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[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)


(Felix Pau) #1346

Retried with no-sensors on all 3. Got 4th page to load.

Now I’m wondering if the 340E needs to be configured differently.

edit: Oddly enough I went into the web interface, changed DH, went through the MyQ lite adding process and lo and behold it’s associated. But still loads nothing on page 4. Shrugs as long as it works.

(JR) #1347

Can some help me. I can open door in smarthings, but I can close door. The MYQ beeps and the light flashes, but does not close.

(JR) #1348

Can you help me? I have the garage door in Smartthings. I see the status. I can open the door, but I can close it. The MyQ box beeps & flashes, but will not open. Then if I go into the MYQ app it gives me a error and tells me to reset the door by closings from the wall switch.

(Rich) #1349

Maybe the safety sensors at the bottom of the door are mis-aligned or blocked?
All I can think of since it appears to be affecting the MyQ app as well.

The beeps and lights happen anytime you remotely close the door(safety reasons) which is what this app is mimicking.

(Adrian) #1350

Can an update be able to include option to show the ST icon “blue” when closed & “white” when open? Like the front door lock does?

Here is pic:

(Brian) #1351

Yes. I’ll see if I can get to that this week.

(Adrian) #1352

I edited line 49 to #00a0dc, now it changed “closed” to blue:

It looks better on my screen matching the door lock icon when closed/locked. I was thinking of making “open” into white, but I’ll leave it the way you have it, Orange… it sticks out more which is good.

Just was wondering if you could have it as some kind of user option.

I only was able to figure out how to edit it from someone who helped me on a FB ST group lol but honestly enjoyed messing around with it. Wish I knew how to program myself! I have no idea how he figured out which line & the code for the actual blue color!

(Brian) #1353

I’ve committed this change to the repo code. Thanks for the reminder and the color code - pretty soon you’ll submit your own pull request and get your name in as an official contributor :slight_smile:


Great update with the color code! Is it just me or does it take a very long time for the door to close once the button is pushed? I feel like it takes forever, then the garage door beeps then it eventually shuts but I am sitting in the driveway waiting for it to close for a good while before it actually closes…


Logs showing the error below when using the SmartApp. It has been working fine for a long time prior to today. Anyone else experiencing similar issue?

error Internal Server Error @line 824 (apiPut)

Opening and closing work when using the MyQ app itself.

(Rich) #1356

That is because it has to flash and beep for I believe 10 seconds before attempting to close the door, It does this for safety reasons as it assumes you are away and needs to warn anyone around the door that it is about to close.
This custom app and dht mimic the safety options of the opener.

Open will not experience the same lag as it does not need to warn anyone.

(Brian) #1357

Can you check and make sure you’ve got the latest version of the SmartApp code?


Thanks. It was up to date but I added a new instance and its working again. Thanks for your response.


Hi all -

Quick question here, all of a sudden my ST app says the door is open (the sensor and the device says open) but the door is closed and the MYQ standalone app correctly says it is closed. I can still open and close it but seems like it was reversed for some reason. I looked on the IDE and seems my app and device handlers are all up to date. Any ideas?


(Brian) #1360

The SmartApp just takes whatever value the sensor shows. Maybe pull the battery out and back in for the sensor?

(Rich) #1361

Open it and close it via the physical button(hard wired) in the garage. This should fix it.
Happens very rarely but that always resolves the issue for me and possibly for you as well.

(Frank) #1362

I’ve been lurking here since a week after I bought myq and discovered it didn’t integrate with Alexa, Very frustrating. The main reason I’d like to use this code is so that I can control things from one app and not have to have several apps open to do one thing, from my phone.

I don’t have the recommended Ecolink Intelligent Technology Z-Wave Garage Door Tilt Sensor and will currently be using only the sensor that came with the myq garage door opener hub thingy. The other reason I’d want to use code like this is so that I can include the garage door or the myq in routines.

For instance, I have 3 door locks in my home that I have set up in a routine to lock at a certain time of day, (trying to use my ecobee sensors to lock the doors when there is no motion but that’s another issue I haven’t yet figured out). With this app I would like to know if I can include the myq in a routine and have the garage door close (without using the Ecolink Intelligent Technology Z-Wave Garage Door Tilt Sensor) or do I have it installed so that Alexa can see it?

Oh and btw thanks to all you who have contributed to the code here. Even though I haven’t used it I really do appreciate all the work you people have done. I’d really like to figure out step by step how to do this (I’m very cautious as I don’t want to break anything) and then make a youtube video on how to. I have searched youtube for months and can’t seem to find a good how to that will include or add a new device (code) from here (this site) and make something work.


(Brian) #1363

The sensor included with the MyQ device will not directly work with SmartThings. That said, you can still use this SmartApp with it using the “No-sensor” version of the door device handler. I would recommend you choose the push button option in the SmartApp setup. Then, you can reference the on/off push buttons in routines.

(Jnabors97) #1364

I may be mistaken or missing something here. Just installed the MyQ app and the MyQ Lite smart app and and the device handler for the sensor version. It keeps telling me that there is a problem when I list my gen 3 ST Multisensor that’s setup to use with a garage as an acceleration sensor. If I list it as a contact sensor everything works fine. Is a contact sensor required?

(James M) #1365

@brbeaird Question: The “doorState” value of the v4 MyQ APIs seems to correctly represent the status of my door (I have a LiftMaster 8550W opener with built in MyQ support) – for example, the Home Assistant component is able to correctly show state without any additional sensor. The MyQ DTH/SmartApp don’t appear to use this value to show state? Would it be possible to add this?

I think these are the valid states of the “doorstate” attribute:

doorState Description
1 open
2 closed
3 stopped in the middle
4 going up
5 going down
9 not closed

…or is there a different reason another a dedicated sensor is required here?