[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

Worked! Thanks!

Using this SmartApp and need to install a sensor. I have a NYCE Tilt and a GoControl Contact sensor at my disposal. I’d prefer to use the Tilt and keep the contact for another (regular) door… but I don’t understand how to add the Tilt in the app… App options are Contact or Acceleration. Thx

Set the tilt sensor up as a thing and get is working showing the open/close staus in ST.

Then run through the set up of MyQ Lite again in SmartApps under Automation in the ST app. Select Next > Select the door you want to change>on the third page and next> in the Optional Sensor and Push Buttons, select the the tilt sensor in the contact sensor section. Then next and save. That should get you going with the sensor.

Has anyone gotten this to work via Google Home. I am able to control my MyQ enabled garage doors with this app (no sensor). A push button device for each garage door appears in my list of things, but they do not appear in my Google Home list of devices.

Also, when using webCoRE, I do not see how to add the garage “things” to a piston. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is there a way to add them to a virtual switch or something similar.

Thanks in advance.

I am trying to integrate my garage door into Smartthings, but I’m confused about exactly what I need. I have an Iris contact sensor on the side if the garage door which hasn’t been working reliably like it does on the normal interior doors. I was looking into getting the tilt sensor instead. My garage door opener says MyQ on it but will I need to buy the MyQ internet gateway for any of this to work, or would I need to get the linear or Iris garage door controller? I see there are options for “with or without sensors”, is that relating to factory installed things, or what I install myself (tilt sensor). I have a Google Home and most of the function talk is about Alexa. Can someone lead me on the correct path?

I have the Chamberlain MYQ with builtin WI-FI. It pretty much worked until I moved from the V2 hub to the ADT Hub. I installed MyQ Lite and it seems to work except it does not report the status change. It remains in “opening” or "closing?

Are you using this with an additional open/close sensor associated to it?

No, it has its own sensor built in if I remember right. It always reported
fine on the v2 hub

With the MyQ Lite you are going to need an additional ST compatible sensor for it to report open/closed correctly…

Go back up this thread to 11 days ago and read from there.

I have the MyQ Garage and use the MyQ Lite SmartApp as well and I use a SmartThings Multipurpose sensor for my contact sensor. You will configure this in the MyQ Lite App.

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Yes, works just fine with my Google Home, I linked it to IFTTT and also installed the tilt sensor and programed a specific phrase to open and close the garage door, it works much better than I expected.

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I am trying to login to the MyQ Lite smartapp, and when I select my garage door tilt sensor and click next, it goes to a blank page with next on the top right. When I click next it gives a red error saying “bad state”. Anyone know why?

Hello, I have the MyQ Smart Garage Hub which has the communication hub and position sensor. Is it possible to use the Chamberlain myQ position sensor with this integration or do I have to buy another door/window sensor?

You need another SmartThings-compatible sensor to make full use of this
SmartApp, unfortunately. SmartThings can’t read the information from the
built-in MyQ sensor.

You can use the no-sensor version for limited functionality if you want,
but having a sensor is the best experience.

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@brbeaird great thanks! I’ll have to pick another one up. Which do you recommend? Multi sensor or a standard door open/close sensor?

I use the ST multi sensor. It’s velcroed to the top of the door. It sits about 60 feet from the ST Hub. Never had it drop. Haven’t changed the battery in 9 months (average 3 open close events a day). Except when the wind is blowing 30 mph or more it starts banging the door like crazy lol causing false open close.

Any contact or tilt sensor should be fine. I personally roll with https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HGVJRX2/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1


The tilt sensors run forever, no false alarms.

I may swap out for this. Would eliminate the wind issue and an easier mount solution stuck to the front of the door instead of on top. Does it also keep temperature?

I’ve had this smart app running for some time and love it. Recently I have connected some presence sensors to my smartthibgs. I have a routine run when I come home to open the garage door but I can’t seem to get both doors to open. I am assuming that the myq system cannot accept two commands in close proximity. I’ve tried including a visual switch to turn off in a min then to trigger the other garage door to open but all attempts to date have failed. Anyone have any ideas on how to automate two garage doors to open or close when coming or going?

No, but I don’t trust temperatures measured on doors and windows. I have a combo motion/temp for that in garage.