[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

Thanks for the tip. I don’t use SYWR (maybe I probably should lol). I was able to get it from lowes with a 15 off 50 coupon, so I more or less got it and ten LED light bulbs shipped for $46

The bad thing is it looks like shipping might take forever, but I can wait because I’ll have my new AEON doorbell to “play” with for a few days too keep me occupied.

I’m not going to lie, I get confused a lot in these forums looking for things, but I really like how Samsung has made Smartthings so open. Next I get to try to figure out CORE.lol

Well I lied, it showed up today while I was at lunch. I followed the tutorial for installing the smart app and device handlers, but I still don’t have the app listed under My apps. Only Nest manager is showing up.

Sorry to keep posting back to back in this thread, but I was able to figure out why the app wasn’t showing in the my apps section based off of some of the posts in this thread. (thanks walkerj001).

I got it all figured out now I believe. It looks like if you are using the samsung multi purpose you need to register it as a contact sensor and a acceleration sensor for it to read open and closed properly.

So I got a tilt sensor with my MyQ purchase, but I can’t figure out how to get it to show up in Smartthings to tell smartthings if my garage is opened or closed? Did I do something wrong? Other than that this works outstanding. Thanks for the hard work.

Using MyQ Lite with a Virtual Contact Sensor: A Better (and cheaper) Mousetrap for Virtual MyQ Garage Door Sensors:

Being that my ST hub cannot connect reliably to ST Multipurpose Sensors in my garage (I tested and had to return them to Amazon) and I always like a coding challenge to achieve what hardware alone cannot.


  • 3 garage doors, each with MyQ connectivity
  • The cost of 3 ST Multipurpose sensors to provide door open/closed status is ~$100. Adding a required repeater to achieve a reliable hub connection increases the overall cost to $150.
  • Contact sensors work in the house, but when moved to garage fail to show state of garage door.
  • Provide a virtual contact sensor which uses the email notifications sent from MyQ

Option 1 (Best, if you love coding)

  • Created 3 virtual contact sensors in ST as "Garage1, Garage2, Garage3

  • Created a SmartAPP with REST API endpoints that provides sensor state and open/close events to the DTH and named virtual contact sensors.

  • Created a python program using an existing capacity on a RPi 2 server that polls my Gmail account every 15 seconds for the email notifications from Assurelink (Craftsman Brand MyQ). Processes the snippet information of the email for MyQ door name and state.

  • To verify garage door state, the python program also API queries MyQ once to verify the state of the named door.

  • After verification of the state of the door, the python program queries the named ST virtual contact sensor and if the state is different then the MyQ state, it updates the named ST Contact Sensor to the new state.

  • The Python program modifies the email from Assurelink as “Read” and “Archive”.

  • The ST SmartApp notifies me of the garage door virtual sensor state change.

  • Requires: Custom coding knowledge, a server to run code, a SmartAPP REST API, custom DTH.

    2017-03-04 16:02:29,028 INFO Prius Door just opened 04:02 PM Mar 04
    2017-03-04 16:02:29,029 INFO Door : Prius Door Sensor
    2017-03-04 16:02:29,030 INFO Status : open
    2017-03-04 16:02:29,030 INFO Updating ‘Prius Door Sensor’ to ‘open’
    2017-03-04 16:02:29,728 INFO https://graph.api.smartthings.com:443/api/smartapps/installations/xxx/sensors/Prius+Door+Sensor/open
    2017-03-04 16:02:29,733 INFO 200
    2017-03-04 16:05:22,589 INFO Prius Door just closed 11:24 AM Mar 04
    2017-03-04 16:05:22,589 INFO Door : Prius Door Sensor
    2017-03-04 16:05:22,590 INFO Status : closed
    2017-03-04 16:05:22,590 INFO Updating ‘Prius Door Sensor’ to ‘closed’
    2017-03-04 16:05:23,061 INFO https://graph.api.smartthings.com:443/api/smartapps/installations/xxx/sensors/Prius+Door+Sensor/closed
    2017-03-04 16:05:23,066 INFO 200
    2017-03-04 16:20:04,082 INFO Ruby Door Sensor : closed
    2017-03-04 16:20:04,083 INFO Prius Door Sensor: closed
    2017-03-04 16:20:04,083 INFO Honda Door Sensor: closed
    2017-03-04 16:20:04,084 INFO NoSync: Ruby Door=closed <-> Ruby Door=closed
    2017-03-04 16:20:04,084 INFO NoSync: Prius Door=closed <-> Prius Door=closed
    2017-03-04 16:20:04,085 INFO NoSync: Honda Door=closed <-> Honda Door=closed

Option 2 (No Hardware, No Custom Coding except creating an IFTTT applet)

  • Create a virtual ST contact garage switch in the ST IDE, one for each garage door and name each device with a unique name (Garage1, Garage 2, etc).
  • Make sure you have notifications ‘ON’ in your MyQ app so that emails are sent to your email provider.
  • Authorize the ST virtual contact sensors to be controlled by IFTTT
  • Create an IFTTT applet per garage door state, ie one for an ‘open’ and one for ‘closed’ state. Each IFTTT applet should search the email for the sender (:from in Gmail), and search the subject line (:subject in Gmail) for door name and state. If using another email system, achieve the same using IFTTT applets.
  • Connect each IFTTT applet you created to the named virtual contact sensor for the garage door. I have shown one IFTTT that I created for handling a ‘closed’ event for my Prius Door as below.
  • No custom SmartApp or DTH needed.
  • No server or python coding
  • No polling MyQ

