[RELEASE]My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities!


Just want to inform my contributors and all ecobee users that new version of MyEcobeeDevice(v5.9.9z7) & MyEcobeeInit (v4.2) can be downloaded at my e-commerce solution provider (sellfy) using the original download link.

  • Now that ecobee supports 2FA (2-factor authentication), the login page embedded in MyEcobeeInit now supports the code sent by Ecobee.
  • Minor icons change (UI in the ST classic mobile app).

My Ecobee thermostat (in the ST classic and new Samsung connect app)



My Ecobee switch

You basically just need to install the DTHs once, and forget about it. The code will recover and resend any failed thermostat or switch command in the next hour window after a ST or ecobee outage. No other ecobee implementation (and especially the ST stock device) can match this level of resilience and reliability.

If you’re are a contributor to one of my support packages (and I have access to your ST account), the upgrade has already been done for you. You don’t need to do anything, everything has been taken care of.

On top of it, there are many complimentary smartapps designed for My ecobee DTH and are located at my github. All ecobee smartapps are explained at the ST community wiki (all ecobee* smartapps):


You can also refer to the 1st post of this thread for all the use cases supported.

My Ecobee DTHs (thermostat, switch) are available at my store:




Any connectivity improvements? I realize there’s a bunch of stuff beyond your control, but this hasn’t been working for me for ages (see above).

Have things been generally working for folks? Maybe I need to do a deeper dive into why things are failing for me?

Yes, I’d strongly recommend that you dive into things as you’re the only one with some issues. MyEcobee device has been working fine for thousands of contributors…

To enable logging, please follow the instructions at the ST community wiki:


And, send me the logs at services@maisonscomatiq.com (with the right filtering to avoid too much noise).

I’d also need to get screenshots of your device’s preferences if any has been changed .


Will do, thanks!

I’d also need to get screenshots of your device’s preferences if any has been changed .


OK. Got some info:


Hi, as I’ve written in earlier posts, don’t post your logs in the ST community forum as the logs may reveal some confidential information about your ecobee installation.

Now, in your case, as I don’t know how you did your upgrade before, and which versions you’re actually using, I’d recommend the following:

  • Rename your existing ecobee devices as old*…

  • Instantiate another copy of MyEcobeeInit and create new MyEcobee device(s) using MyEcobeeInit V4.2.1 and MyEcobee device v5.9.9z7 (latest versions) . Don’t forget to save & publish the service manager and DTH under the IDE (or make sure that they are published properly before).

  • Replace all old* devices with the new ecobee devices in your smartapps, scenes and routines. And, then (only) after delete (remove) the old devices.

I suspect that your upgrade was not done properly at one point which causes some disconnects. The ecobee’s tokens have changed since V4 (jwt), and you may have not regenerate properly the tokens at that time.
This is actually indicated in the release notes.


Alright thanks will get on that and let you know. Appreciate the assist (as usual!)

I assume I should do that for my T-Stats AND my remote sensors? (I have 4 T-Stats and 6 sensors)

Not for the sensors… You can keep the same smartapp for the sensors. You just need to select the new ecobee devices for the sensors smartapps after creating the new ecobee devices.

OK, got my old devices removed from everything except WebCORE. Can’t figure out how to change the devices that uses… researching…

all righty, appear to be working again! bless you!

BTW I thought I read somewhere that samsung was (again?) planning on making major changes like “retiring their legacy platform”. Probably needs it’s own thread, but have you been able to get an info? I can imagine this will be super disruptive

In my house, I have 4 t-stats each with either 1 or 2 remote sensors. But… While I have 4 heating zones, I only have two cooling zones.

Is it possible to “group” t-stats when in cooling mode?

Hi, to my knowlege, no; you can group some ecobee thermostats at the ecobee portal so that they are in sync in terms of settings, but not specifically for heating or cooling.

I’m looking for something that will let me use my own temperature sensors in ST as the only sensors for a particular ecobee comfort setting, so that for example at night time only two bedrooms’ temps drive the thermostat’s ‘Sleep’ mode.

Is there a way to have a temporary evaluation version of the smartapp? I’m concerned that it will be overly complicated to set up and use, plus longevity of the app on the dying ST Classic platform makes me weary of investing in it without trying it first.

Hi @pavichokche, with MyEcobee device, you can use any ST connected temp/motion sensors and choose which ones you’d like to use for a specific comfort settings using my zoning smartapp called ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule . The zoning smartapp has been built upon the concepts of rooms/zones/schedules which makes it very flexible for all kinds of use case scenarios.

A contribution fee is required to use this most comprehensive ecobee implementation as I have invested a lot of time & efforts to make it work for many use cases.

For more information about the use cases supported by my zoning smartapp, please refer to the ST community wiki (everything is documented at the ST community wiki: supported features, use cases configuration, troubleshooting, etc.).


The zoning smartapp requires MyEcobee device to work as it has the most comprehensive list of attributes & commands to support it.


Thousands of contributors have used MyEcobee device implementation in the last 5 years…

The right package for your use case would be My ecobee Bundle at my store.



This is a core function of the ecobee native app. Is there any reason you don’t want to use that? It does, of course, only work with ecobee’s own room sensors. Is that what you mean by “my own temperature sensors”, i.e., you don’t want to use the ones available from ecobee?

I’m looking for something that will let me use my own temperature sensors in ST as the only sensors for a particular ecobee comfort setting, so that for example at night time only two bedrooms’ temps drive the thermostat’s ‘Sleep’ mode.

@Gwalker88 Because, as you said, it only works with Ecobee’s own, very expensive sensors. They cost like 4x more than a regular zigbee temperature sensor which would do the job just as well.

@yvesracine How would your app use my sensors to drive the thermostat while ignoring its own temperature reading? Does it constantly augment the hold set point based on the thermostat’s current reading so that it keeps the heating/cooling running long enough for my ST sensors to reach the desired temperature?

Also, what will happen to your app once the ST Classic platform gets shut down? In the next year or two?

Hi, everything is explained at the ST community wiki (under supported features and use case #1). For your use cases, you have to remove your remote sensors participation in the Night’s comfort settings and configure the ones you wish to use instead in the zoning smartapp.

About your concerns about the ST classic mobile app, I believe that SmartThings will not totally shut down the ST classic mobile app as Smartthings itself relies on it for any hubAction related DTHs (Device Type Handlers).

All custom DTHs rely on the ST classic mobile app for the moment…

I’m also following the CLI thread, and hopefully, there will be a migration path for the custom DTHs.


And, BTW, MyEcobee device fully supports ecobee 2FA for quite a while, no issues here. I don’t know where your user friendly concerns come from…. MyEcobee device is simple to use and very resilient to any outages, and can grow with you as your requirements increase…