybe the integration with Alexa takes time to get synchronized.

The only problem I’m seeing now is that with the new Samsung SmartThings app the garage opener status is stuck saying that it is opening. But in the Samsung Classic app it reports its status correctly. Is this something I can fix?

(Brian) #1605

Yeah the door lock capability is still very unreliable. No one can tell me exactly what SmartThings expects when it comes to locks, so making a virtual one is really tricky.

The SmartApp is not yet supported on the new app. Nothing we can do about that at the moment.

(Daniel) #1606

Is it possible at all to read the safety beam sensor state? I would love to set it up so that the garage auto-closes once the car has fully passed the safety beam sensor.

(Brian) #1607

That info is not exposed in their API as far as I can tell. If they ever add it, I’ll get it added here.

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(JimMay3) #1608

If you add this, pls make it disabled by default. Does safety codes have the sensors mounted fairly low? Thus, might see front tires pass and door possible start to close before car is in all the way? Could be a nice option, depending on your setup… Think I rather close it manually when I pass the button on the wall (knowing car is fully in and stopped and I’m not possibly going to get the mail or trash before wanting door to auto close automatically) …

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(Brian) #1609

By “get it added” I just mean find a way to add the state of the sensor itself. I have no plans for this SmartApp itself to ever handle open/close automations - this is just to expose the capability to routines, webCORE or wherever else.