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[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)


(Paul) #1550

Hey Brian, thanks for the code I’ve been using for a year now!

Currently I’m using sensor door device type since I attached a multi sensor on my garage door.

Now I just see the door lock type is also there (I know it’s been there long time ago but I just didn’t know what it’s for), just wondering what I should do to change my current garage switch type to the door lock type? Should I just add this door lock device type to ST and configure it or should I remove the sensor door device type and install this one?

Last question is if this door lock type can be accepted by Google assistant for opening (unlocking) and closing (locking)?

Thanks in advance!

(Sunny Nijjar) #1551

Thanks Brian for the update the issue I was having has been resolved

(Brian) #1552

The lock type is actually brand new in the last several days. Unless you just really want to try it, I’d suggest sticking with the basic sensor type you’re running now. If still want to try the lock type, just add the DTH and tap through setup again, choosing the “create locks” advanced option.

(Paul) #1553

Oops :joy: Guess I messed with the light control device type then

Would you mind giving more details why you would not suggest adding? Is it because the nature of the lock type breaking automations? Most of my automations are based on the status of the garage door and sending close command so I’d say would be safer for me

(Brian) #1554

Mostly just that it’s not well-tested, and I can’t promise it will work very smoothly, especially if you use the native Smart Locks app with other locks . More info is tracked on github here in case you’re curious.

It’s very much beta work-in-progress, but if you’re cool with that, then go for it.


If I update the DH and SmartApp via github, do I need to rerun the smartapp in the phone, delete the old devices the old SmartApp created, or both?

(Brian) #1556

Just re-run the SmartApp setup, choosing the lock option.

(George A Roberts IV) #1557

A bit off topic, but … interesting:

(Brian) #1558

I saw that. Makes more sense letting Amazon into your garage (where tons of people already have an integration) rather than letting them waltz into your front door :joy:

(Glen King) #1559

Looks great… except the chamberlain app won’t let me change to my gmail account. Gives an odd error that says the account is already in use.

(Glen King) #1560

Moved myQ to gmail. I never did load the universal translator, so I did it with Webcore. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow.

Edit: the google link to IFTTT needed to be deleted and reset.

(Glen King) #1561

Followup: it works well, at least this morning.

(Paul) #1562

Thanks a lot for the info! I appreciate your effort! Basically all I want is to secure my Google Home integration to the door, now my front door has no security at all except having a different name and open command than typical “garage door”. But since Google Assistant still does not support vocal PIN for locks that’s no call for me :disappointed_relieved:

Made a donation to you! Not much just a cup of coffee :wink:

(Brian) #1563

Don’t undersell yourself - a flat white goes a long way for me :slightly_smiling_face: - I appreciate it!

I have to imagine they’ll add support at some point because Alexa has it. Once they do, that should fix this for you.

(Robert Halley) #1564

Did you ever figure this out? My experience was similar but was due to a faulty Liftmaster wall button. It would ghost open and close. I replaced that and all is well

(Tanya Sawrie) #1565

That’s been almost a year ago but if I recall, I replaced the tilt.
I swear I need to keep better notes!

(Glen King) #1566

In trying to migrate my account to a different email, I’m encountering an error in saving the new configuration. It says to contact the author.

Should I delete and then reinstall the app?

(Brian) #1567

Maybe make sure you’ve got the latest version first. You could also open the Live logging in the IDE to get a more detailed error. Otherwise, deleting and reinstalling might help.

(Adrian) #1568

@brbeaird just noticed that my main fav screen icon isn’t being refreshed, I just updated app/handler, but it didn’t fix it:

(Brian) #1569

What happens if you hit that refresh button? That should force a sync with the sensor. Also may help if you tap through the SmartApp setup process once after updating.