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[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)


(Bill Wolfe) #1489

When I build my house I installed regular LiftMaster garage door openers. A few years later I wanted to control them via my phone so I purchased and installed a MyQ Internet Gateway and new wall switches which gave me that capability.

About 6 months ago I purchased a SmartThings Hub and have been automating my home since. With that said, I wanted the ability to control my garage doors using my ST Routines, SHM, etc… I came across Brian’s SmartApp and purchased some Monoprice Door/Window Sensors.

Mounted them on door hinges and have been nothing but satisfied since.

(JimMay3) #1490

Never had any issues for well over a year until you started this multi door update, been updating thru the repository when I noted updates, have never had to rerun the setup, is this something new?

(JimMay3) #1491

Re-ran setup @brbeaird and all good, thanks. First status update since Nov 30…

(Brian) #1492

Ok good - sorry about that; was likely caused by this…

There is a known issue with SmartApps where dynamic select lists (ex: list of MyQ doors to choose from) does not get purged of old list items behind the scenes. This was causing issues for some people when their MyQ setup changed, which caused nasty errors preventing setup from completing.

In fixing that bug, I had to change the way I’m keeping track of which doors are selected with a separate variable. Going forward, it ensures the SmartApp has an updated and clean list of devices to work with.

My guess is that code bricked some older setups that hadn’t gone through the setup process in awhile to populate that new clean variable. I thought the code would handle that, but it wasn’t something I could easily test. Good news is it’s a one-time easy fix.

(Hal) #1493

Helpful, thanks.

Since you started from a regular door opener, I believe the MyQ gateway has no ability to tell if your doors are open or closed, is that correct?

It’s probably obvious to others but I can’t figure out how and where you attached the open/close sensor. Does the larger part stay in a fixed position while the small part rides up and down the door? I’m missing something…

Update: I think maybe I see it now. Did You attach a hinge to the garage door? After staring at the pictures more, it looks like the small part of the sensor is attached to a hinge and large part to the door directly. When the door is up, the hinge falls away separating the sensor parts to give an open event. Is that it?

(JimMay3) #1494

Being from the cold north, the small expensive watch type batteries in most sensors simply don’t hold up in the weather. The best solution I have found was to convert the TILTZWAVE2-ECO over to two regular AA batteries. I use this on my mailbox sensor too.

The TILTZWAVE2-ECO can still be pickup for $18-$25 on Ebay. For about $2 more, you can get an electrical box and battery holder to complete the mod, this will upgrade your power capacity x 10. I haven’t had batt issues since install over 2 years now. Plus AA are very cheap.

This allows an easy mount at the top of the door, staying away from all the door hinging and cables, plus triggers as soon as the door goes up and ensures close is not indicated till full down.

(Bill Wolfe) #1495

That’s it! Works great!

All I know is before I started with ST and Brian’s App all I had was what is pictured (the gateway and new “buttons”). It never missed an open/close or displayed incorrect status. After reading through the forum my gut told me i would be better off getting Z-Wave sensors and installing them to work with the App. This also allowed me to incorporate the sensor(s) itself into other routines, scenes, SHM, etc.

(Hal) #1496

Thanks a bunch, Bill.

As soon as I get a chance I’m going to set up the Community installer and have a go at MyQ Lite without additional sensors.

(Scott Ainsworth) #1497

Give that a try, but I’m guessing you will want sensors. The app works great for me (Happy user here). I use the monoprice tilt sensor. Its the same as the ECO one mentioned above. Its easy, cheap, and works well

(Hal) #1498

Thanks. I expect so, too. It’s kind of annoying that I have these expensive door openers that obviously have sensors of some kind but that refuse to play nice with others.

(Rich) #1499

I am using the chamberlain/liftmaster door with the built in MyQ gateway and it works perfectly and has for ever for me, no issues what so ever. I use a monoprice tilt sensor which has reported correctly I would say 99% of the time. (occasionally need to manually cycle the door from the opener in the garage when incorrectly reported).

