[RELEASE]My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities!


The ecobee servers were down this morning, but they were back up at around 8h00 AM EST.

If you have My Ecobee device, you should not have to do anything (not need to re-login at ecobee) as my code is able to recover from short ecobee outages like this one.


Hello @yvesracine

Sorry for the stupid question but, is the ecobee the best of the best? is it able to communicate with a smoke/co detector and shut off systems if necessary? Set away when I Arm away my alarm? and where do I see your products? I am new to this and never done anything and have the opportunity to start now and got a little overwhelmed with all that info you posted. looking for the best home automation options as possible!


Ecobee is the best thermostat, but it’s not an automation hub. SmartThings is an automation hub that would allow you to control your smoke/detector and other products (such as zigbee or zwave light switches). If your alarm system is hooked up to SmartThings, then the hub would also be able to control your alarm system. But all this requires some pairing/connection work from you or a third party doing it for you.

My Ecobee device is the interface between ST and ecobee. It allows you to control your ecobee thermostat with routines or automation scripts (or rule engines such as SmartRules or Core). My Ecobee device comes with different HA scripts for the most common scenarios (ex. set your thermostat to Home or Away):

To download my Ecobee device, you’d need to contribute for it at my store.


  • If you have an ecobee3 or ecobee lite, then MyEcobee device with the remote sensors app is the right choice if you want to expose your ecobee remote sensors to ST
  • If you don’t want to expose your remote sensors, then the standalone version is enough
  • If you want to use smart vents or reproduce the follow me/smart away features with any ST connected sensors, then My Ecobee bundle is the best option.


I am HVAC engineer with a little background in java, so I have some background but no smarthings experience - certainly no custom app experience. I had my smartthings hub and keen vent setup already. After a couple weeks of research, I decided the ecobee3 and a smartthings app were the best thing available on the market today. So I ordered up with Amazon Prime. Within 3 days of making the decision, I had the smart thermostat delivered and this smartapp up and running. Just what I was looking for to use the smart vent in non-dumb way. I sent extra donation just because it was so good. The experience has been better than I could have imagined.

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Is it possible to use this DH/smartapp with any type of temp sensors? I have 2 Ecobee3 lite’s and already have some Xiaomi temp sensors that I would like to use for averaging temperatures around the house.

Yes, it’s possible. Any ST connected sensors can be used; a temporary hold will be created to adjust the thermostat setpoints.

There are 2 smartapps available depending on your requirements.

See my previous post:


I really like the My Ecobee Device smartapp! It makes coming and going from my home a breeze and (I believe) has really helped reduce my electric bill as my A/C only needs to run when I’m home. It’s honestly, one of the best smartapps I have installed for SmartThings!

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I have LOCK MANAGER installed on Smarthings App, I have a Kiwiset 916. The codes would add themselves, and in notification it would say successfuly added code to slot …
For some reason, this last weekend, the codes stopped working. Also, when i try to add a code, it says it was successfully added but when I go to notification, activity feed… it just continuously says “Lock manager sent updateCOdes command to Front Door” and "Lock Manager sent poll command to Front Door"
Codes don’t work anymore. What do i need to do?


Hi @danhadad, you’re in the wrong thread for Lock Manager questions.

Sorry, please repost to the right thread if you want answers.

thank so much for the great device and app - been working well for quite sometime! was wondering if there was a way to get the logging level to go down a bit? i just ask as when i go into notifications to see what is going on it is mostly if not all ecobee events. thanks!

Hi @sphen,

I’d like to better understand what you’re asking here as My Ecobee device doesn’t send push notifications unless you ask for it (or you may have a very old version).

You may have set it up this way accidentally. Please send me an email to services@maisonsecomatiq.com with your version number for both MyEcobeeDevice and MyEcobeeInit along with some examples of notifications that you receive.

Refer to:


  • If you don’t want to be notified, set the handleException parameter to ‘false’ (its default value) in MyEcobeeInit.

  • And,set MyEcobee device’s trace preference parameter to ‘false’ to avoid detailed logging (its default value also).

P.S. Don’t post any trace here in the forum as it may contain sensitive info about your thermostat.

Today, I sent out a new version (5.9.2) to all my active contributors to solve some minor multi-tile UI issues following the ST mobile app v2.3.5 release on iOS and Android

The new version can be downloaded at my store.


