[RELEASE] My Next Manager for your Nest® products: migrated to custom capabilities (home/away, motion, presence, and more)!

It’s working now, what I did was copy the code in smartapp that I already created, then deleted the smartapp in IDE. I created it again. now it can see both tstat

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Just tried setting MyNestManager again with the newest v3 code (was still using older code up till now) and got it working except for one problem. It can see everything in my nest account except for my thermostat. Any ideas?

Hi, please refer to my previous post.


That’s what I get for not reading more of the thread first.

I was able to run the reset on my thermostat, add it back to my account, relink my sensors, then setup your app again. Everything is working so far.

I mostly use your app to control home/away on my nest account from ST.

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I seem to be having the same issue as Jeremy_Show. When looking into the logs i’m getting the following error.

java.net.URISyntaxException: Illegal character in query at index 327: (Here is my copied google_issue_token_url)

Double checked the google_issue_token_url but it is correctly copy/pasted and no spaces before or after the line.

Did a reinstall but getting the same results :s


This error seems related to spaces within the Google URL. Any space should be converted to ‘%20’.


FYI, there is also a new version (v3.5.1) which corrects this new google chrome’s issue (spaces are now converted automatically).

You can download it using the same selffy download link.

Hi Yvesracine,

I am also facing the same issue when i try to login in newer version 3.5.1. I am getting the below error message.
java.net.URISyntaxException: Illegal character in query at index 84: (Here is my copied google_issue_token_url) has no special character like %20 or space. It says that i cant login.

Kindly please help to resolve this issue.


See my previous message. There is some kind of invalid characters in your URL. Please double check your URL first. My code can only convert spaces, not other invalid characters. You need to check your URL at position 84 in the string.


For using the [MonitorAndSetNestHumidity] Smartapp is there any good Smarthings compatible Outdoor Humidity Sensor you can recommend, that works well with your code too?


hi @Cartik_Seshan, I don’t have any outdoor sensor anymore. I used to have the Aeotec multisensor 6, but it’s too cold where I live (Canada) for such outdoor sensors. The batteries don’t last long. I use now the weatherStation.


I’ve got two of these outdoors for the past few years (in Brampton ON). Direct power and have had no issues so far.

Hi Yves, MyNextManager smartapp works very well for me, but I have to refresh the Google cookie every few days. Is there a more robust approach to setting up permanent access to the Nest?

@Laddie, are you changing any of your Google settings? If you change your Google MFA or password, you will always need to refresh the cookie and url every time.

I’ve had several Nest tstats running personnally, and I haven’t had to change anything for months without any issues.

In brief, there is nothing I can do on my side of things if your Google settings change.

P.S. You’d also need to keep your Nest session open, and not log off after extracting the cookie & url.


Hi Yves, no, I’m not changing MFA or password. I’m following your instructions and closing the incognito window (not logging out of the Nest session) after I get the cookie. I retain access for a day or two.

Interestingly, I only ever have to update the cookie, the URL remains the same.

I’m wondering if it might be something to do with shutting down my PC, but I’ve been looking for a correlation with what I do and nothing is jumping out at me.

Can anyone else offer any experience on maintaining access to Google Nest?

Hi @Laddie , there must be something related to your Google Account or your setup, as mine is a Google account, and I don’t have this issue.


Hello @yvesracine

Just bought and installed the bundle. Wondering where I can find more information on ghe NextSensor. I dont know what ghe on/off switch is for. I was hoping that it I could mark a slave sensor as the temp setting for the tstat like how they do it in the Nest app.


Hi @Skystream , you can elect a sensor for temperature measurement in your home by switching it to on.


Hmm. Initial status in Smartthibgs is already on. Hitting it doesn’t seem to reflect in Nest. Still have to go to nest to change. I’ll have to take a look at the logs, but it doesn’t seem to respond.


You may have other issues. Make sure that your auth tokens are still valid.