[RELEASE]My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V5

My concerns were mainly stemming from a few factors:

  • The confusing selection of apps, devices and bundles in your store, I wasn’t sure what to even buy and what functionality I’d be missing out on
  • The lack of screenshot examples of what the workflow would be like for accomplishing the different use cases. The wiki makes it seem as though I’m supposed to program things somewhere with text inputs?

Regardless, I think I’ll be holding off for now. My use case isn’t complicated enough to require this whole solution. Also, I think I’d prefer the learning experience of producing the behavior I need in webCoRE and keeping my money to buy another ecobee sensor at some point instead.

Yes, there are many bundles and many price points depending on the use cases required and your ecobee model (ex. ecobee lite without sensors vs. other ecobee tstats).

If you understand the concept of rooms/zones/schedules, then it’s all you need to know as the app is quite intuitive.


Good luck with webCore!

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Just want to inform my contributors and all ecobee users that new version of MyEcobeeDevice(v5.9.9z7) & MyEcobeeInit (v4.2) can be downloaded at my e-commerce solution provider (sellfy) using the original download link.

  • Now that ecobee supports 2FA (2-factor authentication), the login page embedded in MyEcobeeInit now supports the code sent by Ecobee.
  • Minor icons change (UI in the ST classic mobile app).

My Ecobee thermostat (in the ST classic and new Samsung connect app)



My Ecobee switch

You basically just need to install the DTHs once, and forget about it. The code will recover and resend any failed thermostat or switch command in the next hour window after a ST or ecobee outage. No other ecobee implementation (and especially the ST stock device) can match this level of resilience and reliability.

If you’re are a contributor to one of my support packages (and I have access to your ST account), the upgrade has already been done for you. You don’t need to do anything, everything has been taken care of.

On top of it, there are many complimentary smartapps designed for My ecobee DTH and are located at my github. All ecobee smartapps are explained at the ST community wiki (all ecobee* smartapps):


You can also refer to the 1st post of this thread for all the use cases supported.

My Ecobee DTHs (thermostat, switch) are available at my store:




Hi Yves,

I am one of the contributors to your Ecobee SetZoneWithSchedule App. Could you please confirm if it will continue to work once I switch to the new smartthings App? Users of the Smartthings Classic App are getting notified through the app that they will no longer be getting updates. Customers are been asking to migrate.

Hi, if you have the latest version of My Ecobee bundle (including the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp), it should work under the new Samsung Connect app.

However, you need to keep the ST classic mobile app even after the migration as you need it for making change to the devices via MyEcobeeInit. All custom DTHs require the ST classic mobile app as long as SmartThings has not released the custom capabilities. This feature is not mature enough at this point.

The migration is mainly just for the routines and other automation.

You can still use both apps (ST classic mobile app and Samsung Connect app).



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I’m using your smart app. It is working fine.
Today I got an email from ecobee saying they are moving EMS portal users to SmartBuildings and discontinuing EMS API in the near future. Should I need to worry about it?

Yes, it means that the EMS APIs will be phased out on March 3rd, 2021.

Do you have any plan to adapt to it?

Not for the moment as very few users have EMS tstats…

This would be too much work for such a fraction of users.

Hello @yvesracine - Will you be hosting this smartapp on your own server or in the cloud when Samsung decommissions IDE? Just want to make sure I’m prepared as I use your code for both keen smart vents and ecobee.


Hi @gpetru1, for the moment, I’m following this thread:


@yvesracine, I just received notification that ST classic app will EOL on October 14th. Do you have a new version that fully supports the new ST app?

See my previous post:

I’m not planning to rewrite any code for the new Samsung platform at this point. The existing groovy code works at the moment under the new Samsung connect app (as per the screenshots above, see postings about the last version):

[RELEASE]My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V5.

I’m hoping that the custom capabilities will allow to further leverage the existing groovy code in the new Samsung connect app as indicated under the thread.



You can now create My Ecobee devices (tstats and switches) in the new Samsung connect app and use many of my smartapps at my github for your use cases:

As an example, you can use ecobeeChangeMode to change your ecobee mode to Away or Home based on your ST location mode or use ecobeeResumeProg to resume your program when you come home.

All the smartapps work under the new Samsung connect app.

My Ecobee Device in Fahrenheit in the new Samsung connect app:

My Ecobee Device in Celsius in the new Samsung connect app:

My Ecobee Switch

You can download MyEcobee devices at my store