[RELEASE] My Next Manager for your Nest® products: migrated to custom capabilities (home/away, motion, presence, and more)!

That is likely right. I’ve deleted the instances that were wrong and now have just the one tstat and the sensor.

So it won’t many things to go ahead with the migration? It’s annoying having the message in the classic SmartThings app. Doesn’t seem that I can get rid of it

Sorry, I cannot help at this point as I don’t have this migration message at all on my end.

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It is up to the individual to decide when they want to switch. I just wanted to point out that waiting until the last minute might be more stressful than migrating now and working through all the kinks. There will be some routines that may not convert over and may require modifications to get them to work as you want. You can start moving your routines over manually to Automations and Scenes in the new app so you become familiar with how they work.

I simply wanted to stress that migration tool is related to SHM, routines and smart locks. And that you can continue using the Classic app after the migration occurs.

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I have a fair amount in SHM. Locks garage doors and leak sensor stuff. Perhaps I’ll play around with the new app and manually try a few like you are hinting at. Thank you


For all Nest users regardless if you have a Nest or Google account, my code can expose all your Nest Tstats, Protects, and Sensors under your Nest primary account (except the ones from a partner program such as with an utility).

And, if you have lost your auth tokens from Nest and/or migrated to a Google Account, and your ST-Nest integration is not working anymore, then the new versions of MyNextManager(V2.6.6), MyNextTstatV2 (v2.4.6), MyNextAlarmV2 (v2.4.5) and MyNextSensorV2 (v2.1.7) may be for you.

The Nest protects and Nest Tstats can now detect motion. If you want to use that feature, I’d recommend changing the polling interval to 1 minute in MyNextManagerV2 for faster updates.
For the Nest Tstat, you’d need to activate motion detection. Make sure you have the latest firmware version for all your devices.

You can also use the motion capability in your WebCore scenarios.

You can now download the new major version at my store:

If you are already a contributor, you just need to use the original sellfy download link to get the new minor versions. The zip file contains all the required files for update and some release notes.

  • MyNextManagerV2.6.6: minor change to avoid null values in cookie
  • MyNextTstatV2.4.6: Corrected fanActive() method to avoid cast exception

_MyNextManagerV2 (service manager for My Next devices) now uses the Nest Web APis (not the “official” APIs as they have ended since August 31, 2019). The Web APIs don’t have the strict rate limiting as the old APIs and they are as responsive as the native Nest application.

_ MyNextTstatV2 now natively supports the following commands:

  • setHotWaterBoost: in the device UI and as a command for WebCore users. This is useful for Nest users in Europe.
  • setTargetHumidity: to set a target humidity level (for the control of your humidifier/dehumidifier connected to Nest)

For the full list of attributes, capabilities & commands supported,refer to the ST community wiki:




FYI, with your contribution, there are also some complimentary smartapps at my github:


Does the My Next Manager V2 expose the Yale Locks, or because those are used with the Nest Secure, they are not visible outside?

No, only the devices in my previous post.

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So I was successful in adding the my next smart app and the my nest tstat and I do see them in my things in smart things, but for some reason when I try to use the tstat as a trigger for motion to do things its not responding and turning on the lights I want, is there any known issue for this to happen, and/or is the a way to fix what I may have done wrong?

8/10/2020, 11:24:00 AM +400ms
+0ms ╔Starting piston… (v0.3.110.20191009)
+1589ms ║╔Subscribing to devices…
+1594ms ║║Subscribing to MyTstat Thermostat.motion…
+1669ms ║║Subscribing to Front Foyer Main Lights…
+1670ms ║║Subscribing to Front Foyer Nook Light…
+1671ms ║╚Finished subscribing (89ms)
+1701ms ╚Piston successfully started (1700ms)

it shows that the thermostat saw the motion in webcore but it doesn’t actually turn the lights on for some reason?

Hi @Trenton_LaBiche, first do you see the motion status changing in the IDE or in the ST classic mobile app?

Motion detection is related to your firmware. If you don’t have the latest firmware, it may not work.

Apart from that, I don’t see any other reason to not work as others have used it in the past (for instance, see post [RELEASE] My Next ManagerV2 for your Nest® products).


Ok how and where do I get the most updated versions of the app?

Hi, as indicated in the email that was sent to you, you’d need to save & use the same selffy download link to get minor updates. This is also indicated at my store.

I usually post all minor updates under this forum thread.


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ok I have the latest firmware is there any other reason this might not be working, not sure if there is anything else I could check. thank you


ok, is the latest version of the tstat v2.4.6?

Yes, as indicated in my last post about the versions.

ok, well im not sure what’s going on with it then in the Smartthings classic app, its constantly showing that there’s motion, its not going back to no motion, im not sure what is going on with it. in my pistons it does trigger the other way when I use other things as a trigger to set the temp. but the motion just isn’t working as of right now, like I said its constantly showing that there’s motion. have you seen this issue?

It usually means that your Nest tstat is not set for motion detection. Please contact Nest support about it.

Ok so I reset my thermostat and tried all this again and now when I go to add it on the Smartapp it’s not showing my thermostat as a device to add, it’s not picking up any device now any ideas?