[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)


(Adrian) #1325

I’ll be getting it installed by sears soon, I’ll post pack once I have connected the WiFi & test.

What I do know about the new smart craftsman is that linear/gocontrol Zwave opener modules need to be physically hacked to make it work. I don’t want to buy $100 addon & break the warrenty, so I’m hoping this smartapp here works for me.

(David L Waters) #1326

Complete novice here. I’ve loaded all the files in the IDE and it shows MyQ “active”. But, on the app, it shows “Checking status”.

Thanks for any help!

(jkp) #1327

Your image shows you are using the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app. Custom code only works in the SmartThings Classic app at this point :slight_smile: you should download the Classic app and login with the same username/password that you use on the STSC app and you will be able to use the MyQ app and your garage door will show correctly as a device.

(David L Waters) #1328

Thanks, jkp! I loaded the Classic app and we are up and running. For the record, setup was very sluggish and I thought it had timed out, but just let it go and it finally got everything straightened out. I am running the app on iOS 11.4.1.

(Adrian) #1330

I just added Zwave tilt sensor, waiting for my craftsman smart garage opener to get installed next week, in the meantime I’m trying to get all my apps ready to go…

Which one of those do I check?? The instructions say “both”, but there are more than 2.

(jkp) #1331

Item #2. Install instructions and explanation for each device handler you see listed in the following link.

(Adrian) #1332

Thx, only thing I didn’t find in link was an explanation for the virtual sensor handler… Would there be any reason why I would need that? What are the benifits of using that one?

(Brian) #1333

Unless I’m totally blanking on things here, I don’t believe the virtual contact sensor is associated with this SmartApp.

(Adrian) #1334

It’s in the screenshot above, It’s the 4th down out of the 5 listed in the repo.

(Brian) #1335

That screenshot is from the IDE, though, right? And that’s not the brbeaird repository, that’s from ph4r’s repo. The only device handlers this app uses are the four listed here: https://github.com/brbeaird/SmartThings_MyQ

(Adrian) #1336

Ph4r? Hmm I only added your repo info in the IDE github integration from your repo instructions. Not sure how or why the virtual thing is there lol weird

(Brian) #1337

Ok weird, I see that now. Apparently I did have it under my repo, but I have no memory of why! I have removed it from the repo. Thanks!

(Adrian) #1338

I’ll be posting back if my craftsman 57918 works fine, my only concern is if there will be issues with the stock “smart wall button” working as intended after syncing with myq lite & ST.

The button has temp display, backup battery display, & motion sensor to trigger light.

Edit- I just realized my wallbutton didn’t come with the LCD display… I’ll have no idea how to moniter backup battery.

(Rich) #1339

It should have no bearing on the wall unit itself. Let me know if I am incorrect though.

(Adrian) #1340

It Works on the new craftsman!!!

2 more questions:

Q 1) How do I control the lights separately from the automatic open/close of door? Obviously the lights do work when the opener gets activated, but just wanted to see if you could work them separately from the opening/closing function.

Q 2) in screen shot above what is that 3rd panel down supposed to display? It showing just a “- -“?

(Rich) #1341

If you are referring to the lights inside the motor unit, I believe those cannot be controlled except for at the wall unit and when the door opens/closes.

I believe the “Light” control would be some other smart light… not the head unit lights.

Please someone correct me if I am wrong.

(Jason) #1342

Thanks for the help! Would this enable me to open and close the door through routines? For example, I set up a routine for “goodbye” and all locks engage and all lights turn off but my garage door stays open. Sensor issue or something else?

(Rich) #1343

Yes it works with the goodbye routine, you must use the close garage door opener virtual switch that should have been created not the garage door button.

(Brian) #1344

If you don’t have a SmartThings-compatible sensor on the door, you won’t be able to reliably control it via routines using the open/close function. As @Ex70s said, you should be able to use the on/off functions, though.

With sensors, you can use the “Open” or “close” routine commands, and they work great.

(Felix Pau) #1345

I got everything up and running without sensors for a few weeks. Finally got a few of the contact sensors (MCT-340E) in, just put up the first one. Went to change the DH and realized in the app I couldnt update the associated sensor. So I went ahead, removed the door thinking I can re-add the door that I just removed.

Go into the MyQ Lite app, tried to add the door, went through all 3 doors. After I press next, it spins, then loads an empty page. I hit save - “error bad state”.

Ok, so for the sake of removing other variables, I remove the other 2 doors. Remove the app then re-add. Go through the log-in, see my doors, add the doors. For door 1, I add the contact sensor, go through the other 2 doors with nothing. 4th page, nothing again. Save - “error bad state”.

For the interest of figuring out if i mis-configured my sensor, I go back through the install, no contact sensors on all 3. Get to page 4. Still empty. Save - still error bad state.

MCT-340E is using the SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor DH.
MyQ app is up to date.

What have I done wrong?