Well after installing 2 Ecobee Lites I decided to pull the trigger and buy the My Ecobee setup. I’m having a couple problems that I need some help conquering.

  1. 1 of my 2 Ecobee Lites is not showing any information. The device in showing up in my things with the correct format (correct device type) but none of the values are showing up. I set up both at the same time so its odd to me that only 1 is not populating.

  2. The temperature in the main tile for the stat that is operating correctly is showing the zone temp with a very small sized font.

  3. The main reason I purchased the My Ecobee handler and app was to be able to utilize SmartRules to control the setpoint based on a “quicktap” setup within SmartRules. I’ve set up the rule but when I use the quicktap its not changing the cooling setpoint.

Any help on these 3 issues would be appreciated.


First, please remove your post in the forum with all the tracing logs as it may contain sensitive info
about your thermostat. I always ask all my contributors to avoid posting logs in the forum for security reasons.

I re-tested the installation at 3 different user locations, and couldn’t reproduce your different issues on my end, so it may be a ST temporary problem under your account while you were installing.

Based on your feedback, I’d suggest to remove everything and restart from scratch. Make sure that you’re on the right shard as indicated in the prerequisites. Also, did you set up your location correctly for your ST account (as indicated in the prerequisites also)? Your home location is important to get the local time.

If you encounter any other issues after the re-install, please send me by email additional info (such as your mobile OS, OS version, ST mobile app version, is it the latest version - 2.3.5?) enable detailed tracing in MyEcobeeInit and MyEcobee device, and send me the logs for the smartapp and the DTH at services@maisonsecomatiq.com.

How to enable more tracing:


This way, I will get all the tracing I need in a gmail conversation, and it will easier for me to get your user context for any subsequent emails.

BTW, there have been many other user installs in the past days, and I’m not aware of any other installation issues.


I was able to fix the thermostat that was missing all the data. I removed the stat from ST, removed the stat from my ecobee app, did a factory reset at the thermostat, and added it again through your app. After doing this the information appeared.

Concerning the capability for this to work with SmartRules. I have a rule that basically says:
If this happens:
Then do this:
Set cooling setpoint, My ecobee Bonus Room, Setpoint: 69

After executing the quicktap I am not getting the update through MyEcobee. Is there any special setting needed while utilizing SmartRules with the MyEcobee App?

This is the error I’m getting:
15:10:18: error org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot cast object ‘69696969696969696969’ with class ‘java.lang.String’ to class ‘java.lang.Integer’ @ line 2163


As indicated in the logs, you’re not passing 69 as setpoint. You are basically passing a weird String ‘69696969696969696969’ which does not make any sense to me.

The thermostat setpoint will be set with a correct Integer argument. My ecobee Device strictly follows the ST standard capabilities and can be called from SmartRules, Core or any other smartapps provided that you pass valid arguments.

Please contact the Smart Rules author to see what’s going on ( I don’t use Smart Rules myself).



I’m new to your code, but I have been using it for a few weeks now with my two new ecobee3s and by my understanding the thermostats themselves should be acting as a presence device in addition to the remote sensors.

I am seeing the remote sensors correctly respond to motion and temp/humidity readings, however the ecobee3 thermostats themselves appear always to detect motion and never change from occupied in SmartThings. In the ecobee native app, they are correct and change depending on motion.

Is this a limitation of the ecobee API or am I misunderstanding your implementation of the thermostats as presence sensors?


In my code, the thermostats are considered remote sensors just like the others. There is no special processsing for them. I’ve checked at other user locations that I monitor because some users have contributed to my support packages, and this specific issue is not happening elsewhere, so there must be something wrong in your SmartThings or ecobee configuration.

If you want me to look into it, please contribute to one of my support packages at my store.


That appears to have been the issue. I recall renaming the thermostats shortly after the initial install, which sounds like it broke the association within your code.

After tearing it down and setting it back up again it is working as I would expect.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi, I sent out a new version of ecobeeRemoteSensorInit (v2.7) (to all my active contributors) which allows renaming of the ecobee remote sensors without any impact.

If you want to keep getting updates, please follow the procedure in the email.

P.S. In your case, you already did it.