[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)


(Brian) #1366

Yes, doorstate is there, and the original implementation of this SmartApp used it. However, the only way to get it was to poll MyQ servers every few minutes to keep things in sync, and eventually MyQ and SmartThings blocked us from doing that. I created this SmartApp in response to that so we could still have the same functionality as long as we brought our own sensor.


Hey which sensor are you guys buying for the garage doors? Which works best? Thanks!

(Sunny Nijjar) #1368

This is the current tilt senor

(Todd Becker) #1369

Is this assuming that the standard garage door opener device handler is installed (published) in addition to the ‘no sensors’ version?

(Todd Becker) #1370

Any reason not to use the newest Smartthings Multipurpose Sensor that is $10 cheaper (I need 2, so $20 and yes, I see it is not currently in stock)?

Amazon - Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor [GP-U999SJVLAAA] Door & Window Sensor

(Erik) #1371

I am using the old version of the SmartThings multipurpose sensor on both my doors without any issue, so I would assume that it will work fine.

(Allan) #1373

No reason not to use the new multi sensor but I will second using the EcoLink one. Extremely reliable, been using one for almost two years on the stock battery and it still shows 100%. One of the few Z-Wave devices I have that has never dropped off the network or went unavailable.

(Allan) #1374

Any update to get the DTH to work in the new app? I’ve tried a couple things (adding ofc code, etc) but I cannot figure this one out.

(George P.) #1375

I have been wondering the same thing as I keep getting prompts to update to the new app but I don’t want to lose this functionality.


You mean update to a Samsung account. No one is being forced to use the new app, yet.

(Jay Marshall Wolman) #1377

Brian, I have a question (and thank you for developing this). I originally had a standalone MyQ device with its own sensors that would open and close my two garage doors; I understand your code can’t use those sensors and I’d need z-wave sensors.

However, I recently replaced one of my door openers with a new model that has MyQ built in–this one doesn’t rely on an external sensor to determine if the door is open or closed. Does your code work with the internal sensor? Should I just go with the “no sensor” version if I’m not planning on buying additional sensors?


(Brian) #1378

Nope, SmartThings can’t get the door status directly from MyQ no matter which door version. You’re right - if don’t want separate sensors, the no-sensor version of the door should be fine for you.

(Jay Marshall Wolman) #1379

Thank you. I wasn’t sure.
I also use https://github.com/jbnunn/Alexa-MyQGarage on AWS Lambda to control MyQ via Alexa. That code can poll the “doorstate” attribute. I’m sure it must be based on the implementation, but if it gives you any ideas on how to make it work with the native sensor, cool.

(Brian) #1380

Yes, there are other solutions out there that do polling; the original implementation here also did polling, but MyQ does not like that, so when they see a large amount of polling traffic from a single source, they eventually move to shut it down.

(Bill Wolfe) #1382

Just installed SmartApp and Device Handler. WOW! Thank You! It’s a shame they don’t already have direct integration with ST. But, I sure am glad there are people like you who are willing to solve a common issue for all of us.

(Bill Wolfe) #1383

I think I read (somewhere in this thread… it’s a long read) that this is limited to 4 doors. Is that still the case? Any mod for 5 doors if it is…? Just asking I’m not complaining and appreciate what I’m able to accomplish with this. I’ll just have 1 door left out…:confused:

(Brian) #1384

Yes, it’s currently limited to 4, but I don’t mind modifying it to add another slot or two. I’ll see if I can get to that in the next week or so.

Ideally, it would be dynamic and not care how many doors you have, but I couldn’t find an elegant way to do that.

(Bill Wolfe) #1385

That would be awesome! I don’t want to come across a selfish or unappreciative. You have made my system 100% better as it is. It would be nice to control that last door though…

How will I know if/when you are able to accomplish this?

Thanks again!

(Bill Wolfe) #1386

OK… I’m having trouble with my open/close sensors. They are just too far away to be reliable… My doors operate every time, but, the switches are hit and miss on returning the correct status.

I see two options:

  1. Move to the DH for no sensors. What are the disadvantages to moving to the DH with no door sensors?
  2. Try to install a repeater. I don’t know the pros/cons of it…

Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

(Brian) #1387

I’d go the repeater route. Are they z-wave? Could you add a repeating z-wave device or two in between the doors and the other nearest z-wave device? Should be able to extend the mesh.

You could switch to the no-sensor version, but you do lose some features like the ability to set up automations via native routines.