[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

webCore can do this with a command delay, but now one door would open +delay after the other.

Worth a try if you have webCore already or are adventurous. It’s a bit programmy.

That’s weird. I’m pretty sure I’ve been able to open both of mine at the same time before. It’s been awhile, though. I’ll try it when I get a chance. I can’t think of a reason why MyQ wouldn’t allow it.

Note the Z-Wave Plus version is actually cheaper right now.

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Hello Brbeaird - I just noticed that the MyQ Lite SmartApp is no longer pulling in the Smart Light that I have setup within MyQ to ST. I updated the MyQ Lite SmartApp to the 10/28/17 version - but still no luck. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much…

I have lost the ability to control my door. I first noticed it about 3 days ago

Is the smartapp for it up-to-date in IDE? There was an update that was released 27 days ago.

I’m new to this, I haven’t even installed my new Liftmaster 8500 opener yet.
I have read some post here, but it I’m still not clear about, if do I need or not the MyQ internet gateway.

Hello all,

So is the Virtual Contact Sensor concept dead? I followed these instructions: [RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain) but I haven’t been able to complete the steps in MyQ Lite setup using it. I get “Error - bad state. Unable to complete page configuration.”

I don’t need immediate status updates, so 10+ minute delays of IFTTT isn’t a problem for me. I’m also backed up by MyQ notifications.

Worst case scenario, I’ll break down and us a tilt sensor, but rather save the sensor for something else.

Thanks in advance.

I was doing something the other day when I received that same error message in the last page of the save which is a blank page. I was switching my Contact sensor to a Tilt sensor (St multi purpose).

What I realized in the end was that if I didn’t have the device in as a Contact sensor it would fail to allow a save. Even though it will actually save.

In the end, when I put the sensor in as a contact sensor and a Tilt Sensor, the saving in the app was successful.

Does that sound similar to what you did and had the contact sensor left blank?

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I was using the type/device handler created by @ph4r “Virtual Contact Sensor Switch”.

I just figured out the issue. I still had the No Sensor handler assigned to the garage door type. I’ve just updated it and I’m working now. Thanks for jogging that thought for me.


Following up on this as it looks like it hasn’t been changed in the code yet @brbeaird

Thanks for the reminder. I just pushed a code change that updates the color of "closed"to white.

I don’t get the white logic but I will hold out with the old code until I stop working and am forced to update. :slight_smile:

@ brbeaird

Thank you for the work that went into this great app - after running both for over a week - I just today uninstalled the Liftmaster MyQ app from my phone. I have actually found that SmartThings pushes notifications faster - it is a marginal difference but still faster.

How difficult would it be for the SmartApp to provide the same “Closed/Open for xx minutes” information as provided by the MyQ Android app? I realize functionally this is not terribly important, but I did like seeing this information without looking at the history and doing the math myself. Off the top of your head - simple implementation or something more involved?


I’m getting a "Could not find any supported device(s). Please report to author about [the devices.[] error, in the MyQ:Lite app. What am I doing wrong?

I forgot to publish the MyQ:Lite SmartAPP - so I had the new handler but the 2016 version of the SmartAPP. Once I published the 2017 version of the SmartAPP, it worked. It’s working! Sorry if I wasted anyone’s time …

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I’m glad you mentioned this, @JovenSmith . I didn’t even realize this was missing. I originally had a Last Activity timestamp that was removed many months ago. I made an update today that puts it back. One limitation is that I can only do a time stamp. I can’t do the nice “Close/Open for X minutes” like the MyQ app does because that would require the SmartThings app to dynamically update a value every time you open it in the app. As far as I know, there’s no good way to trigger that.


Thank you! This is great!

You … are awesome lol. This is one of very few times I’ve installed/tested something that just worked as advertised. Followed your instructions from your Git hub and in less than 10 minutes everything was working. Great work, and thank you for this!

One question, does anyone know why this wouldn’t show up in Google Home devices under Smart Things? Typically anything I add to SmartThings just shows up in my Google Home Devices list under Home Control but for some reason the Garage Door Opener only shows up under the Smart Things app. Any ideas?