[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

Mine is working fine in the new app. I noticed you are using the version without contact sensors. I believe I read somewhere there is an issue with that “sensorless” version not working right in the new app

I have the virtual IFTTT controlled contact sensors, which are nice because you know the status of the door, and don’t have to buy a sensor. A bit complex to setup but good instructions here

Adding the virtual contact switch/sensors did the trick, MyQ integration now works in both new and old smartthings app. Thanks a lot!


@brbeaird sorry if this has already been addressed, but I am having a small issue in the new SmartThings app. Basically, the “favorites” tile is referencing an unused button on the device, so in order for me to open/close the door, I have to do it from within the device itself. It’s kind of confusing to write, so basically the “red” button that is on the favorites should be the “blue” button on the device itself.

Am I making any sense? I don’t have the separate door controls enabled, and I do have a separate open/close sensor on each door.

I ran into the same problem trying an automation that called a scene which makes sure all three of my garage doors are closed at 1AM (At least this is what it did in the old app). Last night at 1AM all three garage doors opened instead. I think I found the issue. In your screenshot showing the Opener On and garage Door Closed, is how I had mine configured as well and it opened the doors. The way I got it to work, through trial and error; if you want the door to close, set the Opener to off (all the other options below it will grey out). If you want it to open, set the Opener to On and Garage Door to Open. I do have motions sensors coupled with each door. It appears that the On/Off choice is set such that Off is closed and On is for Open but needs the additional sensor information below, if that makes sense.

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I’ll see what I can do. The weird thing is the documentation says that the “Garage door Control” capability has actually been deprecated and that we should be transitioning over to the more generic “Door Control.” I included both capabilities on the handler details initially because I wasn’t sure how things were working. I used Door Control for the dashboard view since that one was supposed to be the “new” one, but I have not tested it lately to verify that’s actually working. If it isn’t, I’ll try flipping it and pushing an update in the next few days if that works.

In general, custom device handlers like this (even when using “standard” capabilities) are not in a good place right now due to the development platform to modify them still having quite a few bugs in it. Things will improve over time, but it’s slow going.

@brbeaird Dashboard button works on version with garage sensor. I don’t have to go in device details to open or close garage door

You mean with a third party garage sensor? If so, I have a third party z-wave open/close sensor on both my doors and the favorites button is wrong.