[RELEASE] My Next Manager for your Nest® products: migrated to custom capabilities (home/away, motion, presence, and more)!


Just want to inform my contributors and all Nest users that new versions of MyNextManager (v3.3.5), MyNextTstat(v3.4), MyNextSensor(V3.0) can be downloaded at my e-commerce solution provider (sellfy) using the original download link.

You can download the Next devices at my store:


  • The new MyNextTstat v3.4 aims to correct some incompatibility issues with the new SmartThings UI in terms of automations/scenes

  • All you need to do is to copy &paste the new code over the existing one for the device driver

  • Prior to the code upload, you’d just need to save the tokens info and restore it after the copy & paste.

  • Since V3 of MyNextDevices, the UI presentation adds the following commands for controlling your HVAC:

    • setTargetHumidity: to control your humidity inside your home via your dehumidifier/humidifier connected to Nest
    • Nest Home or Away: to set your Nest structure to Home or Away.

And, the following commands for your favorite Rule Engine (Webcore, Sharptools):

  • setHotWaterBoost: to set a boiler’s hotWaterBoost timer in minutes (Europe)
  • setThermostatFanSchedule: to create fan schedules at your tstat
  • setThermostatFanTimer: to set the fan timer in minutes
  • setDualFuelBreakpointTemp: if you have dualFuel/alt/emergency heating, you can set the breakpoint temperature for switching to dualFuel/alt/emergency heating
  • setDualFuelBreakpointMode: You can set the following mode for alt/emergency/dual heating: “DUALFUEL_BREAKPOINT_ALWAYS_ALT” or “DUALFUEL_BREAKPOINT_ALWAYS_PRIMARY”. This command allows finer control of your dualFuel/alt/emergency heating.

You can download the Next devices at my store:




On top of it, there are many complimentary smartapps designed for My NextTstat DTH and are located at my github.

You can also refer to the 1st post of this thread for all the use cases supported.

**MyNextManagerV3.3.5, MyNextTstatV3.4, MyNextAlarmV3 (For Protects),MyNextSensorV3 are available at my store:



Hello, I hope this is the right place for support. So I believe I am using the latest and greatest code (3.35) for my Nest Thermostats. I believe I followed the instructions for Smartthings, A google account (using my main account). I installed the Smart App and the DTH. I fired up the Smart App and it allowed me to continue to the point where I could select my Nest thermostats. However when I click the list, I don’t see my thermostats (well only one of them). The other names appear to be old names or names and previous locations I have? It’s worth mentioning I have 4 distinct locations under my account. My primary residence (which has 4 thermostats) and a rental (which has 2). The other two I really should remove at some point. I made sure my primary residence was selected when I pulled the request url and the cookie. The funny thing is, I don’t see these old names when I log into my nest account portal (I know I may have used those names in the past, but I don’t see them).

Any thoughts?

Hi,please refer to my previous post about resetting your tstats at the unit with the WWN option:

There is also some explanations at the ST community wiki:

My NextServiceMgr - Things That Are Smart Wiki


Thank you. Resetting WWN and removing and reading the tstats did the trick. I can now see them now!

My next task is to figure out how motion and presence detection works? All my tstats say motion detected and present is there a timeout value or something. Is this polled?

Hi, motion detection is dependent on your polling interval set in MyNextManager (last page).

For more information and guidelines about motion detection, please refer to the ST community wiki:



Thank you. I’ve read the wiki and I think I have everything set, although I wasn’t clear if I should have away assist set to use the phone or not (I turned that off and allow tstat to detect motion).

I set one to 1 minute. The one thing I couldn’t figure out how to do was set auto_away to true. I dont see it under setting in the device. I went to the jde and i seem but don’t see a way to set it to true.

Hi, the auto_away attribute will be set to false or true by Nest to report motion or not.

Your tstat needs to be wired and have the latest firmware.

Please read the information at the wiki.


I read " Issue #14: My NextTstat is not reporting motion" of the wiki. I have a c wired nest 3rd gen thermostat with 6.1-9 firmware which is latest. I am in the US (based on previous posts units sold in Europe mY operate differently). I set my polling to 1 minute. What else am I missing?

I notice if I manually switch between home and away then motion triggers. So is motion just whether nest thinks your home or away?

What is presence option then?

Also in an automation there’s a nest home or away option but every time I try and use it, I get a network/server error. Does that imply a configuration issue on my part or something else?

I’m just trying to understand what motion in the app really means. I was thinking whenever I walked by the nest thermostat and it “Wakes up” (the screen turns on) that this is motion. Maybe I have an incorrect understanding of it.

