[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

Hey Brian [brbeaird], I’ve been using your app for a while now and never had any issues. It’s a great convenience at my house. So, I just wanted to say thanks and really appreciate all your past, current, and future efforts.


Before I buy the G825LM MyQ light controller I wanted to see if it is going to work with the MyQ Lite smartapp to control my builtin opener light.


That is a smart plug for a lamp - completely unrelated to the built-in light on the door opener.

That said, the lamp control does work with this SmartApp.

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I use this same light controller and it integrates well into SmartThings via Brian’s awesome SmartApp.

Thank you brbeaird for your hard work!

Is this smart app supposed to work with new smartthings app?

I recently got sensors and changed the settings so that I no longer created separate Open and Close switches. But now, how do I simply send a “close” command? In my scene, I add the door, turn it “on” (oddly enough) to enable the switch commands. The “press momentary” option is off, “Door” is not set, and “Garage Door” is set to closed. But if the door is already closed, it actually opens the garage door even though I said “closed”. I can’t figure out the correct setting here.

I pushed a small update today to account for an API change where the device control endpoint is now apparently case-sensitive and requires lower case. If you’re getting errors trying to open or close doors, try pulling down that update and see if it fixes it for you.


As an update - I have confirmed with some other developers on other platforms with MyQ integrations that this new intermittent error issue is on the MyQ API side and is affecting anything hitting those endpoints. Someone has also discovered that it looks like the API is upgrading again (from v5 to v6). Presumably, switching to v6 will fix these errors, but from what I have heard, this will once again be a fairly significant change, so it may be awhile before I can get the info and then refactor the app here to work with the new version. I’ll keep things updated here.


Where do they, Chamberlain, publish their API?

I didn’t start having errors until I updated to the latest 3.1.5. My goodnight automation sends a close command and that registers an error.

Same here. @brbeaird is there an easy way to revert to the previous version?

They don’t. Everything we (and other projects) have is from reverse engineering.

I feel very confident the update did not cause the errors you are seeing now. It was my attempt to fix those errors, but it did not help as the issue is on the MyQ side. All the other MyQ integration projects (Home Assistant, Homebridge, etc.) are dealing with this right now. It sounds like some people have begun the process of reverse-engineering the latest version so we can make changes to account for it.

Still, you can always revert to whatever version you want in GitHub by clicking the “commits” link and viewing the code at an earlier version.


I reverted to 3.1.4 and the doors began working again.

I was lazy and I left mine at 3.1.5, and it started working again on its own. Looks like the server side corrected whatever fault they were experiencing. The litmus test would be returning to 3.1.5 to see if the problem is reproducible for you.

I tested the two doors about two minutes before reinstalling 3.1.4 to confirm they still weren’t working, so if what I saw was a result of a server-side correction then there was some strangely fortuitous timing. However, it wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened.

Also, largely because I trust that @brbeaird knows what he’s talking about, almost immediately after I posted I decided I would reinstall 3.1.5 to test it again as you suggest, but unfortunately I ran out of play time. I will hopefully be able to do that tomorrow.

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Hey Brian,

I have an intermittent error - every other time I try and use smartthings (via alexa) to open/close my door, I get an internal server error. See attached.

Using the latest 3.1.5. It’s random - sometimes it works 4-5x in a row, then will fail 1-2x in a row. Any ideas?

Yep - read a few posts up. It’s random for everyone due to API changes being gradually rolled out on the MyQ side. It apparently comes and goes without an obvious pattern. I was seeing it a couple times a day last week, but it’s been several day since I’ve run across it. Best we can do it sit tight until some other developers share how the V6 endpoints work.

Thanks! Hats off to you! That’s hard!