[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

@brbrian I am almost certain, the issue is my door is too smooth for acceleration sensor to detect at times during moving, as it do not vibrate all the time, during openning. What happen is that it start with Close, then -> Open -> Now it think it is on its way back to close becuase acceleration sensor says no vibration (inactive) that means it opened fully and next vibration should be to close, but in reality it is still openning. (See log show it too). So I think this accelerometer reading from MultiSensor is not reliable in my door (And must be true for others, if your door is too smooth). What is reliable is xyz reading. If there is a way to convert xyz reading to a tilt sensor, that would be great. But do not know how to do that. Or other way is to ignore the acceleration reading, at least it will tell me correctly opened or closed.

Will try removing acceleration sensor, post result tonight.

Update : Removed acceleration sensor from configuration. Now it work as expected. Open and Close when operated manually shows immediately when the contact becomes open and close. But that is ok. Happy with the outcome. XYZ readings to sense the tilt would have been nice without a open close switch. But that is hard to implement I guess.

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How do I get Echo to open my garage door? I have everything set up in smartthings smart app, and it all works. And have the items linked to Echo, but when I say “Alexa, open my garage door” it does nothing.
What do I need to ask Alexa to open the garage door?

You need to set up ASK ALEXA Ap for this to work. The native Echo ap for Smarthings will not control locks or doors. [Deprecated] Ask Alexa 2.1.0

I use IFTTT.

Use code above and create Trigger receipe using Alexa and ST in IFTTT.

All I say is “Alexa, Trigger Open Garage Door Opener”

I also have one to close.

“Garage Door Opener” is what I named the device used for the code above.

Hope this helps

Echo doesn’t know “Open” and “Close” commands. You can tell Alexa to “Turn On Garage Door” to open and “Turn Off Garage Door” to close though.

My garage door opener is still working without any changes. Also the status is updated in smarthings. Did you change anything yet? Is your smartthings still show the actual status of the garage door?

Tried installing today - get all the way through setup, select the ST sensor on the Garage Door as the contact, do not select any Acceleration Sensor. I get a green banner saying it’s setup and automating, then it hangs for about 20 seconds and I get a red banner saying AN UNEXPECTED ERROR OCCURRED. It won’t move past that?

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Can you check the logs and see what error message you’re getting when you try to do the install? If you’ve gotten to the last screen, you’ve gotten past all the hard parts, so I’m not sure what would be blowing up at that point.

12:58:23 PM: error physicalgraph.app.exception.UnknownDeviceTypeException: Device type ‘MyQ Garage Door Opener’ in namespace ‘brbeaird’ not found. @ line 185

Ah ok - I see it. You need to install the code for the garage door opener device type. It’s separate from the SmartApp.

That did it - THANKS!

@brbeaird I am a super noob , but I have installed CoRE smartapp in the past with no issues (Appeared in MyApps). I have added your respiratory and installed both the SmartApp and Device Handler within my account. I made sure to also Publish for me as well. Someone stated to change the catagory, but its locked out and not allowing me to do so. What am I doing wrong here? Anyone?

I feel like I am missing something small here. I deleted and readded both the smartapp and device handler a few times.


You’re saying it’s not showing up under MyApps in the marketplace on the mobile app? Never heard of that before. If you’ve installed everything, it should show up without having to do anything else. Maybe post some screenshots?

@brbeaird Can someone help me out, I’m very new to smartthings and published to me the smart app and handler (it showed as publishing successfully both rime) but I guess I’m missing something when I go to mobile app, to marketplace I don’t see the my apps section to select and add. Please help me where I’m going wrong!!!. Thanks

@300mag - looks like you and @walkerj001 are having the same issue, and it’s one I’ve never seen before. It almost sounds like a weird bug on SmartThings in general because I’m not sure what’s up. Could you try creating a support ticket asking them why a custom SmartApp is not even showing up as an option to install even though you’ve published it for yourself in the IDE? I’m afraid there’s not much else I can do to help troubleshoot since you’re not even hitting my code yet at this stage.

This solved the issue for me. Samsung dev site was not detecting my location properly and sending me to the wrong shard site. @300mag, @brbeaird

Follow the tutorial here and show be good to go.

Credit goes to @tgauchat for share the info with me. Greatly appreciated, thank you!


Thank you @walkerj001 @brbeaird , that fixed my issue. I created support before seeing @walkerj001 response and they basically told me the same thing. Recreated with the correct location link and now I can see my apps on mobile app. Thanks again. I’m still new at smartthings (came from veralite)but I’m learning quick!!!


I recently installed the app and got it working great - many thanks!

Shortly after, I received an email from Lift master that said “WE noticed that your smartphone is currently using an older version of the MyQ app that will no longer be supported after 10/31/16…” Apparently there are security enhancements after app version 3.4.

Since my phone is running the latest version (3.6x), I can only guess that the ST app access may have triggered it. Has anyone else seen this? Any concern? Is an updated needed for the ST code?

Interesting. This is news to me - I haven’t gotten any e-mails from MyQ yet. Guess I’ll be watching to see what breaks after 10/31.

It’s been a few days since I’ve used this smartapp to open/close my door, but I have not received any emails from Chamberlain.