[RELEASE] My Ecobee Device V4 with thermostat multi-tile UI (pictures below)

Hi, you just need to copy and paste the code into the IDE, save & publish.

However, the code for the remote sensors has changed quite a bit, so you would need to uninstall Ecobee3RemoteSensorInit and re-install the code for the smartapp only.

If you have further questions, send an email to services@maisonsecomatiq.com.


Ok thanks!!!

To whom it may concern,

Today, I sent the following update (v4.1.6) to all my contributors:

  • Now the Service Manager relies on atomicState variables to store local storage values.
  • Added logic in MyEcobee device to call the parent (Service Manager) for refreshing tokens; if not possible, then it does the refresh action locally in the child device to avoid any auth token issues.

If you are using the standalone device with a PIN authentication, and are satisfied with it, you do not need to do anything. The service manager is often used for simpler installation and maintenance.

Now, that most of the ST users have been transferred to the new scheduler (ticker), there should be much less scheduling and auth tokens issues.

If you still are experiencing scheduling or other configuration issues, you can purchase one of my support packages and I can review your configuration for you (see link to my store below).


Please refer to the beginning of this thread to have the complete list of features related to MyEcobee device. The custom device enables you to unlock many more features than the stock ST device…

There is also an ecosystem of smartapps available at my github. The smartapps can only work with MyEcobee device as they leverage its unique features.



How has your latest upgraded version been running thus far? If it looks like things have settled down I wanted to give it another go around. Are you still doing the distribution of the latest code via a temporary download location that times out or have you upgraded that as well? I never got the email with the latest version to download.

Can I use my Aeon Multisensor 6 as a motion / temperature sensor with this?

Hi @Jack_R,

Sorry, but I don’t understand your question. This is a DTH (Device Type Handler)…It’s a feature complete substitution for the stock ST device as the stock device just exposes about 10% of the ecobee APIs.

Are you asking if you can use your Aeon Gen 6 with my zoned Heating/Cooling solutions?

If this is your question, the answer is yes. If you do have an ecobee thermostat at your home, you’d also need to purchase MyEcobee Device, as my smartapps leverage its unique set of features _to achieve the best comfort & efficiency levels. In fact, you can use any ST connected sensors with my zoned heating/cooling solutions (Iris Motion/Temp Sensors, SmartSense sensors, wireless tags , etc.)

Please consult this thread for more details:

And, please send any further questions to services@maisonsecomatiq.com as I’m not always in the forum, and it’s easier to get each user request’s context through gmail conversations.

My ecobee device and the Zoned Heating/Cooling smartapps are available now at my store:


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Yes you answered my question. I recognize that I need to purchase your device code to use your smartapps. Thanks

Hi @Jack_R, it is strongly recommended to buy MyEcobee device to achieve the best level of comfort and efficiency. Otherwise, my smartapps will create successive ‘holds’ at your ecobee thermostat.

EDIT: With my ecobee device, you have also access to an ecosystem of smartapps at my github:




I see that you can change Ecobee’s mode with a change ST mode. I’ve been doing that with a virtual switch, a routine and IFTTT. When going to an ST Away mode when everyone is gone, I have the mode change on Ecobee delayed by 45 min. to allow a quick trip somewhere. So that modes aren’t swinging back and forth. Can you delay the mode change with your smartapp?

No, I do not have a delay, as most people usually want to do it right away.

With my smartapps, you can ‘resume’ the ecobee program rapidly based on many conditions, I do not see the problem with switching mode (even for a short trip)… Sometimes, a short trip can take longer than you originally think also…

Refer to the following smartapps at the ST community wiki:

ecobeeChangeMode (to switch to any mode, ex. “Away”).
ecobeeResumeProg (to resume the program based on a ST hello mode change, motion, or a presence sensor).

More details here:



Hi, Just to let you know, I added a delay as optional parameter to the ecobeeChangeMode smartapp.


That’s great. Surprised no one asked before. Hopefully I’ll have some time tomorrow to buy your device code.

Eh @Jack_R, are you planning to test the smartapp with MyEcobee device soon?

Just checking as I’ve done some work to fulfill your use case…

yes. I’ve got some multisensors being delivered tomorrow that I want to use with Ecobee. Once I get them installed then I’ll try your code.


Purchased your device code. Installed the device handlers and smartapps for the thermostats and ecobee sensors. All looks good so far. I still don’t see were I can add my Multisensor6 as a temperature and motion for the Ecobee. Please point me to that.

Hi @Jack_R,

You can use your Aeon Gen6 with the following smartapps:

  1. ecobeeResumeProg - to detect if there is motion in the house for resuming the current program

  2. MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp - to average out the temp based on multiple temp/motion sensors in a house and adjusts the setpoints accordingly

  3. you can also use your Aeon Gen6 in my zoned Heating/Cooling smartapps (available at my store) to
    do a room by room configuration in order to create virtual/physical zones in your home.


If you have further questions, please send them to services@maisonsecomatiq.com as it’s easier for me to
respond to user requests via gmail conversations.

Hi Yves, I’m still waiting for the links to be sent to my email for the updated code. (third request)


Today, I made some changes to MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp for the benefits of all My Ecobee contributors.

See this thread for more details:


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Today, I made some changes to MonitorAndSetHumidity for the benefits of all My Ecobee contributors.

See this thread for more details:


@yvesracine I’m on a nest thinking of moving to ecobee for the remote sensor capabilities. Can your smart app utilize existing motion with temp as remote sensors for ecobee? Like to average out the temperature in a room that may got warmer than where the ecobee thermostat is located? Also, do you recommend using the ecobee sensors or are zwave ones alright? Thanks!

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