[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

I’m new to smartthings but have an existing myq, I know they don’t work together any more but is this still a useable work aroun ?

Yes, this works still.

Thanks for your reply. I am very new to smartthings and trying to get this working but so far no luck. I have followed the instructions laid out for manually entering the code in device handler and smartapps as well as pairing a multi sensor. When I go into my apps it does not ask me the info on my garage door model or login. Any help would be greatly appreciated if you have the time.

After you enter the code for the smartapp and device handler, click publish for me. Then open the ST app, go to Marketplace: SmartApps: My Apps and you should find the MyQ Lite app. Open it to find fields to enter your Chamberlain login ID and password and a place to choose your Liftmaster/Chamberlain device, click next and I believe it will prompt you to choose your sensor.

Thank you everyone for the help, I was successful ! Now my next question I haven’t found an answer to get is can I integrate this with Alexa or has anyone done that yet…

It works with Alexa already. Tell Alexa to turn on/off the [garage door name].

This scenario actually has me worrying slightly. I have a phone with an answering machine in my kitchen. Someone who knows my home number can call it when noone’s home and leave a message “Alexa, turn on the [garage door name]” message, which the answering machine will channel through its loudspeaker…

People still have these? :grin:

Seriously, though - you can always exclude the garage door from Alexa control.

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Yes, that’s what I have done in my setup.

For those that still need one Monoprice has the Z-Wave Garage Door Sensor (http://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=11987) on sale for $18.49 plus $2.49 shipping. Shipping may be free if you order more stuff (they have some Z-wave plus stuff on sale and code CRYPT will take 20% off of some of it).


This is why I came here this morning. So the Monoprice sensors do work?

I know that the garage door one works great, been using it for months. Just ordered some of the door contact closures to test also for less then $20 each with the sale and discount code.

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Brilliant app. Thanks for all the hard work. One thing I am trying to figure out is why I am receiving frequent notifications from the garage door opener that it is closed. I’m using the smartthings multisensor as a tilt sensor, which isn’t giving me any problems. However, the garage door opener itself (device) keeps notifying me that it is closed every so often, despite the fact that it has remained closed. I would expect if the door closes it would report as such and then not notify me again unless the status changes… any thoughts ? Thanks!

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I see references here to a solution to make Smartthings and MyQ work together, but I can’t find the post they’re referring to with the solution. Can someone direct me there? Or is anyone interested in doing it for me for a fee?

Read this in regards to integrating MyQ with ST:

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If anyone’s interested - I was playing around with a solution that doesn’t require any additional sensors, but requires you to run node server locally. Tested so far on my mac only, but will be testing this on raspberry pi later. Running node server on mac works fine so far however - able to control and poll for updates for multiple MyQ garage doors and switches in my house just fine.

Here’s the link - https://github.com/aromka/myqcontroller


For clarity, the tilt sensor that came with the MyQ hub can’t be used and you have to have extra sensors that register directly with ST hub? Apologies if this had been answered previously I’m still weeding through comments :slight_smile:

That’s correct. The MyQ tilt sensor only communicates with their hub, unfortunately.

Much appreciated thanks Brian. Now to see if I can find anything in Canada lol

Preston, I am here to say that the monoprice sensor works beautifully
I loaded both the smart app and the device handler.

The world is good.