[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

No, I left in door control for both condition and action, and those are part of door control.

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Can you explain what the JSON files do? Do I need to update/publish those?

You can ignore those. I included them as reference and for my own history tracking. With the new app, custom device handlers like these are now configured with these JSON files that are then basically uploaded to SmartThings. If successful, you get back a “vid” value, which then gets added to the top of the DTH file in the IDE.

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Hey…Stupid nitpicky thing but the app modified date is 8/20…is that the latest version? Wasn’t sure if this was foreshadowing or not?


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Ha, yeah that was a typo - should have been 8/02. It’s fixed now, thanks.

Thanks for being your awesome self! I think that makes my post long enough to go up. :smirk:

I had some success utilizing the no-sensor version. It opened the doors fine, but always thought the doors were in closed position, so closing was finicky. Sometimes it required multiple taps to close. Have you had any interaction with Chamberlain to adopt this code as the base for an officially supported app? Getting the status and built in lights to work without additional sensors would be great.

Trying to use prescence sensor automation to.open the garage door when my wife or I arrive. Works great, but keeps sensing our presence and continually opens the door, can’t keep it closed. Is there a momentary switch option I’m missing?

Greetings Brian. I have been using your MyQ app for a very, very long time. However it has now stopped working for me. Due in large part because I have always used your app in conjunction with Simple Commands. But it appears that Simple Commands is defunct. Alexa connected with Simple Commands as a Scene to open/close my garage. I see many people are still utilizing your code and would love to learn how to implement it once again. Additional info: I use a SmartThings hub. I do not use IFTTT. Thank you for any advice/assistance. - Bill

Simple for you to regain functionality.

  1. Reinstall the myq lite app amd get it working to control your door
  2. enable or renewable Alexa integration directly from Smartthings.
  3. add two routines in Alexa when you say “open the garage door”, it turns on the garage door switch and vice versa.

Outstanding !!! Thank you a million times. I have struggled with this for a long time, never knowing how simple it would turn out to be. As my message stated, I was still tied into “Simple Commands”, as a go between my garage door and Alexa, which has not worked for some time now. Thank you again!!! :smiley:

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Is there something going on with logins, when I enter my information it says it incorrect. I entered the same information into the MyQ app and it logs in just fine. I can’t seem to log in when using smartthings. I should note that this was working for years, today I noticed the garage door didn’t close automatically. I checked the logs and it says API POST Error: groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: Bad Request. I’m using app version 3.1.7 and door device 3.2.2

I’m also having problems with login today.

I am getting login errors today as well. Login credentials work in the official MyQ app though.

Good morning Brian.

For some reason the app is telling me that I am entering an invalid username and password when I know it is correct.

Is there a work around for this error?

I know we had this before and you did provide a solution.

Thank you in advance


Login issues here as well.

same here, verified I can login via the myq app fine.

Yep, MyQ changed something, and this is currently broken. I’m not sure at this point if it’s a permanent change - this has happened occasionally in the past where it comes back up the next day.

The good news is there is a newer version of the API login flow that some other integrations (HomeBridge, pymyq) are using successfully. The bad news is it is not a simple change to implement - a couple parts in particular I’m not really sure will work within Groovy. I will see what I can do, but it may be several days before I make any real progress.


Thank you!


Thank you in advance

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