[RELEASE] My Next Manager for your Nest® products: migrated to custom capabilities (home/away, motion, presence, and more)!

Hi @flat, please refer to my 1st post where all minor updates have been documented.

To answer your question: yes, there have been some minor bug corrections and some optimisation since v2.3.8.


Great, I’ve re-purchased. Thanks again!

You just need to update the code in the IDE, save & publish (for the smartapp & Device Type Handlers). No need to redo the authentication part…

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Will your smart app get migarte to new samsung developer tool when the smartthing ide is discontinued.

Their is a talk on moving things to rest api and node js instead groovy script?

Will this get impact the current code and setup?

Hi, I don’t have any such plan for the moment. This would mean a full rewrite of the code.

The groovy code will still work for quite a long time, don’t worry… .



Just want to inform my contributors & all Nest users that new major versions of MyNextManager(v3.0), MyNextTstat(v3.0),MyNextAlarm (v3.0 for Protects) * can be downloaded at my e-commerce solution provider (sellfy) using the original download link.

You can download the Next devices at my store:

  • All you need to do is to copy &paste the new code over the existing one for the DTH (Device Handler Type) and the service manager (MyNextManagerV2, provided that you have already done the authentication ).
  • You’d probably need to refresh the Samsung connect app’s cache in order to see the UI changes. There are some instructions to do so in the release notes.
  • The new UI presentation amongst others adds a custom capability (set Nest Away or Home settings, see image below) and the presence/humidity capabilities.

On top of it, there are many complimentary smartapps designed for My NextTstat DTH and are located at my github.

You can also refer to the 1st post of this thread for all the use cases supported.

MyNextManagerV3, MyNextTstatV3, MyNextAlarmV3 (For Protects) are available at my store:



@yvesracine A few issues with this latest release…

Temperature setting, at least for Heat , are sent to the thermostat and the Nest app But when I make a change on the thermostat or Nest app, it updates really slowly in the app. Maybe it’s always been this way?

Love the new Home/Away feature. However, when in Away mode, the thermostat changes to Eco and in the Nest app, the setpoint is the Eco setpoint (50 degrees). In your device, it still displays the previous temp setting, not the Eco setpoint. Actually, I just saw it change and increase the previous setpoint by 1 degree, but its still not the Eco setpoint.

Despite nobody being in the room, your device is showing Motion Detected and Present.

You need to wait for the changes to be propagated to your Nest devices under SmartThings according to your polling interval (set in MyNextManagerV2, last page). By default, the polling interval is set to 10 minutes to avoid polling the Nest servers too much.

You can change the polling interval to be 1 minute if you want quasi real time changes. Don’t forget that it’s a cloud-to-cloud integration, not a local device, so there will always be a delay (especially with the new Samsung connect app which is slower)…

By default, the app will set the eco mode when Away (which most people prefer).

If you don’t want this feature, you can use a webCore script and call the setStructureAway() method which only sets the Nest structure to Away.

About the motion and presence attributes, your Nest tstat most likely doesn’t support motion detection. It’s dependent on your firmware and your device model (and your location as in Europe, it seems that this feature is disabled). By default, presence is set.


For some reason, my Nest Protects (google account) are not getting any updates… I don’t think. The History tab shows the last update as the day I installed the Smartapp. My thermostat and temp sensors are all updating fine. I haven’t had a smoke alarm so I can’t confirm this but should I make a webCoRE piston to call a refresh or is there any way to confirm they aren’t receiving updates? Thanks.

Hi, you need to see the history of events or better to enable detailed logging under the IDE.

Probably your Auth tokens need to be set up properly.


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Wouldn’t the thermostat and temp sensors be broken if it were an auth issue? Where do I enable more logging?

See my post above with the link to the ST community wiki for troubleshooting.

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Okay, I ran through the smartapp again and enabled the Trace detailed logging and I have Live Logs open in another tab. The smartapp found all my devices as I Nexted through the app but I didn’t select any of them this time because I didn’t want to create duplicates. Does the fact that it picked them up indicate that my auth token is correct? I just deleted all my devices and re-did the auth process a few days ago. I just now updated to the version 3.0 update and cleared the cache in the smartapp too.

What should I expect to see in the logs? The devices populated at the top of the live logs but the log is empty for all the devices. I also set my refresh rate to 1 minute.

The detailed logging in MyNextManagerV3 will tell you if attributes from your devices are queried & updated.

You can also enable detailed logging for each of your devices in settings in the Samsung Connect app.


I don’t have the Samsung connect app. Should I use that instead?

actually I don’t even see it in the Apple App Store. I guess it’s the same as the New SmartThings app…

I’m talking about the new mobile app.

If you have many Nest devices (more than than 7) because of rate limiting issues, you should read my recommendation at the Readme (installation steps) .


I have 12 Nest Protects, 1 Nest Thermostat and 3 Nest Sensors. I’m mostly after the Nest Protects because I’m using the new Google SDM API with the new Hubitat implementation but the API doesn’t support the Protects or the Sensors for some reason yet. I’m using HubConnect to sync these devices between my ST and Hubitat hubs. I’m sorry for being dense but I really just can’t figure this out. Do I have too many smoke alarms or is my auth token no good?

Hi, as indicated in bold in the Readme just before the prerequisites:

NOTE: If you have many Nest devices (around 7 and more), due to the ST platform’s rate limiting, it is strongly recommended to split your Nest devices into several instances of MyNextManagerV2, and copy the required login info (you can create 2 copies of MyNextManagerV2 smartapp code in the IDE, and change the name at the end of the file, ex MyNextManagerProtects for your protects, MyNestManagerTstatAndSensors for your tstats and sensors).

P. S. I don’t know what’s your current situation as I haven’t seen your logs… But, if your Auth tokens are good, then the next issue with more than 7 devices would be the ST platform’s rate limiting.


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