[RELEASE] My Next Manager for your Nest® products: migrated to custom capabilities (home/away, motion, presence, and more)!


On another note, I am seeing a issue with the Humidity SmartApp, it’s setting the appropriate humidity target but it’s turning off humidification?

The maintain humidity above selector is being turned off by the SmartApp?

Hi, for energy savings purpose, the smartapp may change the “target_humidity_enabled” flag when the ambient relative humidity is within range (+/- 5% by default vs. the target or within your custom range if any provided)…

Does the latest Nest Thermostat work with this app? I have the newest Net Thermostat with the mirrored finish and I purchased the MyNext Tstat for SmartThings. However, I cannot get my device to show up in the SmartApp.

I tried Issue #15: My Nest Tstat doesn’t show up in MyNextManager’s list of devices, but my device does not have a WWN reset option, it only has a factory reset. I tried this and went through the setup process again, only to find out the SmartApp still does not recognize my device.

Usins the IDE logging, I did not see any errors and I have copied to my SmartApp the cookie and token setup information. My cookie started like this, “cookie: __Secure”, so I copied __Secure and everything that followed.

Am I missing anying as to why my thermostat will not show up?


I cannot validate your cookie as it’s unique to your Nest/Google account…You’re the only one able to do the cookie and url extract.

if your tstat doesn’t show up after a reset, then, most likely, your cookie or google_issue_token_url is not valid, please follow the instructions at the readme or at the ST community wiki (with screenshots):


P.S. The reset option is a workaround that it’s also used for the ST stock device (it’s not specific to my custom Nest integration), for additional workarounds, refer to


Is there anything else to try or verify as I am dead in the water here. I have went through the process several times getting a new URL and Cookie to try and nothing. When viewing the ST Log, I get no errors, so I’m not sure what is not working and where. I purposely tired leaving the Cookie variable blank to see an error and I did get one, however when putting the correct URL and Cookie variables in place, I get no errors, but I cannot see my thermostat.

When logging into https://home.nest.com/, what should one see? I do not see my thermostat, only the option to change my Home to either Home or Away and the ability to “Add product” However, when trying to add product, my thermostat is not an option to add, yet my thermostat is working and I can control it from the Google Home app. Just wondering if I should be able to see it and control it from the web interface too.

Any help would be appreciated as I’m getting no where fast. Also, I have version 3.2.4 of MyNextManagerV3 and I purchased My_Next_Tstat.

Hi @twodaend , if you don’t see your tstat at home.nest.com, then you need to contact Nest support as you should see it first in the Nest app/portal before being able to expose it to SmartThings.

I’m afraid that I cannot help you on this one, as this is beyond my code.

P.S. Only after adding your tstat to the Nest app/portal, then you can think about exposing it to SmartThings.

After thinking about this, I never used the Nest app. With my latest model Nest thermostat, I have only used the Google Home app. I never had a Nest account, nor did I have to migrate to Google Home. I have used Google Home from day one.

Would your app work for those who never used Nest and have only/always used Google Home? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there is a web interface for Google Home.

Whether you have a Nest or Google account, you should be able to see your tstat in the Nest app /portal.

If not, then it means that your tstat is not linked to your account, and the Nest APIs won’t be able to see it.

Please contact Nest support to fix your tstat link with your account

Just chatted with Google/Nest Support and was told, the newest Google Nest Thermostat only works with the Google Home App and cannot be seen or controlled via the Nest App or Nest web interface

The support agent said, “New Google Nest Thermostat is design exclusively for Google Home App.”

Looks like I’m out of luck.

Problems with Google nest in Ohio
Cannot login to nest portal. Google account not working
Smartthings official nest thermostat, non ide, not working. No connection. Deleted smartthings tstat and tried to install. Now thermostat not showing. Killed it.

Using your tstat worked perfectly 2 days ago, now it’s down.
Is this a permanent Google nest issue with portal not working?

Hi, this may be a local issue, as MyNextManager in Chicago is working well. Please contact Nest support.

P. S. I don’t work for Google/Nest so I’m not aware of any customer service status.


Is anyone having an issue adding the cookie? If i copy the whole string, I get an error in the portal. If I only use the first cookie string, I get a login error with V2 code and with V3 no errors, but nothing shows up. It was working fine but had a power failure and the thermostat stopped updating but the protect was fine. I reset the nest and readded the code and now nothing will show up.

Since V3, the cookie and url must be inserted into MyNextManager’s header in the code, not in AppSettings… Please refer to the Readme or the instructions at the ST community wiki for more details.

I’ve posted all relevant links in my previous post


Thank you I was able to get logged in but I am back to the original issue. I am only seeing the protect and not the thermostat. It is in the nest application and ST nest integration. Any ideas?

Hi, the only workaround that I know is to do the reset as follows:


BTW, the reset option is also used for the ST stock integration (not specific to my custom integration), and there are additional workarounds under the following ST community thread:

I did that and then did a reset all. Still just the protect.

Ok got it working. Whenever it was using the protect to assist in setup it would not show up. I removed the protect and then added the nest and it showed up. I have both working now thank you.

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Just want to inform my contributors and all Nest users that new versions of MyNextManager (v3.3.2), MyNextTstat(v3.3), MyNextSensor(V3.0) can be downloaded at my e-commerce solution provider (sellfy) using the original download link.

You can download the Next devices at my store:


  • The new versions allow faster processing (and faster caching checks) in MyNextManager and add some capabilities to make MyNextSensor active or inactive using the Switch capability built-in.

  • All you need to do is to copy &paste the new code over the existing one for the device driver

  • Prior to the code upload, you’d just need to save the tokens info and restore it after the copy & paste.

  • Since V3 of MyNextDevices, the UI presentation adds the following commands for controlling your HVAC:

    • setTargetHumidity: to control your humidity inside your home via your dehumidifier/humidifier connected to Nest
    • Nest Home or Away: to set your Nest structure to Home or Away.

And, the following commands for your favorite Rule Engine (Webcore, Sharptools):

  • setHotWaterBoost: to set a boiler’s hotWaterBoost timer in minutes (Europe)
  • setThermostatFanSchedule: to create fan schedules at your tstat
  • setThermostatFanTimer: to set the fan timer in minutes
  • setDualFuelBreakpointTemp: if you have dualFuel/alt/emergency heating, you can set the breakpoint temperature for switching to dualFuel/alt/emergency heating
  • setDualFuelBreakpointMode: You can set the following mode for alt/emergency/dual heating: “DUALFUEL_BREAKPOINT_ALWAYS_ALT” or “DUALFUEL_BREAKPOINT_ALWAYS_PRIMARY”. This command allows finer control of your dualFuel/alt/emergency heating.

You can download the Next devices at my store:




On top of it, there are many complimentary smartapps designed for My NextTstat DTH and are located at my github.

You can also refer to the 1st post of this thread for all the use cases supported.

MyNextManagerV3.3.2, MyNextTstatV3.3, MyNextAlarmV3 (For Protects),MyNextSensorV3 are available at my store:



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Juat wondering what steps are you taking to ensure this app works after the Groovy IDE is phased out and everything must use the new Smartthings API

Hi, SmartThings has mentioned that another IDE will be available, but I cannot guarantee anything at this point as nobody knows the future.

However, this is a working solution for many months to come as no precise date has been released for this phase out.

P. S. And, I’ve also another version for the Hubitat platform in case you want to migrate later…