[RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

Glad you got it going your way.

updated as per instructions.
entered the token.

the app shows the token as authorized

but the smart app doesn’t find my devices if I try to refresh

Any thoughts?


Glad to hear some of you have had success. I definitely see some spots to improve. I’ve got a busy day with family stuff and can’t do much for awhile.

One important note: please be careful posting logs here and for sure clean out the token text first. I will go in and update the code to not spit that out as soon as I can to help with that.

Saw the same thing…door didn’t open and so I deleted the smart app and attempted to re-install and now I see "Something went wrong. Please try to install the SmartApp again. Going to play some but figured I would share my experience.

Thanks for all that you did Brian. Whatever I can send to help debug I’m happy to help.

Did you Enable Voice assistant in SC?

One thing I did note is that when I copied the plain text version of the token it took an extra space at the end. Not sure if that is what caused my error in the first place but @Its2loud you may want to copy and paste the token again to confirm it didn’t grab an extra space. I saw EXACTLY what you had. Stupidly I thought uninstalling and re-installing would help and now I have totally FUBAR’d this. :flushed:

For me…

I can open the garage door.
The status changes to opening then changes to closed. The door does open.
If I click again (door is open but status shows closed at this point), status changes to Opening and I get an error…

The Last Activity is blank on the Device Screen.

No space entered for me. I’m in the same boat. Deleted Smart App and now it won’t reload.


Also, tried the Simply Commands route but the Alexa integration simply doesn’t work at all. No scenes, no routines, no devices, etc.

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I finally got it working!! I didn’t see the “Sync” part in the instructions the first time. Working fine now, all but a tiny part . When I ask Alexa if the garage door is open/closed she always says more than one thing shares that name. Wrong. That’s all I have. :slight_smile: I’ll figure that part out at some point. At lease the door now opens/closes like it use to with voice, buttons and/or routines. Thanks a million!!!

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Sorry…was hoping it was a simple thing I had overlooked and it would fix your problem. Okay, now I wait patiently for the smart people to do their thing…AFTER they enjoy a long weekend since it seems life has been hectic for @brbeaird but know that all of us are super grateful for you and all you do for this community!

I pushed a small SmartApp update that may fix a couple errors some of you were running into (prefLogin and expiration errors). Feel free to give that a shot.

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your favorite person here today :slight_smile:

the patch did not help. then tried what I knew I should not have tried… uninstalled the smartapp and now it will not let me set it back up.

I probably should have warned everyone ahead of time that a fresh install was a big scenario I haven’t tested lol.

It’s high on my list to check out.


here you go…

actually you can install the smartapp, you can’t add the GD from it

when you click tap to modify devices

logs show:


7:14:33 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘accountId’ on null object @line 1049 (getDevicesURL)

7:14:33 PM: debug Got LOGIN response: STATUS: 200

7:14:33 PM: debug App setting change detected. Using MyQToken from settings.

7:14:33 PM: warn Token has expired. Logging in again.

Brian, thank you so much for all of your efforts here. The process to update and produce the token are super easy. I’m on Windows and the live logging error that I’m getting is below, which says my token has expired then simultaneously, it says it ‘cannot get property refresh_token on null object’.

I’m not sure if you have run across this issue and can point me in the right direction.

Ooh very nice catch - thanks for including this. I completely forgot to include the account lookup. I’ll get that in.

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Just pushed another SmartApp update that should hopefully take care of that.

same… different line this time

8:58:14 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘accountId’ on null object @line 1059 (getDevicesURL)

8:58:14 PM: debug Got LOGIN response: STATUS: 200

8:58:14 PM: debug App setting change detected. Using MyQToken from settings.

8:58:14 PM: warn Token has expired. Logging in again.

First of all. Brian, thank you so much for this app. I use it everyday and its really become a critical part of my smart home!

I’ve been playing around with your update and notice when I click “Tap to modify devices” it only presents me with the garage door I’ve been granted access to, not my own garage door. Not sure if you’re aware, but wanted to send this along!

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