I agree that you will want a sensor otherwise door status is not reported.

(Scott Ainsworth) #1500

No arguments here.

(JimMay3) #1501

From what I have heard, you can blame STs for not wanting to, as all others have, meet Chamberlain’s requirements for integration, these two companies just won’t play nice with each other. Thus, us the customer suffers…

(Hal) #1502

Chamberlain’s requirement for integration seem to include us customers paying Chamberlain a monthly or annual fee for the privilege of operating our doors using anything other than their app.

From what I’m reading, you can query and close doors using Google or IFTTT, but you can’t open a door with anything other than their app (or the RF remote of course)

And “all others” currently excludes Amazon Alexa in addition to SmartThings.

(JimMay3) #1503

Chamberlin does not authorize any verbal or automated commands to open door, but allows all partnered companies to have full open, close and monitoring commands via the partners app.

Chamberlain’s app currently shows link capability to 8 partners, of which 5 require some sort or subscription. The other 3 (Nest, Wink and Xfinity Hone) list no subscriptions required.

When my Chraftman (Chamberlin myQ OEM) unit dies, if Chamberlin has not gotten a ST partnership, then either ST or myQ is gone, will look for two companies that play well together or a company offering a full solution.

Not happy with STs integration on the new app, why old customers have to wait to be updated, have a new samsung tv that can run ST, but only it on new app.

Sorry to get off topic, but been with ST since early days, thought samsung would take to next level, but simply not so, that are simply lost or not sure what they got into.

(Hal) #1504

So any app that can be automated is blocked from opening the door(s). Stupid, stupid, stupid!

I’ve got Nest connected to MyQ app but all I have from Nest are cameras so the linkage consists of opening the Nest app on my phone (not even going to the selected camera). Lame.

(Hal) #1505

OK, here I am, about where I thought I’d be.

I set up the Community Installer, added MyQ Lite from it, and ran thru the MyQ Lite setup.

When I got to the settings page to select sensors, it said “you can’t currently add this” for both the Contact and Acceleration Sensor boxes.

Assuming that’s actually right since I don’t have any sensors, I clicked Next for each of my two doors.

So now I have a tile for each door but, as expected, there’s no door state. The open and close buttons work and the “opening” or “closing” state shows up.

But without an add-on sensor, all I’ve got is a different method of remotely opening and closing my doors but without knowing their state. Which means I can’t do any automation (if door is closed and it’s after 11pm… oh wait, can’t tell if door is closed…).

Not your fault, Brian! I continue to lay the blame on Chamberlain for their obtuseness.

Now I need to decide if I need to “throw more money at the problem” by buying a sensor for each door. Sigh.

(Brian) #1506

Not blocked, exactly - the functionality is just not in their native app. Fortunately for us, the API is accessible so we build unofficial automations around it. I’m honestly totally fine with the way things are - at least now I can pretty much get exactly what I want, even if it means an extra step or two; my fear with an “official” integration would be an “easier” to use setup but more limited functionality.

Yes, not having sensors will severely limit the usefulness - it stinks, but it’s what we have to deal with. While it feels like wasting money at first, the payoff once you have everything in place is pretty huge.

(Hal) #1507

The Android app from Chamberlain can open and close doors as well as show state. It, obviously, can’t be automated.

(JimMay3) #1508

@HalD, by automated they mean you can not have it open a door via an automated routine or schedule, like an automation button that performs multiple tasks upon arriving home or setting a time. Just as Alexa is blocked from opening a door via verbal command. For obvious reasons, you wouldn’t want a thief to yell in your windows “Alexa Open Garage Door”.

That just what Chamberlain has chosen for partners to abide by. Just not sure why they choose to give some companies full access, others access with a fee, and some just back door access.

Even Chamberlians app will not let you automate the opening of the door either, it will allow scheduling a closing, so that’s just the way they feel about allowing opening doors.