[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)


(Brian) #1429

Yes, that should do it.

(Bill Wolfe) #1430

That fixed my issues of not being able to control the doors from the My Home screen. It also fixed the issue with my webCoRE piston. Now I can tap them and they as they should. Thank you!

(jkp) #1431

I have had the new device handler installed for 1.5 hours now and it hasn’t gone unavailable. Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Bill Wolfe) #1432

:frowning_face: I’m not sure what to do…? I’ve run the Z-Wave Repair Utility 3 times in hopes of solving this, but it doesn’t appear to help. This morning when they were unavailable I went to each device and operated it and it resolved the issue. That’a not the case now.

(Brian) #1433

Do you have Device Health turned on? If so, could you try turning that off? I have no idea what “Unavailable” really means in the classic app anyway.

What does it look like if you click on one of those Unavailable doors?

(Bill Wolfe) #1434
  • Yes, I have device health turned on. I’ll turn it off

  • When I click on it, it appears as usual but has a grey bar across the top that says it’s unavailable. It still seems to operate.

I went in to take a screen shot for you and now they are all “available”? I don’t know enough about ST to give you much to go on… All I know is everything was great after the new DH this morning. There was a funky instance that appeared to be widespread in the community where I couldn’t view my devices for about 30 minutes. Everything appeared fine after that, then when I opened ST I was greeted with “unavailable” again for two doors. Now, (one hour later) all is good again…

(jkp) #1435

My GD is unavailable again. :frowning:

(Bill Wolfe) #1436

Just feedback: Woke up this morning and I still have all of my doors. Device health has been off since last night at Brian’s recommendation.

(Brian) #1437

Sorry you guys are having trouble. I hate that I can’t reproduce on my end.

At @storageanarchy’s suggestion, I just pushed another small update to the device handler to try and resolve the “unavailable” issue. I’m about 98% sure it’s caused by me adding the “Health Check” capability to the handlers, and something related to that isn’t working correctly. It was one of the things I added to improve support for the new ST app, but if it keeps causing trouble for people, I’ll just remove it altogether until I get it sorted out.

(Bill Wolfe) #1438

I still appear to be OK at this point on my end. Will it be of any assistance if I stay on the current version with health off and report status?

(Barry) #1439

IMHO, and as a collaborator of Brian’s on MyQ Lite, it would be great if you could get Brian’s latest and then re-enable Health Check. You can always disable Health Check if it still doesn’t work. If you do try the new version, just let Brian know if it does or doesn’t work.

(Bill Wolfe) #1440

Sorry for the delayed response - family arrived today…

OK, I’ll get the DH upgraded to the latest and see what happens with device health turned on. I’ll report my results.

For the record - I am currently having no issues and everything seems flawless from the last update since I turned health off.

(Bill Wolfe) #1441

I just updated the DH and turned on device health. As soon as I opened ST, this is what I had:

I included a screenshot of the device itself this time… I turned device health off and the unavailable went away. The doors are operating.

(Barry) #1442

It would be great if you could turn on Device Health again after you have had the new code installed for a few hours. Than open and close the doors, and then wait for another 3 hours - and THEN check if they are still marked as bad.

I know, that can sound silly, but the way that device health works, it can take a bit to get things synchronized for devices that otherwise Report no activity for 12-24 hours.

(Bill Wolfe) #1443

Ok, It’s on now. All doors were unavailable. I went into each device and operated it, as soon as I did they all became “available”. I’ll monitor status through the day and report back.

(Brian) #1444

Alright, I did some more digging into this today, and it looks like the health check capability is just not quite ready for 3rd party apps like this one. I have removed it for now and pushed new versions of the handlers. Could you update your code and see if that helps?

(Bill Wolfe) #1445

Updated DH per your request. For what it’s worth I had two doors showing UNAVAILABLE again before I did…
Thanks to all for the ideas, persistence, and hard work. I’ll report my results. All (5) doors appear to be working now.

(Bill Wolfe) #1446

I’m having trouble with my doors responding today. I don’t know if it’s the new DH (installed last night) or an issue with the MyQ server. It’s taking several attempts to get the doors to operate. Nothing consistent.

(Bill Wolfe) #1447

I’m thinking there were some MyQ issues. Initial indications this morning appear everything is back to 100% operational.

(Bryan Arnold) #1448

Just wanted to drop a line in and say great work! Easy install and working great! This is coming from a day-2 user of Smartthings.