[RELEASE] My Next ManagerV2 for your Nest® products

Also, my cookie starts with this now. It’s not the same as it was before.

cookie: __Secure-3PSID=1QcDZ

Yes, MyNextManagerV2.6.6 is the latest as indicated in this thread:

[RELEASE] My Next ManagerV2 for your Nest® products

The content of the cookie may change over time… Please make sure to follow the screenshots to extract and copy the whole cookie.

I wonder if something has changed. I’ve done this twice before so I’m not new to extracting the cookie but I can’t seem to get it working this time.

Would you mind checking if it works for you? I’m wondering if Google changed something.

Sorry, you’re the only one able to do the cookie extraction. I cannot do it for you as you’re the only one who can log in to your Nest account.

Many Nest users in this thread have been able to solve their issue by carefully following the steps and screenshots at the ST community wiki.

  • Please make sure to avoid inserting extra spaces or any other characters when you split the cookie as this will not be accepted by Google.


I meant can you check your own account? Because my cookie doesn’t look like it did before. It starts with “__Secure-3PSID” and it’s a lot shorter than it was before.

Ugh. Finally got it to work. Not sure what I did different but 20th time was the charm. It actually did start with “__Secure”…


My cookie definitively will be different from yours as it depends on the Google products you’re using…

Im in same boat, lost my tokens and simply cannot seem to get new cookie and token to work in the smart app. I must be only up to attempt 12… tx phongzie

Hi @yvesracine

I have purchased and successfully setup MyNextManagerV2 (2.6.6), and the My Next Alarm DTH for the Nest protect (2.4.5).

It seems to be working ok for my 3 x Nest Protects (all wirless, battery operated).

Except - I cannot get the devices to detect motion.

My Nest Protects are all model Topaz-2.7; and the software version is 3.1.4rc3. The Nests do detect motion, as the Pathlight turns on when you walk past.

I can see no motion detection in Smartthings old app; in IDE logging; or webcore logging.

Can you please help/advise what I need to do?

Thanks in advance

@Hendo25, you may want to contact Nest support as some Nest users are able to detect motion, others not, and everybody is using the same code.

@Skates for example (amongst others) can detect motion with my code without issues.

There is nothing I can do on my side of things. There seems to be some differences is settings or firmware at your user location, and I don’t know what’s the exact issue for you. You may want to contact Skates for comparison.

Thank you @yvesracine

Can you please expand on how auto_away is used? I see in your example here that auto_away is false :

My auto_away is permantly True.

Is that why I’m not seeing motion detection?

@Skates - did you get motion detection to work with Nest Protects? (Wired or battery?)

I haven’t contacted Nest Support yet, but I can’t imagine that they will help me, as Pathlight is working ok - therefore indicating that motion detection is working within their device.


@Hendo25: I did get it to work well, I use WebCore to monitor away status using my two thermostats and two Nest Protects. My Nest Protects are wired.

You can use this WebCORE piston to test the functionality.

If auto_away is permanently ‘true’ then it means that your Protect is not supporting motion detection as indicated at the ST community wiki:

There maybe some differences in settings that you may want to explore with Skates or contact Nest Support to determine what’s wrong at your location.

Thanks for your help.

I’ve tested again tonight, and no success. I’ve tinkered with all the settings in Nest app, in home/away assist.

And cross checked my webcore piston with yours. (Same same), and still not getting any motion detection.

I’m wondering if it’s because the devices are battery, not wired.

I will try Nest support, but not expecting much help from them.


@yracine: have you taken a look at this?



Hoping this allows for some decent Nest Hello integration e.g. motion/person detection!

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I contacted Nest Support - not much help at all.

It was confirmed that the Home/away feature does work differently in different countries, and differently for wired vs battery (which of course we know), but no guidance on anything to do with motion detection or auto_away.

Therefore I would be keen to know if anyone in the UK, with battery operated Nest Protects, has got motion detection to work with this DTH…?

Perhaps it’s worth adding this to your Wiki @yvesracine ? Which devices/countries motion detection is known to work, and which it is not?