If I check the smsrt things for the ManagerV3 app I see a lot of these errors:

java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds: 470846770532852 @line -1 (traceEvent)


Motion is different from presence. Presence is Away or Home. Motion is based on the motion sensor at the tstat unit.

Different tstat models and firmware combination may impact reporting motion. I don’t have the complete picture of the tstat models and firmware that are compatible with motion detection.

For example, @Skates is using motion detection in webcore.

See [RELEASE] My Next Manager for your Nest® products: migrated to custom capabilities (home/away, motion, presence, and more)! - #264 by Skates

P.S. The error in your logs is due to rate limiting under the SmartThings platform. There is nothing I can do on my side of things. Please deactivate the detailed log tracing to reduce those kinds of errors (after use).

Some other Nest users are having issues with motion detection in general (not only for automation), see

Nest Protects may be added for better motion detection in some cases depending on the location of your tstat unit. If your tstat is in a hallway for example,motion detection may not work.

Okay thanks for replies. It appears that I’m not going to be able to use motion. In my test automation I was thinking I could use home or away areas for something. Based on what you stated it seems like presence and home or away are thr same thing?

Yes, presence is set to Home or Away.

Well thank you for trying to assist. Right now motion/presence don’t appear to work with Nest 3rd generation thermostats in the US with firmware 6.1-9 (1/21) or 6.1.1-21 (8/21). I have a google account, reset the WWN, removed and re-added the thermostats to my account, ensured I’m using the main account and followed all the instructions.

I’ve tried everything suggested and motion seems to always say “motion detected” and presence says “present”. Nor does the Nest Home/Away in an automation trigger allow me to save it - always get a “server connection error”. I tried using a temp. sensor which was detected but I can’t use it due to getting “server connection errors”.
So at this point not sure I assume it just doesn’t work for me.

I would be real curious which models/firmware this is working with. I primarily bought it for the motion and presence features, so I am a bit bummed that didn’t pan out.

HI, I suspect that your Nest settings for Home/Away assist are not set properly as your tstat in the US should be suported for at least the presence sensor.

Refer to

You can also contact @Skates via PM to know how he made the presence & motion work under his Nest account.

My code exposes the right attributes to do so, and it’s been tested with Skates and others in this thread. I’ve posted the reference to Skates’ post earlier.


thank you I will reach to @skates and check out what he did.

Hi Yves

All is working well for me apart from the heating temperature setpoint, which doesn’t correspond with the setpoint of the Nest tstat. I noticed it on the last release (V3.3) but I can’t say if it was happening on earlier releases.

Can yo think what I might be doing wrong?



HI, what’s your thermostat mode?

At this time (summer), if your tstat mode is 'cool’, the heatingSetpoint will be the same as the coolingSetpoint.

If your tstat mode is ‘auto’, my code will set the heating setpoint as the lowest range of the target temperatures.

And, if your tstat mode is ‘eco’, it will be set at the lowest range of the ‘eco’ temperatures.

If you make a change to the target temperature at the physical unit or within the Nest app, due to the polling interval set in MyNextManager (last page), it will take some time (in minutes) to be reflected in SmartThings.

You may change the polling interval set in MyNextManager to update faster by lowering the value down to a 1-minute refresh interval.


Hi Yves

It’s a UK Nest, so I don’t have the cooling option.

It doesn’t seem to matter what mode the thermostat is in (schedule, auto-eco, manual-eco), the heatingSetpoint is always the same at 10 degrees (this corresponds with my Eco setpoint).

My scheduled temperatures are either 15 or 18 degrees when in ‘auto’ mode.

It’s not a polling issue, the value just never changes irrespective of what the Nest app is set to.




How did you upgrade the code? Did you forget to copy the google cookie and URL in your header?

Every time you try to upgrade the code, you’d need to keep your auth tokens.

Most likely, you have lost your auth tokens, please refer to the ST community wiki to get new google url and cookie:

My NextServiceMgr - Things That Are Smart Wiki

You can check the logs for any errors in the IDE by following the instructions below:

My NextServiceMgr - Things That Are Smart Wiki


I upgraded the code in the way you specify in the Wiki, and I’ve updated the tokens. Weirdly, everything else synchronises fine - mode, actual temperature, motion, presence.

There are no error logs in the IDE.

I’ve just tried changing the heating setpoint from 10 to 12 in your smartapp. This updated the setpoint in the Nest app to 12. Shortly afterwards, the value in your smartapp reset itself to 10 degrees. The setting has remained at 12 in the Nest app.

Hi, just send some detailed logs from the IDE when you change the temperature and mode to services@maisonsecomatiq.com .I’d need the logs from MyNextManager and the tstat DTH.

There may be some specific issue related to your location (UK) and tstat model.

I will look at them when I have some time.