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Thanks for thinking of this! I found a small issue in your instructions, so here is how I got around it:

IFTTT can not change the value of a contact sensor, it can only turn a switch ON or OFF (or lock/unlock door, or activate/deactive siren/alarms) so I created a combination Virtual Contact Sensor Switch Device Type. IFTTT can turn on [Open] or turn off [Close] This device and then MyQ Lite can read it’s value as a Contact Sensor, the response is a little delayed as typical with IFTTT Applets and it causes a little blip in the MyQ Lite Device Status (perhaps the runin times should be pushed out a little if running in this style), but now I can get the actual state of my Doors!


I have garage doors named Double and Single in my LiftMaster account, and here is the text for the IFTTT gmail triggers that I used so that you can copy/paste as you like:

from:MyQ-Notifications@myliftmaster.com subject:"MyQ Alert: Double just opened"
from:MyQ-Notifications@myliftmaster.com subject:"MyQ Alert: Double just closed"
from:MyQ-Notifications@myliftmaster.com subject:"MyQ Alert: Single just opened"
from:MyQ-Notifications@myliftmaster.com subject:"MyQ Alert: Single just closed"

Finally, I did not previously have email alerts configured and it took a minute to figure out how to set that up. In case anyone else is looking for it, From your MyQ app, open the hamburger menu and select Alerts, despite it showing an on/off selector, you can press the line and then you can change the settings to turn on/off push and email notifications.


@ph4r Thanks for providing more details! Glad this virtual method is working for you and hopefully others that cannot use physical contact sensors with MyQ Lite!

I pushed out an update today that adds a summary page to the end of the MyQ Lite setup on the mobile app. This summary page will show whether the installation was successful. If there were errors with creating child devices (especially from missing device handler code), it will display those errors as well.

Thanks for making this great app!

I’ve been having a minor problem with my setup, if I open the door with Smartthings but close it with the opener in the car after leaving it still shows the door open. The chamberlin app shows it closed. I am using the monoprice tilt sensor maybe its not getting a good signal in the garage?

Thanks for any help you can give.

I assume the tilt sensor itself is still showing the door as open as well? It’s definitely possible the signal is weak if it’s far away from your hub with no other repeaters in between.

Has anyone else had issues with their garage door just opening randomly lately? I’ve never had this problem until a couple of days ago, and it happened like 15 times in one day. I have an automatic pro in our car and use it to automatically close the garage door when we leave and to open it when we get home using IFFT (which I freaking hate because it’s soooo slow and unreliable) and I wondered if maybe it was caused by the AWS outage the other day so I disabled the IFFFT recipes hoping that would fix it but it doesn’t seem to have. So now I’m wondering if this is an issue on chamberlin’s side?

Is there any way to have MyQ Lite periodically poll the sensor to update the door status? My door automatically opens when I arrive, but gets closed manually (not in ST). This causes the status of the door to be incorrect. It only seems to update status from the sensor when opened or closed in ST.

That’s weird. I do the same thing (door opens automatically with MyQ, closes manually via button), and mine always keeps in sync. You’re saying your tilt sensor in SmartThings correctly changes to closed but the MyQ door doesn’t change with it?

When the door closes and sensor changes to closed, that should normally trigger MyQ to set the status to closed as well. On top of that, MyQ Lite also forces a sensor refresh 20 seconds after the door is opened. How long does it take your door to open? Are you immediately closing it as soon as it opens? Maybe that time frame is so short that it messes with the way it’s written now. I’d be curious to see the logs throughout that whole process to figure out what’s happening.

Could be a bug. A few people are reporting problems with those buttons right now. I’ll look into it.

I’m seeing this exact same thing right now. And I do the same thing car arrives garage door opens, then i close the garage door using the physical remote by my door. When I look at the MyQ device for my garage door I see that the tilt sensor says closed but the Large MyQ tile still says open. I have to then push the tile to do a close and then it sync’s back


Did a full reinstall today and now nothing is working…


Jeff Jaslow

Having the same update issue here. Opening and closing through ST, everything works fine and the sensor and door device are synced properly. Open or close it manually using the manual button or Chamberlain App and the door device is not synced to the sensor. The open or closed for the device does not change unless the button to open or close is pushed on the ST App, then it says opening/closing for about a minute and then changes to the actual condition of the door. Running through the MyQ Lite app setup also re-syncs it. There are no errors showing in the MyQ Lite log or the Door Device Log in the IDE. Both the DH and App are current to GitHub. Android ST app versions 2.3.0 and 2.2.7. Also deleted and reinstalled with same sync issue.

Ok, I think I got this figured out. My last update killed the app’s subscriptions to sensors and push-buttons in most cases. I just pushed out another update that should fix that - give it a shot.

ST Github integration on Device handler and Smart App still black (current). Strange thing is The Device handlers and Smart App Tab is only taking about 1/4 the time to load than previous. I will try again in a bit to see if there are changes to try.

I don’t see the update on GitHub (yet?), but I was also having problems with the pushbuttons. Hopefully this will fix that!