[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

Uninstall and reinstall the SmartThings app (ST app, leave myQ alone). The new ST app version update doesn’t upgrade correctly. The myQ app will work then.

I uninstalled and reinstalled yesterday. Fixed any of the devices working for me in general. Couldn’t get it to connect to anything and the reinstall fixed that.

I’ll give it another shot when I get home.

I just uninstalled and reinstalled and still having the same issue.

When I go to add a smart app, it takes me to a list which includes the MyQ one. Once I click on it, it just does nothing and takes me back to the automations tab.

I am using the new smartthings app and also MyQ Lite. Installed properly
One strange thing is that in new smartthings I am in the devices page and click the “turn on” icon (circle with a circle inside) of the garage door opener - nothing happens.
However, I can open the door via an scene that opens the garage door???

There have been some issues with control of devices since ST released the latest version of the app. If you open the device tile for your garage door and try to control it there - you will probably have better control versus clicking clicking the circle on the device tile to open. Or continue using your scene. Go figure! That’s my experience. The developer may know more :slight_smile:

I am also seeing this with other devices.


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When I want the door to automatically open, I am selecting the “On” radio button and then enabling the Garage door and setting it to Open. I am able to successfully save the automation.

When I want the door to automatically close, I am selecting the “On” radio button and then enabling the Garage door and setting it to Closed. I can’t save the automation. I get an error “Network or Server error occurred. Try again later.”

Am I not using the correct device settings in the automation?

Simply use on/off in the automations and skip assigning the garage door with open/close.

On to open the garage door
Off to close the garage door

To test, create a temp automation…

Set by time for a few minutes ahead of your current tIme
Control device —> garage door to on to open
Or garage door to off to close


Yes, this worked. Are all of the other “options” not used for anything?

Yes, you can ignore everything else. I’ve honestly never done an automation to close the door. Ideally, the automation would allow you to ignore the on/off portion and only set the door control, but I guess this is still kind of an unusual device type.

Came out of hibernation today to push an update to fix a couple longstanding issues:

  1. Updated the door device type so that it now shows in the mobile app as a garage door icon (sensor-version only). Note: because of the weirdness of how custom device types work, you will likely not see the change take effect until you either delete the door device and re-add it or else go into the IDE and rename the door; even then, it may take up to an hour before you see the new icon in the app.

  2. Updated the LatestActivity logic to only consider “contact” capability events. This was causing an issue if your door sensor also reported things like temperature, which would refresh the LastActivity value when it really shouldn’t since that has nothing to do with the door having opened or closed.


Thank you, worked like a charm. And welcome back.

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Another trick to force the update is to change the type from published to self published, save it and then set it back to published.


@brbeaird It’s so awesome seeing a garage door icon for my garage door! Thanks so much for all your ongoing hard work for this app!

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@brbeaird After this latest update (I do like the icons, btw), I’ve started getting daily push notifications informing me of an update to MyQ Lite, but there is nothing available through the repo. The update is working and properly published.

Any suggestions?

Open the SmartApp to see your versions. Likely you updated the SmartApp but not the device handler.

Yeah, naturally I figured it out right after I posted the message. I actually updated the device handler but not the SmartApp. :man_facepalming:

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Realized today the LastActivity logic still wasn’t working quite right (the commit from earlier was incomplete) - I pushed another update to fix that.

And here I was about to complain about getting yet another update notification today. :joy:

Pushed another update today. This one is fairly significant in some ways, so be aware before you apply it:

  • No-sensor door handler: REJOICE! I FINALLY got around to getting this working decently in the new app. Note that the door defaults to always-closed, although through my testing that does not seem to impact creating automations that open or close the door.
  • Sensor door handler: simplified automation options down to only door control. This cleans things up quite a bit, but if you already have automations created that used the on/off or other actions, you will need to edit those to now use the simple door open/close actions. The opening/closing conditions are still there, though.
  • Added custom device handler JSON files to git source control
  • Added changelog history for device types

If you notice any issues, let me know.

Does that mean that the Opening…Closing… triggers will be gone?