[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

So I posted on another thread but having issues with this app and automations so maybe you all can help.

Converted to the new app back in October and everything had been working fine. Then last weekend with the app update the automations that I had based on arrival of a ST presence sensor started acting wonky. In the app it looks like the automations are no longer working based on the arrival of the sensor and what is even more odd is that when we leave and close the garage a few minutes after we are gone the garage opens again. Almost like something is arriving when it isn’t.

I feel as if I read some scuttle about presence sensors not working as they had in the past but everything was working until the latest update for me. So if I can’t use presence sensors for actions upon arrival how do I configure those actions? Does this not render the presence sensors useless?

Help! Thanks!

My presence-based rules are working, but I do them through the Smart Lighting SmartApp, not the actual “Automations” function.

Hmm…let me try that! Thanks for always being awesome!

Okay. For now I’ve gotten my automation working by using Webcore pistons to call SimpleCommands webhook URLs to open and close on certain events (In my case double-taps on light switches). I’ve been using the MyQ app to check status and manually open/close doors.

Getting this error when trying to set up. Latest 3.1.5 with the ecolink tilt sensor
This occurs after the log in and when choosing garage door and sensor

After the recent series of server outages and platform issues I’ve noticed that the delay settings I have in my garage door open automations isn’t working any longer. I have the automation trigger on presence sensors and now the doors open immediately on the presence being detected. Previously the delay was working perfectly. I’ve tried deleting/re-adding one of the doors to see if it would fix it without luck. Is anyone else using the delay setting successfully?

Also curious about what the Refresh and Momentary setting so.

I just found this amazing smart app today and was looking to see if there is a place to donate to you @brbeaird?

Thanks for this!

I started reading diligently through this thread from the start but then noticed there were over 2,000 posts! So forgive me for not reading EVERYTHING, but can you tell me if this app still works with the new SmartThings App that was forced on us in the last year or so (confusingly also called SmartThings :slight_smile: ).

I just had a new LiftMaster opener installed (March 2021) and have it working with the MyQ app, so my hope is I can monitor and control the garage door motor from SmartThings. I see much discussion about tilt sensors, which I don’t have. Ideally I’d like to know if my door has been left open. Also, I’d like to be able to open the door remotely for a neighbor if needed when I’m out of town. I can obviously do that using the MyQ app but would rather use SmartThings …


It does work just fine. And now that the st multi sensors are hard to find, most people use this tilt sensor:

And this is what it looks like in the new app:

If you don’t want to go the tilt sensor route you can use a regular contact sensor too. I have these on my garage doors.

Great news, thanks! So what’s the need for the tilt sensor, if the MyQ app knows about the door status, and SmartThings talks to the MyQ app? I guess this can be asked as follows: The MyQ app has ‘status’ and ‘control’ elements; status = opened or closed, and control = open or close. Is it the case that SmartThings can only interface with MyQ to issue the commands, but not get the status? And for the status, you need to install a 3rd party tilt sensor? Thanks!

I don’t remember exactly, it’s covered in detail in thread. I believe it let’s the Smartthings app keep the door status synced with MyQ. I don’t believe it’s a direct link between the 2. The app acts as a middle man with a work around to make the door control available to Smartthings.

You are correct. SmartThings can only issue commands to MyQ, it cannot get the status unless you add the extra sensor.

The method I successfully use, with iftt, is described in detail here.


I’m having kind of a strange issue that probably has nothing to do with this app itself, but I’m wondering if anyone’s seen it before. I got this working and can open/close my garage door via Alexa and SmartThings and Google Home. So far so good.

BUT: My Android device has the ability to access a subset of my Google Home controls right in the power menu, which is super convenient (just long press on power from any screen). On that screen, for some reason, the garage door toggle doesn’t work as expected. If the state of the door is closed, tapping that tile changes the displayed status from “Closed” to “Open 100%” but nothing actually happens. If I leave the screen and come back, it says Closed again. To complicate things even further, if I long-press on that tile, I get a slide-up version of the toggle, and that one works correctly!

^^ Following up on the above, I just set up my other garage door, this time with an Ecolink tilt sensor, and it has the exact same issue.

UPDATE: I just went ahead and created virtual switches, synched them bidirectionally to the MyQ-created switches, and put those on my Google Home controls screen. They seem to work fine. Only downside is that they say On/Off rather than Open/Closed.

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I keep on getting the login error. Can anyone help?
Thank you in advance.

I just installed new app and am having trouble getting this to work. Is it still live and well?

Still working fine for me. What issues are you seeing? Any errors or messages in the IDE live logging?

I just installed the new IOS update. I had it installed ages ago and started fresh. I installed from GItHub and when I go into the new app, I click on add smart apps, I see your smart app and click on it, but then nothing happens. I do it again and same thing. Then after awhile it disappears.