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[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)


(jkp) #1264

Look in Automation: Smartapps. When you say my apps, I have the feeling you are going to marketplace: Smartapps: my apps.

(Knctrnl) #1265

I am looking in Automation/smartapps then all the way at the bottom I see “My Apps”.
I see my homebridge and my Nest Manager.

I did notice that in the IDE under My SmartApps the MyQ Lite text is green and the homebridge items text is black.

Not sure what the colors of the items in the smartthings IDE mean.

(jkp) #1266

Color coding:

Can you take a screenshot, there should not be a my apps in Automation: smartapps


Has anyone else noticed their My Q not responding to commands? Recently I have noticed that when I initiate a routine that calls for the garage door to open (I don’t have it close automatically) it doesn’t always respond like it used to. Just wondered if anyone else is seeing this.

(Knctrnl) #1268

(jkp) #1269

Did you add the device handlers in IDE?

(Knctrnl) #1270

I did

(Knctrnl) #1271

I just noticed the device handler for Garage Door Opener was not published.
I published it and im not seeing a difference.

(jkp) #1272

Are you logging into IDE @

(Knctrnl) #1273

Ok so I have different stuff at that link

I was going to
What is the difference?

(jkp) #1274

There are multiple shards and if you are new to ST you would not be on the url you were using. If you install on the wrong shard, you will never see them.

The url I posted above will forward you to your correct shard.

(Knctrnl) #1275

Yeah I used it several years ago and I think i was selecting a link from autocomplete in my browser.

(Matt) #1276

My MyQ has stopped working sometime in the last 24 hours. The chamberlain app works but not the integration. Checked the smartapp and device handlers. Rebooted the hub, gateway, sever, etc. Live logging shows:

Logging in to MyQ…
Login response code: 200
Successfully connected to MyQ

Ideas? Anyone else?

(Nicolas Vincent) #1277

Yes, same here.
Had the sensor version installed given I have a tilt sensor on the garage door.
I had to select “create buttons” in the MyQ smartapp and reconfigure everything.
Just for clarity I kept the same sensor version but simply created the buttons to be able to control the door.

(Matt) #1278

Mine still isn’t working. Republished the app in ide. Logged into the app again on my phone. Nothing works. Just sits at retrieving devices. I’d say it’s pooched. Can still use the chamberlain app.


Mine is dead also since yesterday. Republished the app in IDE also. The app won’t recognize my username/password.

(Brian) #1280

I wish I knew what was going on with those that have stopped working. Mine still works well - unless the issue becomes reproducible for me, I’m limited in being able to troubleshoot it.

There’s definitely no reason for the push buttons to work and the normal sensor version of the door to not work - both methods are sending the exact same request to MyQ.


Are you able to log in? This is the error I get when I log in.

(Rich) #1282

Mine works still also, wish I could be more of a help.

Just wanted you to know that this issue is not affecting everyone.


Mine also stopped working. I noticed there are 2 different webpages the smartthings smart app is using. 1 page for Chamberlain and Liftmaster devices, and 1 page for Craftsman devices. I wonder if this is the reason some people are having problems while others aren’t. My device is still not working and I’m using a chamberlain device. Anyone else with Chamberlain devices still have their door working? How about the craftsman people?