[RELEASE] My Next Manager for your Nest® products: migrated to custom capabilities (home/away, motion, presence, and more)!


If you don’t have any protects or Nest Sensors then My Next Tstat is sufficient…

Hello @yvesracine,
Thanks for all the work here…
QQ - would you recommend the smartthings, nest thermostat, nest protect and nest secure together?
Or just drop Google-Nest altogether?
I ask as I started playing the automation game late and want to stick with smartthings.
I could not find any post that took all of this into consideration, but if there is something and you can point me there that will help too.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, if you have Nest secure, I’m afraid that you cannot integrate it to SmartThings; only the Nest thermostats, Nest Protects and Nest Sensors.

Now, be aware that this is not an “official” integration; although it offers even more features than the old Nest APIs (WWN) and it’s more closer to the native Nest app.

I don’t know your requirements so it’s difficult for me to guide you. It’s really a matter of features vs. your Automation needs.


Hello @yvesracine - Thank you.
I believe you answered the question.
While I would like to use the Nest sensors for overall automation, for example turn on lights once the nest sensor detects presence, my main concern was related to investing in the Google Nest ecosystem (thermostat, protect, hello…) as I want to stick with smartthings going forward because of flexibility.
I do understand that the Nest Secure hub will not interact with smartthings and that’s ok.

I also understand it’s not an “official” integration and that’s ok as well… As long as it is possible, I’m not really worried about the “official” support - usually communities do a much better job on that anyways.

One question I have - I never migrated my Nest account. The only things I have there are a thermostat and a camera, does it make sense to migrate to Google?

You don’t need to. Actually, it’s even simpler to integrate with a Nest account than a Google Account.

FYI, Nest cams cannot be integrated to SmartThings anymore as Nest has forbidden it (http error 403).


Having two issues. My thermostat devices don’t always accurately display the actual state of the thermostats, and when the doors close from the window doors open smartapp the thermostats don’t come out of eco mode.
Doors are open for 5 min
Nest app says thermostats are switched to eco
Thermostat devices in ST shows cooling
Hitting the mode button in st changes the thermostats mode to heat.
Any idea what could be wrong?
I have full control but it doesn’t look like it’s updating.


You need to be aware first that no cloud-to-cloud integration under ST has real time updates. The ST UI doesn’t allow it, especially in the new Samsung Connect app.

  1. Are you using the ST classic mobile app or the new Samsung Connect app? ST is still working on making the new Samsung Connect app more compatible with the ST classic mobile app. At the moment, the UI elements are partially compatible and there are more delays than usual for cloud to cloud integration specifically. The ST classic mobile app is faster for the moment and has more UI tile features (as indicated at my store under the ToS).

  2. Also, in the ST classic mobile app, you need to know that the automatic status update is dependent on your polling interval. By default, it’s every 10 minutes; if you want a shorter refresh interval, you need to change the polling interval in the service manager smartapp (MyNextManagerV2, last page in otherSettings ) . Of course, this is not real time polling, but it can be shortened to 1 minute ( you may also want to change the cache settings).

  3. You can always manually press the refresh tile button to get the latest values. However, please be aware that there is some cache settings that are present in MyNextManagerV2 to avoid loading the Nest Servers.

  4. If your devices are not updating at all, and you’ve checked the logs in Live Logging and found some errors/exceptions, the likely cause would be that you haven’t copied the google/nest login info correctly or lost your auth tokens by closing the home.nest.com session.

Please refer to the following troubleshooting section, and re-enter the login info (and check the logs for any exception like Unauthorized or error 401 or any other errors) as indicated in the steps below (with screenshots):


P. S. As a reminder, do not log off from your active session in home.nest.com. Otherwise, you’d lose your auth tokens and have to redo the steps above.

Another thing, it’s normal that if you press the thermostat mode tile in the ST classic mobile app, the mode will change… This is indicated at the ST community wiki under the look & feel section. Please refer to the ST community wiki for more information about the look & feel, known issues, etc:



Once all tracked contacts are closed the thermostats are not returning to their previous state.


Please extract the relevant logs from live logging in the IDE and send them to services@maisonsecomatiq.com.

Which version of WindowAndDoorOpen are you using? The latest version is 2.7.2.

I cannot help you without logs as this issue may be specific to your ST account.

Refer to the ST community wiki for getting the logs. I’d need the logs from the WindowAndDoorOpen smartapp & MyNextTstat.



Any ideas on how to change the status of a Nest thermostat from Home -> Away and vice versa using Webcore?

I have not been able to figure it out.

Hi, with the Nest web APIs, you cannot change the structure to away. However, you can set your thermostat to eco and home.


If you have lost your auth tokens from Nest and/or migrated to a Google Account, and your ST-Nest integration is not working anymore, then the new versions of MyNextManager (V2.2, MyNextTstatV2 (v2.1.5), MyNextAlarmV2 (v2.1.4) and MyNextSensorV2 (v2.1.4 ) may be for you.

You can now download the new major version at my store:
If you are already a contributor, you just need to use the original sellfy download link to get the new minor versions.


_MyNextManagerV2 (service manager for My Next devices) now uses the Nest Web APis (not the “official” APIs as they have ended since August 31, 2019). The Web APIs don’t have the strict rate limiting as the old APIs and they are as reponsive as the native Nest application.

_ MyNextTstatV2 now natively supports the following commands:

  • setHotWaterBoost: in the device UI and as a command for WebCore users. This is useful for Nest users in Europe.

  • setTargetHumidity: to set a target humidity level.

  • For the full list of attributes, capabilities & commands supported,refer to the ST community wiki:






Do the Nest Protects have the same limitation? Or can you read there status?

My biggest pet peeve with my Nest Thermostats is that they haven’t created the functionality to adjust the humidity set point based on the outdoor temperature.

Has anyone been able to create a WebCoRE piston to automatically do this?

Yes, you can read the status, but it’s not real time like any ST cloud-to-cloud integration. However, you can set the polling interval to a refresh interval of 1 minute which is pretty good…


You can try the MonitorAndSetNestHumidity smartapp at my github…It’s a new version based on the work I’ve done on the ecobee.

The smartapp will monitor your indoor Humidity based on your outdoor sensor and set the target Nest Humidity accordingly.

It can trigger some humidifier or dehumidifier switch(es) when needed.


That is awesome, great work, will try it out before it gets to warm outside.

Thanks in advance, I’m glad I supported your My Next project this morning!

I added your github repo to the IDE and I get the following error trying to install your SmartApps, any ideas?

Updated 0 and created 0 SmartApps, 0 published (1 skipped due to errors)

My only option is to copy and paste.


Check your github settings:

GitHub Settings:

Owner : yracine

Name : SmartThingsPublic

Branch : master