[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

So why is it the API cannot pick up the door tilt sensor that comes with the MyQ?


What am I doing wrong? I’ve tried everything!

I mentioned this a year ago but I’ll mention it again since people still have issues with the open/close sensor being required. The Monoprice garage door sensor (https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=11987) works great as the open/close contact for MyQ to use. It comes into the system as a “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” which runs locally and can be mounted at whatever level on your physical door that you want it to flip to “open” (mine is pretty high so anything over 9" or so is open). I have never had a problem opening or closing the door based on this and I also use the same sensor in other automations based on the door status. I’ve had it in for over a year now.

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Never seen that error message before. Check out what Live Logging shows behind the scenes?

Technically it can, but to be useful you’d have to poll the API every few minutes to update the status, and Chamberlain doesn’t let us do that from SmartThings anymore.

I retrieved this from Live Logging:

12:33:20 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘id’ on null object @ line 760

That’s failing on the line where it tries to get your hub id. I have no idea why that would fail. Which hub do you have?

def hubID
def hubs = location.hubs.findAll{ it.type == physicalgraph.device.HubType.PHYSICAL } 
return hubs[0].id

I have a Chamberlain

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Gotcha, thanks

@brbeaird have you tried using a proxy like owasp zed with sslstrip to sniff the api calls? We should be able to fully emulate the official app.

We essentially do that already. The only thing the official app does that we can’t do is constantly poll for door status, but that’s because Chamberlain explicitly does not allow that outside of its official app (because the polling only happens while you have the app open).

I can’t seem to login to my MyQ account. I keep getting “The username or password you entered is incorrect. Try again.”

I’ve changed my password a few times, same thing over and over. I tried simulating the app and I was able to login to my account.

Any suggestions or info I can give?

Never mind. I didn’t realize when I simulated the app that it actually setup my garage door. Sure enough, there it is in my list of devices now.

So how can Alarm.com get the door status and control the garage door but it was mentioned the smartapp cannot.

Chamberlain has different agreements with different companies. Other companies like Alarm.com have an official supported integration set up to get the door status; this is probably because they have full control over making sure users can’t set their own polling interval (or it’s possible Chamberlain even pushes the status to the user devices when it changes, which would be much more efficient).

Chamberlain has no such official support for SmartThings, so we’re left with doing our best to replicate functionality via the unsupported API. While it stills works for the most part, the one thing Chamberlain has explicitly stopped is the use of polling from SmartThings to their servers to get door status. Presumably they see this as too much traffic flowing from one place through an unofficial API endpoint (especially since SmartThings is flexible enough to allow us to lower the polling frequency to lower than 60 seconds in some cases).

Consider using a few free VPNs, the actual VPN used could be selected using a random number generator. Should stop Chamberlain from blocking by IP address.

yes but now Chamberlain wants to charge users $1 a month to use the crappy product we already paid for.

I tried changing the name several times, with no luck. I even went so far to see if maybe I screwed something up in the IDE when I setup his MyQ Lite at his location. After installing/reinstalling MyQ Lite on both of our SmartThings locations, I can get his to install fine but I’m still getting the same error on mine. I even went so far to remove my ST account completely from his SmartThings hub/location to make sure it wasn’t an error with my account being associated with two MyQ Lite installations.

Next thing I would suggest is checking the live logging in the IDE while you’re trying to do the setup. If nothing looks weird with that, you can send me PM, and I can try and look at it a little more closely with you.

I had given up a while back on trying to get MyQ working with SmartThings after Chamberlain started preventing status checks but their recent announcement of Google Home/IFTTT support for a cost renewed my desire to have it working without pay an additional fee and I came across this updated fork so I was excited to add it however I’m struggling a little. I have added the smartapp and the device handler for the sensor version however when I do that and then setup the smartapp it shows an error related to there not being a device handler for the no sensor option however it lets me continue the setup but afterwards I can’t find a way to add the door as a device. I experimented by adding the handler for the no sensor version too and when I do that I see the new device added however it shows up as the no sensor version even though I select my existing ST multi-sensor accelerometer.

Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong since your instructions are clear and I thought I followed them correctly so any help or suggestions would be appreciated.