[RELEASE] My Next ManagerV2 for your Nest® products

That explains it, thanks!

@yvesracine a question about this app.

i have NEST outdoor cams and a thermostat.

i’m currently using nst manager and one feature i like is how its able to put my thermostat on ECO mode whenever certain indoor and outdoor temps are met. i also understand my use of NST MANAGER is now short-lived as its not being developed anymore and will not be compatible with the new smartthings app.

my question is, is this app also able to set my thermostat to ECO mode whenever certain indoor/outdoor temp variables are met?

i also visited your website and you have several products. which one is best suited for me?

thanks in advance

Hi,as indicated in the 1st post of this thread, MyNextManagerV2 doesn’t expose any Nest Cams (including Nest Hello) as Nest doesn’t allow any access from SmartThings (403 forbidden).

The Nest tstat is exposed and there is many use cases supported via ScheduleTstatZones. For more information about the zoning smartapp, refer to the ST community wiki:

However, your use cases to switch to ECO mode based on some indoor & outdoor thresholds are not supported. Those use cases can be coded via Webcore (however, I’m not sure if Webcore will be supported in the new Samsung platform) or probably with the new Automation scenes.


@yvesracine: with the new SmartThings App, the MonitorandSetNestHumidity SmartApp crashes.

I get the following error message: “Something went wrong. Please try to install the SmartApp again.”

I delete the app and reinstall, when I finish the configure, I hit done and I continue to get the above error message.

Any thoughts? Unfortunately, since I have migrated away from the old app, I am unable to use this SmartApp from there anymore.

Hi, it looks like you have inputted a sensor or a device that is not compatible with the smartapp. Any sensor (or switch) used in the smartapp must follow the standard ST capabilities.

I’ve been able to add the smartapp in the ST classic mobile app (which can also be used in parallel for the moment) AND in the new Samsung connect app.

I’ve made a small change in v1.0.7 at my github, but on my side, everything seems to be fine.

In order to identify your specific issues, you’d need to send me some logs at services@maisonsecomatiq.com.

To get some logs, refer to the ST community wiki:


Now that was weird.

I updated the SmartApp, installed it again, and this time it completed without issue. When I then went to launch it, I received the same error message as described above. I then went to look at the log in the IDE, tried to re-launch and it worked.

Hi, if you exclusively use the new Samsung connect app, please note that the old groovy code is not always fully compatible in the new app. So, that may explain your issues (but I haven’t experienced them personally).


I’m having similar issues as many above in getting this set up. I believe I followed all procedures accurately, but I get the “error login>error=[detail:No active session found., error:USER_LOGGED_OUT], your home.nest.com session is no longer active, need to get new issue_token_url & cookie from Google account login, exiting…” every time I try. Any suggestions?

Please refer to previous posts about this issue.

Please refer to the ST community wiki for troubleshooting. There are many screenshots to help you.



All Next devices can now be created under the new Samsung connect app.
You can use the smartapps at my github for the most common use cases:

To download the code for the devices, just go to my store:

MyNextTstat In Fahrenheit


MyNextTstat In Celsius

MyNextAlarm (For Protects)

To download the code for the devices, just go to my store:



Hi yvesracine,

I have tried your nest integration and its work like charm. The integration with ST came handy for me to do my routine creation. Please keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your other codes in this platform.


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Good morning, new to ST but quickly discovering all the devices and goodies it can work with, do, and limitation . One problem I am trying to resolve is for ST to talk to my Nest Protect. I have migrate my Nest account over to google ;( I notices there are two solution on here

NST manager and My Next Manager
Two simple question

  1. Does My Nest Manager work with migratde Nest account user
  2. How’s My Nest Manager different than NST Manager?
    I know it is only $30, so it not really a major issue, but still good to know and ask prior to purchase

Hi, as indicated in my previous post and in the 1st post of this thread :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, it works for both accounts (Nest or Google)

  2. NstManager is deprecated due to the termination of the WWN program and APIs. For more details on MyNextManagerV2, please refer to the 1st post of this thread or the ST community wiki.


Thank you. I will for sure. So do I get install access to the code as soon as I make payment ?

Has this changed with the new Nest APIs recently released?

It’s actually indicated under the ToS (Terms of Service) at my store.

An email will be sent to you by sellfy (ecommerce solution) to download the code.



No, I’m not using the Google APIs as they expose very little features, less than the Nest Web APIs I’m using. The Nest Protects are not even exposed under the Google APIs.


I’m really pleased to hear that you have got things working again between Nest and Smartthings. I have missed the integration since I lost my token.

Before I go down this route can I ask does the Nest Hello camera integrate, particularly the motion sensor ?

Also does it work with Nest smoke alarms?

Lastly, I think I read somewhere that Smartthings was going to stop using IDE. Will that mean your apps will stop working in the furture ?

Please refer to my previous posts or the 1st post of this thread.

This Nest Integration has been written in groovy so, yes the IDE is required.